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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

P. 435: Wildcat's Revenge announced!

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If so many people didn't complain about the restraints Skyrush would be a lock in the top 10. Fine with me, less people in line.

I have been limping around all day after taking someone's advice on sitting last row far left. Has anyone coined the name ThighCrush yet? Because goddamn.


(Still the best coaster at the park, though.)

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Let me clarify. I rode it four times in total, twice each day between yesterday and today.


Ride 1: 2nd to last row, far right. Lots of ejector, but no serious pain.

Ride 2: 4th row from front, far left. No pain.

Ride 3: Last row, far left. Thrown all over the place, slammed VERY hard into the restraints on the first bit of ejector. This is what caused intense pain to my right thigh. I am not exaggerating or trying to make it sound worse than it is. This ride quite literally caused me to limp for the remainder of the day, and even now nearly twelve hours later I am still feeling soreness.

Ride 4: Front row, far right. Smoothest ride by far. Still got crazy air, but wasn't anywhere near as bad as the previous ride.


So yeah. Roll your eyes as much as you'd like, but the fact remains; in certain seats on this ride, and for people of a certain size, there is probably going to be pain involved. EVEN WITH THAT SAID, and with the harsh thigh pain I've suffered with for over half the day at this point, this was still my favorite coaster in the park by far, bought the shirt to add to my collection, and I'd rate it a 9/10 overall. I just won't be sitting in that damned rear left seat ever again.

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Awesome. Glad you guys enjoy it so much, really wish I was able to. Clearly I'm either too old or too hefty to do so anymore. Maybe with a different type of restraint it wouldn't have been nearly as bad for me, but that's OK. I'll stick to the other seats until that happens.

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I think that a drop tower is a big difference maker for the park. I don't like the location is b/c I think it will impact the Kiss Tower however I understand the location b/c a nice drop tower will help with crowd control and getting more people in that area.


Another thought is what type of tower? I'd love a Falcon Fury still drop tower but that might be too extreme for Hersehey.


GOSH I hope this rumor is true!

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