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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Updates

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Over the past couple of weekends I've grabbed some photos from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom so I thought I'd post them here. I hope to get new photos every weekend or two, so check back often!


^ The Discovery Kingdom sign sits above the Kingdom Stage at the front of the park.


^ V2's colors are so awesome.


^ Upside down.


^ Johnny Rockets sits atop the main hill at the park near Taz and Shouka Stadium.


^ Medusa looking good with it's fresh coat of paint.


^ Discovery Kingdom has introduced the "Live Local" stage where local bands get a chance to perform on the Oasis Stage.


^ Today's Misfortune has been at the park the past two weekends and is my favorite band so far this season.


^ As part of the new Six Flags Friends project, Discovery Kingdom now donates all change tossed in Dolphin Fountain to the rescuers of Cupid.


^ Over at Dolphin Discovery there was this dolphin swimming about.But it just wasn't any dolphin...


^ It's Mavrick! He was born on October 27, 2007 and is the thirteenth dolphin at the park.


Thanks for viewing!

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Nice pics with very vivid colors. It's good to see that track has arrived for THBS. I'll have to plan a visit here in the next week or 2. Our only visit to SFDK this season was to process our passes on the way to WCB and we only rode a couple coasters then got on the road. Just curious, how were operations?

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Great pics! I also saw Maverick swimming around on Sunday. Can't wait to see him perform in the shows. Just to let you know Zonga I made a separate topic for all updates and trip reports. But because your more of a "professional" at this then I am you can do it however you want.

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^ Thanks man!


Does anyone have any info on how to book your band at Six Flags?


I know that over at SFDKzone the person who I believe was booking the bands posted his contact info. His name is Shawn Day and can be reached at angrypirate_productions@yahoo.com


As for operations, they've been pretty good this season. Sadly Kong has only be running one train which has led to long lines. Also, Roar was still at one train operation last weekend but should be up soon hopefully.


Glad everyone liked the photos, I'll be sure to grab some new photos this weekend!

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For those of you who are season pass holders, Coasters After Dark will be held on May 23rd from 7 - 10 PM. I just received this email which is pretty interesting:


The Ultimate SKY Party!


Enjoy exclusive ride time on Medusa and more thrill rides with your 2008 Season Pass. It's a whole new thrill-seeking experience on May 23 from 7pm-10pm at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Ride all of your favorite coasters, plus the all-new Tony Hawk's Big Spin AFTER DARK!


Show your 2008 Season Pass at Explorer Outpost on May 23 to receive your exclusive Coasters After Dark wristband.



Please feel free to post your Discovery Kingdom photos or experiences in this thread as well!

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^^From everything I have heard, SFDK is getting the portable version of the ride so actually ride construction could be done in a couple days. The surrounding infrastructure could be a different story.


As for the anchor bolts sticking out of the concrete, I assume that since its supposed to be a permanent installation, the park wants to bolt the ride to the ground to keep if from moving in case of an earthquake or something.

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Actually, I believe that Zonga was not bolted down at all. Of course, I could be wrong.


And I just checked and any Six Flags season pass will work for Coasters After Dark. Just present it at the Explorer Outpost and you're good to go.

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Does anybody else find it slightly ridiculous that both of the 2008 THBSs were announced back in September and weren't even up and running on each park's opening day? It seems especially ridiculous given how fast they are able to throw them up. I don't know, I'm not trying to flat out bash Six Flags. For all I know, it could be Gerstlauer's fault. However, it just seems a little absurd that two coasters that were announced early last fall didn't even start construction until almost a half year later.


Anyway, nice TR, dude.

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Does anybody else find it slightly ridiculous that both of the 2008 THBSs were announced back in September and weren't even up and running on each park's opening day?

I would normally say yes and agree, but it really seems like the trend lately in a LOT of parks, even international parks, is to get the new ride open for when the 'busy' season starts, not the park opening.


I agree though, it would seem like if you're adding a new ride you really should try to have it open with the park if at all possible.


Is the only major coaster that is going to make the parks opening season date Fahrenheit?



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^ Gotcha. I had no idea that one was going to miss also. Is there ANY major coaster opening this year that's going to make a park's opening date?


Waldameer is close. I think RFII opens the week after the park opens, right?



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