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Golden River Amusement Park

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Well here goes, please note this park is no where near done. This park started out as a privately owned, small park on the side of a small river, but recently has been bought out by Cedar Fair and has been extended onto both sides of the river one side being the main park and the other side being challenge park. Well, on to the pics.


Here finally to end this is an overveiw of the park as it is so far. Next update will come soon, including more rides and more theming! So stay tuned! :p


Here's the awesome Helix filled ending of it. That second helix is very forceful.


It's so big I can't give you a picture of the first half. Here's the MCBR and the first of many bunny hills.


It's Skyline! The park's Intamin Hyper! As well as the park's wave swinger.


Here's the park's Vekoma rollerskater, Timmy's Twister. Also seen is the park's scrambler. Yea, nothing to say, moving on. Oh what's that i see in the lower left hand corner? Is it? It is...


Here's the park's pseudo credit for the kiddies, Coal Rush. It's a powered coaster that is supposed to be a junior version of Gold Rush. Pictured behind it is Hammerhead.


Here is this side of the park's only water ride. White Water Falls. Yea, that's it. It's a soaker though. Also seen is Forest Fortress, a walk through dark ride.


Now, the park's Arrow Mine Train, Gold Rush. One of my personal favorites in the park. It is very unique as its station is under ground.


White Streak has a classic out-and-back layout with plenty of airtime.


Now we move over to the main park. First stop, the park's classic PTC woodie, White Streak! Also pictured are the Carousel and Himalaya.


Here's a better look at the layout. The green track is named Stingray and the brown track is named Starfish. *psst, Stingray always wins*


Why, it's the coaster with the atrocious station, Dueling Splashers! It's a fun ride, but CF really needs to do some work on this building.


Here are the other rides on this side. Chaos and Invert are probably the best flats at this park. What's that I see in the bottom right corner?


Here is Drop Zone, the park's Intamin Drop Tower. It's one of the shortest ones I've seen lately, but it's still fun.


Here are the hot ticket items on this side of the park. Interlocking tracks of Go Karts and Dirt Bikes.


We'll start at Challenge Park, the smaller side of the park.


Welcome to Golden River Amusement Park!

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Wow this park looks really good! Everything seems to flow really well together and it makes it look like you have really spent a lot of time on the park! Overall Congrats! BUt what is up with that attrocious station? Looks very much Cedar Fairish if you ask me. Keep up the good work.



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It's only a small update, but it feels necessary after the addition of 4 new rides.


The biggest new addition is Decimator, a B&M Standup.


Just because I thought it was necessary to show this, here are the amazing stats for Skyline! Yes, that is a 10, no it is not photoshopped, and no I did not use 8 cars.


To top it all off, here's a new overveiw of the park!


Here's the new round up as well as the new food court in challenge park.


Here's the new Intamin Skytower. It gives a great view of the park.


Here's the station and biggest drop.


Also new is this awesome Log Flume, Blood River Mines!


I really like how twisted it is.


It's a lot of fun, but still isn't the best.

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Thanks everyone.




2 more rides have been added as well as some changes in scenery. I'll let the pictures do the talking now.


*As a side note, I would like to thank riccoaster for his helpful advice and inspiration*


As a preview to the next update, I present the entrance to the new kid's area. Mario Land!!!


Check out the new paint job on Dueling Splashers. Hopefully this means a change in station soon.


White Water Falls has finally gotten a station.


Here's a good look at the current state of the boardwalk area. It will soon be expanded.


Here's Acid River, the new Intamin Rapids Ride located in the new boardwalk area of the park.


Here's an overview of the entire ride.


CF strikes again, we welcome Flight Deck, a new B&M Invert, to the park!

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1000th post!


Your park looks pretty good so far, but I'd widen the paths to make if more realistic. Also, the rapids would prbabbly look better if you sunk the land around it into a river (Sink 1 land around each side of the track whenever its at "ground" level.)

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^ I'm using some custom made rides. Most are by Amazing Earl.




There's not much to update on. One ride has been moved and two new ones have been added as well as a new gift shop/food court. Also on a happy note, Dueling Splashers' station has now been fixed! Now, onto the pictures.


I now leave you with a current overveiw so as to see the park's progress and the remaining area in which it has to expand.


Of course the current main attraction is Mario Kart Raceway.


Marioland! Now named Peaches' Castle. Marioland has much more to be added but is looking fairly good currently. The yellow building in the center is Yoshi's Garden, an antique car ride around a small butterfly garden.


In other news, Forest Fortress is gone and has been moved to...


First run of Dueling Splashers V2!


It's done!


Almost there...


They had to readjust a few walls so they had to tear out the rest of the roof. Now all the walls are up and repainted!


Hooray! Holes in the roof and new paint on the walls. =)

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Wow with each update this park just keeps getting better and better! The park is progressing very nicely and I like the fact that you are updating things that didn't work out the first time around instead of just leaving them. The new Mario Land looks very nice and this is quickly becoming one of my favorit RCT parks!



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^ Is that even possible?




Three new attractions have been added. Also the Boardwalk area has been transformed into Beach Boardwalk. Ok, enough talking, onto the pics.


And one of the entire park. Until next time, bye.


One of Marioland...


A new Arrow looper, Wario's Treasure Hunt! I love Arrows, and this is no exception. I will now leave you with two overveiws...


Over in Marioland, a new shooting dark ride, Boo Blasters, has been added. It's a really nice one with an interesting high speed section. Now onto the start attraction of this update...


Of course with any beach boardwalk, you get a Reverchon Wild Mouse. Yea, moving on. Capacity nightmare.


Here's a better view of the boardwalk area.


Here's the new extension. The part I like to call Palm Alley.


Here's the new entryway to Beach Boardwalk. The ground has been changed to sand and a new pond has been added as the "ocean." Yeah, I wonder how long this idea will last.

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