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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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I never really liked wave pools. After you get out you feel all tired and yucky.


I wish they would've kept CRR instead of getting this, but ultimately HP is a business that has a profit to make, and quite simply, wave pools make money.

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I love waterparks and all but taking out CRR for a wave pool was a bit annoying. To me Wave Pools are just boring and the same goes for a lazy river unless it is one of those fast ones. CRR was one of the best rapids rides I have been on and mostly for if you went on it you were going to get soaked. Well I am going there in two weeks so I will see how it stacks up to CRR then, just my 2 cents.

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Looks like you're going around the time I am going, which will be June 7th, approximately two weeks. I can't wait to see this all in person. While I think this could have been placed elsewhere (along with wiser thinking as well as saving the rapids) it is a great addition. But like has been discussed in the past, I think their goal here is ride capacity.

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The Boardwalk is now open. One of the local radio stations held a sneak preview for it today.

I hope to go in Mid to late June so this should be interesting. I never rode any of the Boardwalk rides.


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The reason CCR was removed was because it had serious leak issues, was poorly constructed, and cost a TON to maintain. (learned that when I shadowed the park's engineer) One thing that bothers me about Hersheypark is that they really do have almost no more land left to build within their current land. Hopefully they find a solution soon or their crowd issues are going to get worse- that's the number 1 complaint we get and the reason their rating went down on trip adviser.

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Perhaps they'll expand to the golf course or what someone mentioned in that other thread about crossing Rte 743. I really hate to see them sacrificing rides for new ones because there isn't any room. It was nice seeing Rodeo getting a new life at Dutch Wonderland, but that will definitely be missed for all the Hershey fans out there.

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What I did is kind of recycle this thread and made it more generalized.


New for Hersheypark Chrismas Candylane in 2009 is N.O.E.L. – Nights of Extraordinary Lights.


New this year, experience N.O.E.L., a breathtaking light show featuring over 125,000 dancing lights synchronized to your favorite toe-tapping, jingle-rocking Christmas music! N.O.E.L. will dazzle your senses with brilliant holiday colors and a classic selection of festive songs. Enjoy three dynamic shows starting at 5:00 PM and playing every hour and half-hour along Spring Creek in Comet Hollow. The best viewing areas for N.O.E.L. are the bridges located near the SooperdooperLooper, the Amphitheatre, and the top entrance to the Aquatheatre.


From the way it sounds is that the show might be a holiday-themed version of Cedar Points Frontier Trail show.


In other news, the park may have a few small improvements set in store for 2010:(Screamscape)

(11/10/09) While nothing new is expected to open at Hersheypark in 2010 right now, we have heard that the Trailblazer may get a big renovation that could see a new station built for the mine train, as well as other several other small improvements around the park. Another such concept said to be in the works may be improved queues for the Kissing Tower and Twin Turnpike.
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Hersheypark has released some early information regarding their Springtime in the Park event:


Cure Cabin Fever With “Springtime in the Park” at Hersheypark


It’s shaping up to be a long and cold winter, but Hersheypark is busy making plans for “Springtime in the Park.” The annual celebration, this year scheduled for April 2 through 4 and April 10 and 11, will give folks something to look forward to while they’re shoveling snow and bringing in the firewood. This year, the Park is expanding its Springtime celebration to two weekends that provide perfect opportunities to gather the family and enjoy an exciting preview of the 2010 Park season.


Hersheypark will be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, April 2 and on Saturdays, April 3 and 10. On Sundays, April 4 and 11, Hersheypark will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (The Park will not be open to the public on Friday, April 9.) One-price admission offers access to more than 40 of the Park’s rides, admission to live entertainment shows, and entrance to ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park. Select games, retail shops and food venues also will be open.


Admission will be $23.95 for ages 9 to 54, $15.95 for ages 3 to 8 and ages 55 and older, and free for children 2 and younger. Consecutive-day and group admission plans will be available, and a parking fee will be charged. Tickets may be purchased in advance online at www.Hersheypark.com after February 1 or at participating Giant Foods stores in the Hershey and Harrisburg area after March 27. The website will list all participating Giant Foods stores.


Entertainment choices during Springtime in the Park will include a sea lion presentation at the Hersheypark Aquatheatre and a band performance at the Hersheypark Amphitheatre. In addition, other Hershey attractions – The Hershey Story, The Museum on Chocolate Avenue; Hershey Gardens; and Hershey’s Chocolate World – will be open, providing guests with even more entertainment options during their visit.


Hersheypark has also sent out a press release regarding their inclusion the growing list of parks utilizing Google Maps' Street View to tour their park and hotel virtually.


Hersheypark and The Hotel Hershey Now on Google Maps


Guests planning to visit Hersheypark or The Hotel Hershey can now tour the locations prior to their trips, thanks to an online tour recently created by Google Maps. Hersheypark is one of the first theme parks to be mapped in the United States.


The interactive tour, part of Street View on Google Maps, shows guests all the attractions and pathways at both properties.


The project began in late June, when a 250-pound tricycle equipped with a large telescopic camera traveled around the Park and the Hotel. The camera contained circular filming lenses, allowing it to capture 360-degree images of outdoor pathways. It took about five hours to complete the filming of Hersheypark and another three hours to finish the filming at The Hotel Hershey.


