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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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This just goes to show the vast differences in opinion us enthusiasts have. I thought Wildcat was a prime RMC candidate since the day I rode it in 2016 - especially since there are literally 2 more GCIs (technically) in the same park that are better in every way.

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This just goes to show the vast differences in opinion us enthusiasts have. I thought Wildcat was a prime RMC candidate since the day I rode it in 2016 - especially since there are literally 2 more GCIs (technically) in the same park that are better in every way.


Maybe I'd be more open to RMC if they didn't tend to have slow dispatch times and they had more comfortable restraints. As of now I enjoy them but I tend to prefer more traditional wooden coasters and nonlooping steel Hyper/giga coasters.

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TPR was invited to check out the all new Hersheypark Chocolatetown region and it's featured new B&M hyper Candymonium which is being billed as the Tallest, Fastest, Looongest and Sweetest coaster in the park. First off the new entrance / exit at Hershey looks awesome and you can't miss Candymonium as it sits right there. Work is still continuing on the entire area including the Kisses Fountain, which will be an awesome photo op, but everything is looking great already.


Once you go through the gates you are staring right at the soon to be Kisses Fountain and Candymonium. A little look to the left and the relocated Carrousel is now featured here too. The rest of the area has a great feel including Hershey's first Starbucks! As this area continues to get closer to completion it's only going to get better.


Candymonium's area and station are done really well and feature a lot of Hershey theming. That goes right down to each one of the three trains being themed to a different Hershey brand including Hershey Kisses, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Twizzlers color scheme's.


Ok so how was Candymonium? Let's just say it was a sweet 2 minutes and 26 seconds of candy-themed coaster fun. The first drop, especially in the back row had us out of our seats the entire way and the coaster keeps a great pace including lots of B&M floater air throughout. It's super smooth and also crazy quite which is great as it doesn't overpower the entrance when it comes around. After getting to ride it several times the only critique I'd give is to lay off the trims. It was fun regardless but the best was when the trims didn't engage.


Outside of that Hershey has done an outstanding job with this entire new area and awesome new coaster. A big thanks to the Hershey team for inviting TPR to come checkout their brand new Chocolatetown featuring Candymonium!


Here's TPR's Candymonium POV.




Some Pics From The Day.739640560_Hershey01.thumb.JPG.50240f9c412d96fa53e1c2d71305057a.JPG

Welcome to Hersheypark and the Chocolatetown Region.





View of the Kisses Fountain and Candymonium after coming through the gate.




To the left from there is the relocated Carrousel.




Hershey's first Starbucks!


Multiple cool areas to walk under the coaster.



Heading towards the station.





Before we go in lets checkout these sweet......


Candymonium Stats!


Lots of Hershey Brand Theming.





View away from the station. Hello Skyrush!


Here's just some extra pics of the coaster.











Inside the new Hersheypark Flagship Store.




Heading out from Chocolatetown.


The brands said goodbye.


Thanks for a great time Hershey!

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They still need to RMC Wildcat tho.




I wouldn't mind seeing Wildcat get the Steel GCI track that was shown off last year or the year before at IAAPA. (2020 as been so long Idk what decade it is anymore).


Be kinda cool for the first GCI to get the first GCI conversion.

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Thanks for all the great pictures. It clearly has way way way more space for folks to travel through. Any time you do that, you obviously lose charm. I think the area looks nice, albeit slightly sterile at the moment. I'll reserve too much judgment until it is completed!

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Hersheypark sent out this email yesterday:

"We're excited to announce a new program starting today for our Season Pass Holders. While our Park capacity management remains unchanged, Season Pass Holders will not need to make a reservation before visiting. We will now automatically reserve daily capacity for our Season Pass Holder family so you’ll have the flexibility to visit whenever you choose. If you have already made a reservation, you do not need to cancel or take any action. Don’t forget, Hersheypark® and the all-new Hershey’s ChocolatetownSM are now open for fun, thrills, and sweet memories.


