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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

P. 431: Jolly Rancher Remix & Mix'd family ride to debut this summer

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Well, to all you riders and amusement park flyers, I've just survived another Springtime in the Park at Hersheypark and I managed to ride 19 rides (The Merry Derry Dip was the only ride I rode twice). I must say that when I entered Carrousel Circle and saw all these flat rides that were surrounding it ( such as where they placed the Tilt-a-Whirl, the Scrambler, and other kiddie rides) I felt like I had entered amusement park nirvana.


Anyway, I managed to get on a few rides before the park began filling up. I didn't mind waiting to ride the Comet, The Great Bear, and Sidewinder; but I decided to skip Storm Front because it was running one train and Fahrenhite because the line was too long. Besides, I was planning on returning in late May so I can ride what I skipped.


One more thing to add: Chris Linn's show at the Music Box Theatre - you should see it! Trust me; you won't be disappointed.


"I like it when he goes on those long trips; when he comes back home he's so tired he ends up spending all of next day in bed with me. I love days like that!"

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:lover: Absolutely heavenly photos! I don't know if I'll be able to handle it once this starts testing.

Was Great Bear running at all this weekend? I didn't see any trains in any of the photos.

Great Bear was operating and it had the shortest wait for the whole day (1 train wait) and they were sending out a train approximately every two minutes.

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I'm going to the Hershey on the 21st for a closed park event (the business my girlfriend's mom works for rents the park out for their employee's and friends) and was hoping that they're was a chance of a soft opening, but since there hasn't been any testing yet I guess that won't be panning out. Oh well, maybe they'll at least be testing it by then and I can see this baby in action.

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Wow! I have to say that Skyrush has to be the most photogenic new ride this year. All those pics are simply incredible! I can't wait to see it in person. My only complaint is that the bathroom sign connected to the station looks really out of place (16th picture down). It looks as if the coaster itself is called "Restrooms".

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It's pretty impressive how they built that large new ride in a fairly tight area.


But will the restrooms be equally as impressive?


Aren't they open now? Can someone give us a restroom Photo TR?

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It looks as if the coaster itself is called "Restrooms".


No it doesn't, no one is going to think the coaster is called Restrooms.


You're absolutely right, I had forgotten to include "in that photo" on that post. It was just my failed attempt at trying to get a little laugh.


On another note, I love the clocks on the station's tower. It's such a charming touch and fits in well with the rest of Comet Hollow.

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Found some cool photos on the HersheyparkPR Twitter page:



The catchcar has been installed on the lift hill!


Computer room, I believe.


The famous edge seat.


Check out that zero-car!


That looks like a long catch car.

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