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New game - Project: Roller Coaster

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Wow, this looks totally amazing dude. I cannot wait, this game looks so fun, and already addicting just from watching the videos. Please dont forget about this project, as it looks so fun, and you would be known as the god of coaster games in my book, because I cant to Jack squat, with animation.

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You're gonna have to keep sitting tight for now i'm afraid! It's getting there but it's a long road! I'm working on updating the graphics at the moment so the cars look nicer.


Unfortunately the inverted coaster is no longer in the game, but it's not really a huge loss. It may be put in if i make an expansion or sequel!

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This all looks really awesome! I like the graphics, the sound, and (from what I've seen in your other vids) the editor.


When do you plan to release this?

Couple of things that would be cool if you added:


G-force meter, and the ability to make a normal "turn" instead of being forced to doing an inversion.


Otherwise, it's fantastic. Can't wait to play this game!

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^He already mentioned in the video description not to ask, because he doesn't know.





I know I already suggested the idea of making anormla turn to you, but seeing as it was just brought up again, I think this would be as good a time as any to say, I think turns should be possible. I think it would really be annoying to have to make a half loop at the edge of every coaster. If turns were possible you could even make it backtrack on a completely flat area. Even if it were only possible to make flat ones, to make things easier for you, graphics-wise.

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I'm afraid standard corners simply won't happen (at least not in this version of the game) due to the way the coaster track is rendered "behind the scenes" inside the computer. You can turn the track around with a dive loop, immelmann or a steep turning corner.


Gforce meter will pop up at some point, but it's being a bit troublesome hence why it hasn't appeared in any videos.

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Oh my God! I absolutely cannot wait for this release! It looks really really awesome! Although it is just a 2D game, I believe it could be more fun then the 3D games like RCT3 and No Limits! It looks great! I know it will not be a long time until the release but I must say, you are doing a fantastic job at this! It looks incredible!

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