Before your first visit, please carefully review our enhanced safety measures and protocols. Thank you for helping us keep Hersheypark Happy and Healthy.


P.S. We can’t wait to see you!"


I guess they can make this change because attendance has not been what they were probably expecting. Queue Times is showing a 5 - 15 minute wait for almost everything right now, even with the reduced capacities.

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I had a fun day on July 7th at two parks, Hersheypark and Knoebels. I wanted to love Hersheypark, but I left feeling unfulfilled. I got five of the credits on a past visit using the evening ticket in 2016. This time, I got five credits. I still have four to go. I was not as much of a coaster fan in 2016, so while I still have never been on Storm Runner, I can say that I rode the HUSS Condor! One day I will ride them all! Candymonium was definitely the highlight of this trip, and it’s a great ride. Of the other hypers, I’ve only been on Apollo’s Chariot, which is better, so what can I say except that it’s FUN! The second trim hit hard, and while they were running three trains, three were being stacked every single time, which would be acceptable if they were sanitizing more often, but they were only cleaning every three hours.


Hersheypark tickets are cheaper than usual right now, and there's a reason for that. It seems that Hershey seems to define “limited capacity” as only running 60 or so percent of the rides. In addition to the rides listed as closed on the park website, these weren’t open:


Wild Mouse





Some of the common flats weren’t open, like the Ferris wheel and Whip, and I don’t remember seeing the Tilt-A-Whirl, Claw, bumper cars, Wave Swinger, or several kiddie rides running either. I also think that only the Hershey’s drop tower was operating of the three.


The fact that the least popular, minor coasters (excepting Storm Runner) are closed could indicate one of two things:

1. Hersheypark doesn't see a need to open every ride with low attendance at the park, which is sad but realistic from an operations standpoint when lines stay short at the open rides.

2. Prep time for this season was rushed and every ride isn't ready yet.


Or maybe I’m just oblivious and these rides are closed due to low staffing. Either way, once we saw so many rides closed, it was obvious that it would be difficult to fill a whole day at Hershey.


As for the rest of the day, I got my first rides on Fahrenheit and Skyrush as well as laps on Lightning Racer and Comet. I rode Lightning Racer twice just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, but both rides were lackluster in forces. What makes this ride fun is the interaction with the other train; there are only a couple pops of airtime. Comet, on the other hand, is my second favorite coaster in the park. The airtime isn’t Phoenix level, but it’s almost there, especially on the third hill. Laff Trakk was also an unexpected highlight.


We left Hersheypark by 2:00. Yes, we could’ve ridden Comet or Candy again, but at this point, the seed was planted in our brains that it was a good idea to go to Knoebels, which we had had no idea that we would do when we had left the house in the morning. First, however, I wanted to ask if any of the closed coasters would open. (Skip this frustrating bit if you want.) The girl at guest relations had an initial answer of “We don't know, and we can't tell you; sorry.” When I asked her if she could ask someone who did know she asked us why. I replied that we were considering whether we wanted to stay or drive to Knoebels. Her answer was “You're going to dump us and go to Knoebels?! That's a really long drive.” Anyway, we eventually found out that they would be closed for the day. All of this was for some closed rides that aren't very good! As a side note, the new merchandise (in a gift shop that everyone exits through) is awesome, and I love that the pinwheel design is back.


We wanted to ride the Chocolate Tour ride before we left, but the process of getting into Chocolate World was more confusing than it had to be. The attendant handed us a “timed entry” ticket. When we asked if we needed a reservation for the tour ride, he said yes, so we thought that we couldn't go in. He told us we could still enter, telling us that "you can come back another time," in reference to the given ticket. If we could go in now, why would we want to wait? This guy was very enthusiastic, just not the best at conveying information. The Chocolate Tour ride was how it was last time I rode it, and it was a very-enjoyable walk-on.


Hersheypark could lessen the shock of so many closed attractions if they listed them somewhere on their website like Knoebels does. Overall, I enjoyed this Hershey visit but was looking forward to Knoebels by the time we left.


This is why we're here.


