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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Updates

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As far as what may be closed, I can't say for sure, but I'd imagine all the rides should be running for a major holiday weekend like Labor Day weekend.


Yes, with a gold flashpass you could easily get multiple re-rides on anything that has flashpass. SFDK's flashpass prices are really quite a bargain when compared with some of the more high profile Six Flags parks as well.

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Cool. Maybe I'll get to go again next weekend. It sure was crowded on 7/11. I only got 1 ride on Roar,V2, & Medusa. Boomerang twice though. Is it still worth getting if I only use the Q-Bot for Roar,V2, Medusa, the 2 water rides, & the shows?(I won't be going on Kong,Cobra,THBS) Boomerang I don't think you need the Q-Bot or do you? How does it work for the shows-lets say I show up 10 min before. Where is the fast lane enterance for the shows & is the Q-Bot good for sitting in the splash zone area? & What is the total price of the Gold Q-Bot if I purchase it at the park?

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Is it still worth getting if I only use the Q-Bot for Roar,V2, Medusa, the 2 water rides, & the shows?


On a hot day, the line for the water rides (particularly White Water Safari) can be brutal. Flashpass is an absolute godsend for that ride. Seriously, it's worth the money for the rides.


As for the shows, I guess it's a matter of how much priority you put on having the convenience of reserved good seats. For me, it's not worth $10 per person, per show. I simply check the show schedule brochures available near the park entrance and get to the show areas about 15-20 minutes before the show starts. I have never had a problem getting a decent seat. Unless there's some other perk I'm not aware of for reserving a show, then I just can't see the value in it for my particular circumstance.

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I still don't get how the Gold Q-Bot works. Do you have to sit down w/it to schedule your times for everything all at once? What if I don't know what time I want to ride a certain ride?


It's really very simple. You scroll through a list of the available rides and select the one you want to ride. When your time to ride comes up (which won't be long with a Gold Q-bot) the unit will beep and vibrate. Take it to the designated Flashpass entrance for the ride and the attendant will scan it and let you enter the queue. When they scan it, that clears it and you are now able to select whatever you want to ride next. You can even select the same ride again if you want.


You don't plan out any schedule at the start of the day. You simply select whatever you want to ride next as you go along through your day. If you change your mind and decide to schedule another ride, you just cancel the reservation you currently have and select another ride. Once you've used it to ride one or two rides you'll have it figured out and be thinking it's the most awesome thing ever.


We didn't wait any more than 15 minutes for any ride on a VERY busy weekend day the last time I was at SFDK with the Gold Flashpass. I'd suggest that you try it. I think you'll feel it's well worth the money.

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^They have two inverts already and they can't build over 150ft. in the front of the park. Rumor has it all the coasters are built up front because the height restriction is lower in the back of the park.


They could probably build a flyer... in Kong's spot.

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Hey all,


Just to let you know, we're giving away the chance for you and a friend to swim with the dolphins! Over on our page on Facebook, we're running a fan referral contest where the fan that refers the most people will win the dolphin swim!


Make sure that you have the friend post in this thread that they were referred by you:



Thanks, guys!



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Pretty cool that they are still focusing on the animal aspect of the park and opening new things.


That is one great thing about SFDK. If they aren't adding a new ride/coaster, then they make sure to add a really nice looking animal exhibit or show. There's always something very exciting every year.

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