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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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Yeah, I forgot about Formula Rossa, I wonder if that had to do with the fairly specialized custom trains?


I'm pretty sure that it had to do with the country that it's in. It's not in sue-happy America.


And for Attraction 2012, could we be seeing a first drop similar to Expedition Ge-Force?

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Here's the image that I found the other day:


And here's the documents themselves- I recieved a copy of them after I went to bed last night.


Walter White sent me a set of the 10 documents- as you can see below. Each one is unique- but there is a MAJOR hint inside them. It took me about three hours to figure it out- good luck from there.














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^ LOVE IT!!!! But what does it all mean???


If I were being tongue-in-cheek over this, I'd say this:


A two-day headache and endless drama over things REALLY unrelated to the HP2012 FB page about lady (F'ing) gaga (PEOPLE, get OVER her, the only thing she is good for is converting OXYGEN into CARBON DIOXIDE!) and bizarre ruminations on Gillette shaving products ("Wow- it's got a nickname called "Ride the Edge"- it must be sponsored by Edge Razors!")


However, if we pull out some of the data, there's a survey that needs to be taken, pictures that need to be divested, and questions to be answered. At the end, you will have to send in something to another person mentioned in the same set of documents- but if I have to do it, so should EVERYONE...


If you've been paying attention to the game, it should be easy- if you've been jumping on the end, that's going to make it more difficult all over- as there's some stuff that you've had to be paying attention to all the way in order to get....


Good luck- and happy searching. The Truth is OUT THERE.

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^^^I spy airtime on that first picture. This involves either Intamin or B&M.


If you have been following this whole thing for awhile, someone was able to get a look at one of the tage on the supports outside the park. That pretty much gives it away that this is Intamin.


As far as "Ride the Edge" goes, we could be looking at a ride slogan there - "Skyrush - Ride the Edge". Think back to 2004 and Storm Runner - Vertical Horsepower.

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It has been confirmed by the ticket on the supports that this ride is an Intamin creation.


What if a Giant Man eating Hershey Bar planted the Intamin sticker on the support to throw all you nerds off the scent? The new ride is going to be the worlds largest Zamperla Volare flying coaster, I know this because the Moose out front told me .

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What the hell is he talking about in that journal of floating cranes and hovering dump trucks?? Dude is smoking something different than I !!!!!


Go back about 60 pages in this thread, and then follow each of the websites along the way... you'll soon realize that LaMarcus Bros is a huge part of this puzzle... Hell, I've got a T-shirt and a Magnet from LaMarcus Bros- good people to work with.

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I got a ticket and business card from them...I just don't get it.


I collected pictures of the three spots in Comet Hollow and made a list of three names I could pull from the recent documents, and I sent them to the SAndersson@rideinstitute.com address. Hopefully I hear back.


I don't see what other puzzle we're supposed to be figuring out past that survey sheet?

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