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Golden River Amusement Park

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^ Okay if it makes you feel any better. The park is looking at the eventual removal of Coal Rusher and Timmy's Twister. That area of the park is a little over crowded. Seriously though, is there such a thing as too many coasters in a park this size. I think I used too big of a map for my style. Update tomorrow!


--500th post!--

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There aren't to many coasters for the size of the park. There are to many coasters for the layout of your park. If you had spread everything out and utilized all of the space available, this wouldn't be a problem...


I don't really no anything you could do, besides a complete remodel (such as HHE went through)

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The park has traded hands again. Cedar Fair sold the park to a new company based out of San Antonio, TX. This new company's name is Razor Thrills. The company's founder, David Williams, has set Golden River as it's flagship park and claims it will be such to rival Cedar Point on both Thrills and sheer abundance of rides.


Onto the pics:


Last but not least, as usual, I leave you with an over view which also shows some of the new landscaping back behind Decimator. See you next time!


Also new is this second entryway to Marioland. Not as cool as the old one, but far more convenient.


The other new ride, an Indoor kiddie coaster, Luigi's Twister.


One of the two new rides, Peach's Tea Party. I love teacups.


Drop, err... I mean The Scream Generator is sporting a new paint job.


Over on the Beach Boardwalk, Beach Plaza, a giant gift shop, has now opened.


Here's the new entry garden where Coal Rush and Timmy's Twister used to be. Those two rides are long gone now.


New signage on the entry building proclaiming the new management.

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I know it's been a little while, but school is slowing my progress. I graduate from highschool in 7 more weeks! Anyways, work has begun on a new monorail because there have been complaints about the long walks. Also a new B&M Dive Machine named Abyss has been added as well as the Abyss Cafe. Well, onto the pictures!


Here's the main entrance station of the monorail. Hopefully it will be completed soon.


And as always, Overview!


Abyss Cafe, where you can buy anything related to Abyss.


Awesome splash down ending.


Lift and drop.


It's Abyss! This Dive Machine is awesome. It has no inversions, but what it lacks in inversions, it makes up for in airtime!


Here's the entry to the new section of the park, Thrill Zone. There's that thing again in the top left corner.


There's the second station. Oh, and what's that in the top of the picture?


The first track heading to the first secondary station of the monorail.

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Probably the smallest update as of yet. This is the Monorail Update! The monorail has been completed and the new stations have been built. There are four stations in all. One in each of the current major sections of the park. A major update will come again soon. Word of mouth says that the next coaster will be another woodie...


Here is an overview of the currently developed area with the completed monorail. See you next time!


The Challenge Park station.


Marioland station. I like how it sort of wraps its corner around skyline.


This is my favorite of the four stations, the Thrill Zone/Boardwalk station.


That's right, the Golden River Transit Authority is open for business!


Welcome back! Can you see what is new in this picture?

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Hi again! Well no update yet, this project is taking a lot of work, I'll try to have something up Monday. To hold you off until then, I'm feeling evil. So, here's a preview of the current project. There are several smaller additions too that I will show in the next update. Let's just say, it's going to be big.


Is that coaster track in the bottom right? Guess correctly and I will send an early release to you for your enjoyment! *only one guess per person until it has been proved wrong.

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