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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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It's pretty impressive how they built that large new ride in a fairly tight area.


But will the restrooms be equally as impressive?


Aren't they open now? Can someone give us a restroom Photo TR?

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It looks as if the coaster itself is called "Restrooms".


No it doesn't, no one is going to think the coaster is called Restrooms.


You're absolutely right, I had forgotten to include "in that photo" on that post. It was just my failed attempt at trying to get a little laugh.


On another note, I love the clocks on the station's tower. It's such a charming touch and fits in well with the rest of Comet Hollow.

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Found some cool photos on the HersheyparkPR Twitter page:



The catchcar has been installed on the lift hill!


Computer room, I believe.


The famous edge seat.


Check out that zero-car!


That looks like a long catch car.

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No, if anything, I'd say that the ride actually looks shorter in person.


Judging from the photos, it definitely doesn't look too tall... which is a good thing in my opinion! Hersheypark shouldn't have something that awkwardly stands out in the skyline which is why I think the height of Skyrush is perfect. It is plenty tall enough to get the hyper feeling, but also not something that will dwarf the surrounding area's great attractions since everything is pretty much right on top of each other. I also like how low to the ground the rest of the layout is besides the first hill as it allows the ride not to completely dominate that part of the park. Hersheypark and Intamin did a fantastic job designing this ride for looks, so I definitely can't wait to find out how it rides!


And yes, those edge seats look awesome. They should give a very unique experience.

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I'm just going by what I see in the aerial since I haven't seen it in person. Maybe the pit is giving the illusion that it's taller than it is.

I'm not sure. I remember the first time I saw Steel Force at Dorney Park (I was like, six or seven), it looked absolutely massive. Then, the first time I saw Skyrush in person, our tour group was in the pit now filled by the creek, and it was incredibly weird that it didn't seem all that tall, although the lift hadn't been topped off then. I even passed by it again in March with the lift completed, and it once again didn't seem as tall. But the height of the lift hill is in fact 200 feet, make no mistake about that.

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I find that it depends on what angle you look at it. If you are in The Hollow, it does look a lot taller than it is, but if you're along park Bulevard, it does look shorter, but then again, you are seeing it from 30 feet above the creek.

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