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Photo TR: Springtime in Atlanta

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Rich and Mel decided to come down and visit the grand state of Georgia for their spring break. I live in Georgia, so I invited them to crash with me and I would try to join them in the fun.


On Sunday, they were supposed to go to Wild Adventures, while I stayed home and did something more interesting like count the hairs on my head. However, they ended up deciding against going down there. I don't know why they would miss out on the awesomness that is Wild Adventures, but their loss. Maybe they will add in pics from their day at ZooAtlanta instead


Sunday evening Rich proposed a trip to Dixieland Fun Park, an FEC about an hour drive from my house. I said what the hell, let's go. So we went, and that's where the photo adventure begins...


Finally, we end this part with Rich on the Moser tower ride. Part II is coming next...


Back outside, one couldn't help but notice the theming work on the facade of the building... which was greatly complimented by an oval train ride in a parking lot with crowd barriers


Their arcade was filled with all the latest games


We had to step inside to use the fine facilities... Dixieland inspires to be Visionland


And again, very weird stuff. Looks like some sort of aerobics machine.


This looks to be their new zipline


One more shot of this... uh, thing


So we had a proposal..


And a mini church behind it? This place is really random and screwed up!


Seriously, wtf kind of homemade sky coaster/swing ride/pending litigation is that?


Or something else weird?


While walking the park, we notice this... WTF is that?!? A mini skycoaster?


Luckily Rich didn't keep his hands up, or else they would have likely been cut off


At the top of the lift, you can see what you are about to be subjected to.. a lot of tight turns and violent airtime


Rich and Mel seemed to be enjoying their date


Now presenting the winner of Miss Credit Whore 2008! They say his clone rule is what impressed the judges the most.


but this is why we came. The Scream'n Eagle.


oh yeah, they had a swing


Seriously.. it was a few hundred yards long and it looked to go up at least 50 feet!


Dude! They have a zipline... a huge one at that, but I didn't see it go even once while there


ahhh this place looks a lot like Beech Bend. But would it live up to that standard of quality?


Apparently family fun needed to be policed. I guess just in case a kid takes a dump in the ball pit or something


Upon paying the $5 to park, we got 2 free tickets, and I was super thrilled


There it is, Dixieland, it all its glory.

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Part II, the World of Coke


Exiting through the gift shop.. brilliant idea a la Dollywood! One more part to come...


To end the tour, they give you a bottle of Coke off the production line. Sweet!


Of course, they still offered good old Coke, mostly to wash the nastiness out


I just like the word Djibouti


Wheras Rich decided to go all-out suicidal with a full cup


Of course, Mel had to give the Beverly a sip


They even offered products for virgins


Being the nerds we are, we all thought of Knoebels


Rich and Mel tried out some of the Latin American flavors


There were something like 60 different Coke products from around the world available


Finally, the last room, the tasting room.




or you could say something really, really simple. I had to add my thoughs..


This was cool... they had a counter with pens and paper and they allowed guests to share their heartfelt memories involving Coke


There were some Andy Warhol paintings featuring coke


At least they acknowledged it


"The world's smallest and slowest bottling line"


Sadly, Surge was not available in the tasting room


No wonder Mean Joe gave away his jersey.. it was only $8


I think Coke was trying to say that the chick was easy. Or that give a girl a coke and she'll put out


I liked the car from Argentina


More bronzed figures. Cheffin' up some coke I guess


Finally.. into the exhibits.


After the preshow, another show... a cool animation which shows what happens inside a coke machine. Apparently there are weird creatures in them.


Including Korea!


anyways.. the preshow room. Lots of Coke memorabilia and stuff from around the world


hm, I kinda thought the soda jerk went away long before the 96 olympics...


The waiting room features some interesting coke bottle sculptures of sorts


ok, let's go inside...


Both the World of Coke and Aquarium managed to avoid getting jacked up by tornadoes a few weeks ago, unlike many buildings downtown


Its also not too far off from Coke Headquarters on North Ave


It's conveniently located next to the GA Aquarium, where Rich and Mel are this morning


On Monday morning we visited the World of Coke in downtown Atlanta.. edit: this is obviously supposed to be first

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WoW! not quite the standard of quality of Beech Bend but pretty close. Where is that place in the Atlanta area anyways and have they always had rides? I swear that looks a lot like a place I played mini golf at about 5 years ago with my roommate who is from Fayetteville/Stars Mill Area. They had an arcade with laser tag etc. and go carts and golf blah blah blah, but they also had some kind of zip line thing that looked just like that. Wonder if it 's the same place

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Well I'll be damned, I was there 5 years ago before they built all that stuff! Does that count as a credit? I mean I was there, it''s not my fault they hadn't built any rides yet, so techncically I pretty much rode everrything. Credit

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Ahh, Dixieland. Thanks for the preview because I was planning on stopping by to get my credit in the next time I drive to Florida. I'm pretty stoked now for such a high quality park!


I haven't been to the World of Coke since they built the new one, although I was over on North Ave a few days ago and I took a dorky shot of Coke HQ from my car (not sure why because I've been to Atlanta a million times, but yeah)

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Good old Dixieland...The south's best erector set coaster!!!! The backseat gives the best ride for how small. Great trip guys!!!!!

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Dude, Fanta Lime and Fanta Raspberry is some AWESOME stuff. And I think Australian Coke tastes different than USA Coke. For better or worse? Don't know. But Mexican Coke with real sugar cane is pretty darn goooood.


-J "Cherry Coke Wins" Z

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Dude, Fanta Lime and Fanta Raspberry is some AWESOME stuff. And I think Australian Coke tastes different than USA Coke. For better or worse? Don't know. But Mexican Coke with real sugar cane is pretty darn goooood.


-J "Cherry Coke Wins" Z


Thank you for the pictures from World of Coke. Its kinda funny I can get Mexican Coke and USA Coke at my work.

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Just a few photos for the final part, we went to Six Flags on Monday afternoon so that Rich and Mel could take some rides on Goliath among other things.


I could bore you with more Six Flags photos but with so many TRs from the past week, I'll spare you. We rode the woodies which were actually running quite well, and Mind Bender which ran fantastically, plus a couple other things. It was a pretty good day. But seeing Six Flags promote themselves with a Miller High Life spin off was quite a funny way to end the day. No cooking, sorry =(


Actually its an ok ride, pretty good for a family coaster


But their excitement is nothing compared to mine.


Rich and Mel sure look excited to be riding!


We had to ride the Canyon Blaster for the whores to get their credit


hey it looks like Big Mike has taken up residence at the mansion


Next up, we went to ride Monster Plantation. Especially with a 5 minute wait, this is a must do at the park :)


This kind of line is more or less what we experienced that day! We first rode Goliath, which they seemed to really enjoy, and we got some pretty good rides


After parking and seeing this line, I was a bit worried. But it ended up not being too bad!

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