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Golden River Amusement Park

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^^No, sorry, the park already has a mine train.


^It's generic, I'm not using anything from the expansion packs, I don't think.


*A press release for the new addition will be released tomorrow. The competition will still continue afterwards though as I will not reveal completely what the ride is. This is just to give you a clue.

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^ It's not the actual coaster. It's a custom ride from Amazing Earl.



This just in!

Razor Thrills' owner David Williams has come forth to release the much anticipated new additions to the park. His announcement included 6 new rides. This will raise the ride count to 36. Two of the new rides are new rollercoasters. This will raise the coaster count of the park to 13, fivecoasters short of Razor Thrills' ultimate goal in beating Cedar Point for the highest number of coasters in any one park, which Mr. Williams assures us will occur. One of the new coasters is a large wooden coaster built by GCI. The other will be a space themed, indoor coaster built by Vekoma. The indoor coaster is meant to resemble Disney Land's Space Mountain. The indoor coaster will have a unique feature in that it does helixes around two new drop towers built by S&S. The name for the towers have already been released as being Alienator. One tower is going to launch you to the top and bounce you back down, the other will take you to the top and hold you for a breif moment before dropping you. The two other rides will be an indoor Huss Frisbee and a Schwartzkopf Enterprise. The new addition will be open to the public on April 21, 2008 as long as things remain as planned. Mr. Williams has high hopes in this new addition to be just what the park needs to draw in more crowds.


Seeya tomorrow!

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