The new entry plaza lacks the 45 years of tree cover the old one had and is unfinished, but it's still nice.


A great sight when you walk into the park


The Twizzlers train in the holding brake


The carousel is now right when you enter the park. This wasn't the best idea in my opinion. It's now by itself, and I'd imagine that some families wouldn't come back specifically to ride it. It was better when it was surrounded by other family rides. The band organ isn't working yet, too.


Fahrenheit was a blast.


Sadly, Storm Runner won't be launching this year. The Boomerang to the left was closed as well.


Here's a fun picture from the Great Bear exit ramp. Coal Cracker is a unique name for a flume.


Great Bear's twisted corkscrew


B&M inverts use similar elements but are always a blast.


Approaching the helix




Skyrush has a new neighbor.


This is the gift shop that you exit through now. There's this cool Kissing Tower cabin in the center.


Candy through the window


We couldn't leave Hershey without doing this.


Bye Hersheypark! As you can see here, it was still a construction zone. Thanks for reading, and I'll post some Knoebels pictures soon!

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Hahahahahahahahaha what a jerkoff.


Dad sues over 9-year-old son’s near-death experience on Hersheypark’s Storm Runner rollercoaster



Anthony DeNoto III was expecting to have a fun day at Hersheypark riding rollercoasters with his 9-year-old son.


Instead, the former Boiling Springs man claims he almost saw his son meet a horrible death on the Storm Runner coaster.


Although his son wasn’t actually injured, the alleged trauma of the incident prompted DeNoto to file a lawsuit against Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company in Dauphin County Court this week.


DeNoto, who now lives in New York, states in the suit that he took his boy to the park on June 26, 2018 because the lad was finally tall enough to ride the coasters.


He says he and his son boarded the Storm Runner and got into the same car. But while he was able to pull down and secure his safety harness, his son was not, DeNoto claims. He says three park employees who were supposed to ensure riders were safely secured didn’t check his son’s safety harness, even though it was still raised above the car.


At that point, the worker operating the ride released the brakes, according to the suit filed by attorney Christopher Fisher.


“Mr. DeNoto was left helpless, fully constrained within his seat under the secured harness and prevented from being able to physical help his son in any manner,” the suit states. “Mr. DeNoto recalls hollering, ‘Wait, wait,’ but not one of the three employees did anything to stop the train from leaving the station and beginning the ride.” DeNoto claims he “could see the terrified look of panic in his son’s face,” while knowing “there was nothing he could do to save his son from certain catastrophic injury and most likely death.”


In a panic, his son jumped from the car just as the coaster began to move, the suit states.


The employees still didn’t stop the ride, however, DeNoto claims, so he had to ride the Storm Runner through its complete course before being able to check on his son.


The Storm Runner launches from its station and goes from 0 to 72 mph in 2 seconds. It roars over a 150-foot-tall “top hat” curve, goes upside down three times and turns rapidly. It stops so rapidly that riders are jerked in their seats.


DeNoto claims that because of the incident he and his son suffer “anxiety-like symptoms.” He says he cannot bring himself to take his 5-year-old daughter to the park because of the experience. Even the sound of a school bus releasing its air brakes triggers that anxiety, DeNoto contends.


“Mr. Denoto cannot yet rid himself of the regular thoughts of the potential scenario of helplessly watching his son fall to a grisly death,” the suit states.


In addition to the park, DeNoto is suing the designer and builder of the Storm Runner, contending “a roller coaster of this nature should not be mechanically able to move if every harness is not secured.”


He seeks unspecified financial damages on claims including negligent infliction of emotional distress.


Asked for a response to the suit, park spokesman Garrett Gallia said, “We dispute the allegations presented in the complaint, but refrain from further comment due to pending litigation.”

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I wonder if they have that on video, the ride already has safety precautions so something like that isn't allowed to happen and even if it somehow did I just can't imagine that the kid's harness was above his head without any of the workers or people on the line noticing and saying something.

