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Hello everyone. Rebecca and I have finally made it to Japan! We are here with my brother in law and his girlfriend (Who grew up here and is serving as a tour guide) First off I have to say this is a really wonderful country and we're already talking about when we're coming back. I'm actually backed up a couple of days so let me go back in time (2 whole days) to our trip to La Qua. What a great little park. Most of it is out doors which on very hot and humid days (which it was that day) it's not the best, but you can still enjoy it very much. Our first stop was Geo-panic. I'm not really sure if I can say anything good about this one except that it was a credit. If it weren't for it being in the dark and giving the illusion that you might be going faster than you are then this ride would be a total waste. At least there was no wait for it and we were able to cool off a bit before heading back outside.

Next up was Linear Gale. This is a fun ride even without the spiral or the brake. One of the great things was that there was hardly any lines and we were able to ride several times in row.

After Linear Gale we came across the infamous drum game. Alright, you guys are right, this game is totally addicting! Ever since playing it the first time, we keep looking for it since we know we won't get to palay it back home.

After our game break we took a quick spin on the Spinning Coaster which is your typical spinning Wild Mouse. Fun but nothing too special about it.

We saved the best the park has to offer for last. Thunder Dolphin. Okay, this may not be the best Intiman Hyper, but the first drop and the setting (Going around and over the shoppng mall) is great. It's not going to replace Millennium Force as my favorite but that didn't stop us from riding it 3 times in a row. (Did I mention that there were no lines?) The only thing I didn't like at all was the poor attempt at trick track. I think the ride would have benifitted more from a few hills there instead.

We enjoyed a nice ride on the hubless ferris wheel, which also gives you some great views of the park and Tokyo. We did a little shopping, had a little snack (Little dough balls with octopus in the center, wierd, but good.) and then a few more trips on both Linear Gale and Thunder Dolphin before ending our evening nextdoor in the Tokyo Dome watching baseball game. The game was very intresting, the fans of the respective teams are increadibly polite. They cheer like crazy when their team is up to bat, but sit quiet and respectfully while the other team is up. very strange to see considering we just went to an Angels game a few weeks ago and people were yelling a screaming at all times and being negative towards the opposing team. It was a lot of fun and if anyone ever comes here during baseball season I would recommend that you end your day watching a game. Next time the Tokyo Disney Resort! Okay on to some pictures.


Rebecca and I ending a long day of fun at the baseball game inside Tokyo Dome.


At night La Qua looks beautiful.


A Look at the course over the mall. The lower track is the pityful trick track section.


Thunder Dolphin going through the hole.


My brother in law Daniel and I play the adicting drum game.


No spiral here.


Linear Gale is still a fun impulse

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After Linear Gale we came across the infamous drum game. Alright, you guys are right, this game is totally addicting! Ever since playing it the first time, we keep looking for it since we know we won't get to palay it back home.



They have it for Playstation 2 in the US so you could always get that if you have the system and like the game enough to buy it.





That arcade in LA has the arcade version (it's the Taiko game in the listing). A lot of arcades in the LA area have the Japanese music games that are so popular. Unfortunately, Konami and Namco don't seem to realize that people in the US want these games too and won't release the music games in the arcades in the US other than DDR.

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Namco did release a US version of Taiko No Tatsujin for the US PS2 called Taiko Drum Master. Unforutnatley, the US version really sucks compared to the Japanese version.


My reccomendation would be to get the Japanese version and a modded PS2 instead!


Nice TR, BTW, John...makes us want to go back to Japan even more!



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Speaking of Tokyo Disney, wasn't there some full POV of Journey to the Center Of The Earth and Indiana Jones (tokyo) on this website somehwere? I see the compilation but I could've sworn there was one showing the elevator, queue, etc. of Journey. Was it another site or just not here anymore?

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Day 2 - Tokyo Disneyland.


We woke up to pouring rain but we weren't going tolet that stop us. We were being joined by Daniel's girlfriends' brother and his girlfriend and they were going to drive us to the park that day. Parking here is the equivilent to $20!! The next time I fork over $8-10 I won't feel nearly as bad.


We got to the park around noon and the rain was down to a drizzle, by the time we bought our tickets and checked out the World Bazaar (Their version of Main street) it had totally stopped raining. But the really great news was that the rain kept most people away. We WALKED right onto Space Mountain. It felt so good to ride it again after over two years. Now I get to go home and compare the new version to the old!


We did a quick spin on Star Tours and the Rocket Jets (With them up over Tomorrowland, like they should be.) I looked at my watch and couldn't believe we had only pulled into the parking lot 60 minutes before.


We ran over to grab fastpasses for Pooh's since we had heard that there were always huge lines for it. The stand-by line said 15 minutes, so we just jumped in line. The crowds were so light that we were able to take plenty of time in the line to take some wacky pictures. The ride itself is incredible. No matter how much video and pictures I've seen of it, nothing compares with actually riding it. We actually got off it with our mouths open and jumped back in line to do it again.