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So, how many overrides would an operator have to make to get the coaster to dispatch in that situation? And how many giant flashing "harness open" warnings was the operator ignoring to do so?


I have trouble believing this.


EDIT: Whoa whoa, he wants to sue Intamin too?!?

Edited by A.J.
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I've never operated any coaster before but I find it hard to believe a launch coaster built within the past twenty years has the ability to dispatch with a OTSR wide open. Also, (as always with these frivolous suits) why did he wait so long to file?


We need someone who has operated an accelerator coaster before. @jrice92 and @eltororyan to thread lmao

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I've never operated any coaster before but I find it hard to believe a launch coaster built within the past twenty years has the ability to dispatch with a OTSR wide open.

Surprisingly, Intamin never used to have sensors on their restraints, even on rides where your life depends on it. I always found this surprising.

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For Kingda Ka, it’s impossible to dispatch the train with a single OSTR open. They all have to be in a verified position just like El Toro. From what I’ve seen with Storm Runner, it’s the same way so this incident doesn’t sound possible one bit.


You can actually dispatch Dragster with open lapbars but Dragster is a generation older than the newer Intamins with a verify if that makes sense.

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For Kingda Ka, it’s impossible to dispatch the train with a single OSTR open. They all have to be in a verified position just like El Toro. From what I’ve seen with Storm Runner, it’s the same way so this incident doesn’t sound possible one bit.


You can actually dispatch Dragster with open lapbars but Dragster is a generation older than the newer Intamins with a verify if that makes sense.

Completely makes sense, thanks for chiming in.

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Visited the park for day 1 of our camping trip and was pretty impressed given the situation of things. Originally we weren't visiting Hershey this year but our other plans got scrapped so this was a nice alternative. First off the Campground has been great like always and they are doing a great job with COVID precautions (pool cleanings, limited people in the store etc) and it's pretty vacant compared to last year, we are virtually alone on our side of the park it's awesome.


As for the park we did the sweet start which gave me a chance to check out Candymonium. I would say it's a solid ride for the park a good counter to Skyrush but I most definitely prefer Skyrush for the mere intensity. Honestly Candymonium is sort of average at best, it's got so decent floater air but the trims take away from could be more, I also thought the front was actually better which for me is rare.


Thea rest of the park was what you would expect with limited staff and COVID precautions. Many rides were closed or temporarily down including several coasters. However we have found plenty to enjoy with very short lines and small crowds. Also most visitors we're good about the mask policy and e even saw some workers making sure people used them. I know that had been an issue early on this season. All the rides are running great and we will be heading back this afternoon. I couldn't ask for more really given the status of everything in the world and I'm just happy to be riding coasters again.

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Hersheypark could lessen the shock of so many closed attractions if they listed them somewhere on their website like Knoebels does. Overall, I enjoyed this Hershey visit but was looking forward to Knoebels by the time we left.

I know this information doesn't do you a whole hell of a lot of good NOW, but for reference, their app does in fact show a comprehensive list of all the rides that are currently closed throughout the park. Under the main menu's "RIDES" subheading, if you click on "Closed Rides", it shows the full list of rides that are closed temporarily, closed for staffing, and closed for the season. For example, I'm taking a look at it right now from almost 200 miles away and it's showing the following rides as closed:


  • Cocoa Cruiser
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Frog Hopper
  • Frontier Flyers
  • Hershey Triple Tower - Hershey's Kisses Tower
  • Hershey Triple Tower - Reese's Tower
  • Kissing Tower
  • Laff Trakk
  • Mini Scrambler
  • Mini-Himalaya
  • Monorail
  • Pony Parade
  • Red Baron
  • Sidewinder
  • Skyview
  • SooperDooperLooper
  • Storm Runner
  • Tea Cups
  • The Claw
  • Tidal Force
  • Tiny Tracks
  • Twin Turnpike - Speedway
  • Wave Swinger
  • Whip
  • Wild Mouse
  • Wildcat

With that being said, you're absolutely correct that that information is nowhere to be found on their website, and would probably be a good candidate to migrate over as well.

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