The whole rest of the day was like this, with little or no wait on everything. We even did some stuff that we would normally not do, like the canoes and jungle cruise, because the lines were so short.


The other amazing thing is the cast members. Talk about embracing the Disney ideal of the guest coming first! Every single cast memeber we came in contact with would say hello and smile. The ones who spoke a few words of english would practice their english skills with us. And talk about the park being clean and kept in perfect condition. I was blown away by how wonderful everything in the park looked. We will definitly be coming back here.


Tomorrow will be TDS and I will take a few shots of Tower and Raging Spirits for all you constuction folks out there. Here are just a few shots from TDL.


The good old country bears. I really miss this show back home.


We know the Matterhorn is around here somewhere.


Beware when catching Pooh!


Daniel tells Rabbit a joke.


Space Mountain was a sight for sore eyes!


Our group for the day. They have a cast member standing at the hub to take pictures. No need to ask a stranger!

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Day 3 Tokyo Disney Seas.


Once again the day started off with pouring rain, but that worked to our advantage as once again the crowds were very light. We practically walked onto everything!


As we entered the park the volcano was erupting. Man do they like to play that soundscapping loud! It was a very cool way to start the day. We headed straight to mysterous island and saw the line for 20,000 leagues was only posted at 5 min. We actually ended walking right on. Very cool little ride. Even not being able to understand the narration it was still enjoyable.


Next we headed over to Journey and to our first dissappointment of the trip.


It was closed!


It was down for refurbishment. But here is where you know you were not in the US. The cast members who were posted outside could tell we were dissapointed so one of them offered to take us on a guided tour of the que so that we could at least see that part. Yokoyama was very nice and although his english wasn't the best,he still managed to tell us the whole back story to the ride and even unlocked some of the que diaramas so that we could take pictures in them! I'd like to see that happen at any of the stateside parks. It really turned what could have been a real downer for the day into a very pleasent experience.


We headed over to Mermaid Lagoon next and did the little kiddie credit. Then we just going to look at the inside but as we passed the theatre we saw the show was begining so we went inside. Now this is definitly a show for kids, but looking at it from a theatrical production point of view it was completly amazing. They have 5 flying rigs so that the actors are actually "swimming" above you. they also have one of the biggest animitronic puppets I have ever seen in my life! I was very impressed by the whole thing.


The Aladdin 3-D movie and Sinbad were both just okay rides. As we got near Indy I could see that they were testing Raging Spirits but our guidebook has the opening date set for July 21. I guess I'll just have to come back.


Indy is very similar to the one backhome although it seems like all the effects are working on this one.


Stormrider is another one of those rides that I wish I understood the narration, but was still a lot of fun.


Aquatopia was just okay. I know that they used the same ride system as Pooh but it just doesn't seem to have the same magic as the Pohh ride. I won't complain too much since we just walked right onto it.


Tower of Terror is coming along nicely, you can see the archtechture poking out from under the tarps and scaffolding.


All in all we had a wonderful time in a truly beautiful park. We did end up riding some things multiple times and seeing just about every stage show they had to offer and we still managed a very liesurely pace the entire day. I can see how some people might only think of this as a half day park because the list of attractions is not very long, but this park is growing nicely. The addition of Tower and Raging Spirits will be welcome and I'm sure they have more in pipeline. I can't wait to come back in a few years and see how the park has changed.


This pretty much concludes the theme park section of our vacation, the rest of plans are more sightseeing, touristy stuff. If we manage to stumble across a coaster or two I will post again,but until then here are some pics! Enjoy!


A very happy group of tourists.


Have to be sure to come back.


Tower is almost done.


The que surrounding Raging Spirits.


The new coaster.


More theming!


Trying to get Journey to open sooner!


Our guide in the journey que.


The theming is evident everywhere.


This is the view as you enter the park.


The impressive entrance plaza.

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Nice TR and great pictures.

The theming for RS looks pretty good.


I can imagine your disappointment on the closed Journey. I would be very frustrated if this happened to me. How come its closed right now? Is it off-season in Japan right now?

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We're back in the States. Oh well, no vacation lasts forever.


Journey was down for regular maintenence and it should be back up and running now. Of course this gives me an excuse to go back!


Some sad news, we did manage to get down to Joyopolis but there are big signs all over saying that it is closed indefinitly and a couple of people we talked to over there seem to think that it will never reopen. So for all those people with Speedboarder credits out there, consider yourselves very lucky.


I really hope that anyone who has a desire to go to Japan, takes the trip. It is an amazing country with the most polite people I have ever met. Don't be intimidated by the language barrier. If you take the time to learn a few phrases in Japanesse then you can get along fine. Rebecca and I broke off from her brother and his girlfriend (who spoke Japanesse) several times and we were fine on our own with my small supply of Japanesse phrases I learned. When it comes down to it, everyone there is very helpful and we can't wait to get back. The only thing we would warn everyone out there about is that Japan in July is VERY hot and humid. Next time I think we'll look at the fall or the spring.


Anyways, it good to be back!

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