A screenshot of the system at work...

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^I saw that a few weeks ago. I think Legoland in California was one of the first parks to do this.


As far as Springtime in the Park is concerned, I pretty much have faith in the maintenance crew that they will try to get Storm Runner and Fahrenheit open this year. The reason why they weren't last year was being behind schedule and that Fahrenheit's trains being in Europe. Hopefully they started earlier this year, but no big deal.

EDIT: Took notice that they have Fahrenheit's picture on the Springtime page. Hopefully that could mean something.

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I, too, have seen that fature on Google several months ago. I originally posted it over at Keystone Thrills. I can't believe that the Disney Parks haven't done anything similar, unless they have done so by this time.


Looks like STITP will be two weekends this year. Perhaps this was due to the overly increased crowds (due to Harley Davidson) on Saturday last year which forced them to open up Midway unannounced.

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^In regards to Disney using a "street-view" type system, they haven't yet. But, they were the ones to take advantage of Google Earth's 3-D view in which major portions of the park (buildings and attractions) can be seen in 3-D view within the Google Earth program.

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Looks like STITP will be two weekends this year. Perhaps this was due to the overly increased crowds (due to Harley Davidson) on Saturday last year which forced them to open up Midway unannounced.


I thought Harley-Davidson used to have the Saturday between Springtime in the Park and the first normal weekend. What happened to that? Did some other company take over that day?

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Well the one STITP weekend (the new second one) now falls into that category. But yeah, me and my friend Alex attended the Harley event in 2007 and 08 and we had the park all to ourselves with free parking. Last year, since it concided with STITP, the Harley people were given a free parking pass so they didn't have to pay to park, along with their event ticket. The place was a madhouse. Great Bear had almost a full queue at one point during the day. If Harley does plan on doing the same thing this year, expect at least one day to be really packed.


Why Harley planned their event during that weekend last year, I don't know. At first I thought it was because of SEA-qual construction, but that was all erased when they opened Midway. Then I heard of some other private parties that were going on, so someone else must've took advantage of Harley's timeslot, possibly? Really, I don't know....I've been trying to figure that out as well.

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I use to go to Westinghouse's/Northrup Grumman's private day when I was younger which I believe is always the second Saturday in May and this event is closed to the public.


The "New for" attraction for that particular year was never opened and we'd have to wait until the following year to ride the previous year's new attraction.

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Hersheypark has sent us a new press release about their latest involvement with the Children's Miracle Network. It is always great to see parks getting involved in causes like this, so I'm always happy to see news on the topic making its way into our inbox...


Each year Hersheypark hosts millions of visitors, many of whom take a moment to make a wish and drop a coin or two into one of the Park’s fountains. These coins are collected and used to assist sick children and their families, who have plenty of wishes of their own. At the end of 2009, the coins from the Park’s fountains were gathered, and that money – along with a portion of the admission to Hershey Sweet Lights, A Holiday Drive-Thru Spectacular – was donated to Children’s Miracle Network. On January 13, on behalf of its guests, Hersheypark issued a check in the amount of $16,115 to Children’s Miracle Network at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. The donation is used to support the hospital’s pediatric services.


Children’s Miracle Network is an international non-profit organization that has affiliations with 170 children’s hospitals. Children’s Miracle Network at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital serves the Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York region. The mission of Children’s Miracle Network is to raise funds for children’s services and create community awareness of children’s issues.

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By summer, visitors to Hershey’s Chocolate World in Derry Township will have the opportunity to play chocolate innovators and create their own candy bars.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held today at Chocolate World where construction is under way on a 1,800-square-foot expansion project at the tourist attraction. The brick two-story addition will fill space in the front of Chocolate World near the center’s parking lot.


The interactive Create Your Own Candy Bar is a natural progression for Chocolate World, which opened in 1973 and replaced the Hershey Company’s on-site factory tours, said Amy Hahn, general manager of The Hershey Experience.

Visitors will track their custom candy bars from beginning to end at various stations in the factory-like setting, she said.

Guests, wearing factory aprons and hairnets, will select and load ingredients such as caramel bits, graham crackers and crisped rice and pull levers and handles to dispense the ingredients via equipment similar to machinery used in Hershey’s factories.

The five-ounce bars will be cooled and wrapped in custom packaging created by guests. The price of the attraction is expected to be $12.95, Hahn said.



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Sounds very cool, definitely something I'll try next time I'm at Hershey. I wonder how customizable the bars will be. If it's really "Create Your Own" and not simply choosing a combination of three options this seems like it could be hugely fun and popular.

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That actually does sound really cool.


Have I ever mentioned that I thought up the idea for those "mix-in" ice cream places while standing in line for Top Gun at Carowinds? Unfortunately, they already existed.


/Worst story ever.

//Must get to Hershey.

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I'll be up there the first Saturday next month. I should have some kind of outside construction pictures of what they're doing. Yes, it looks cool. I'm wondering if they consider that area "Factory Works" anymore, or if they'll re-do the entrance from the lobby area. We shall see.

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Hersheypark has sent us a press release about their latest auditions taking place for their in park entertainment options.


An audition for performers and technicians for the 2010 Hersheypark summer season is scheduled for Saturday, February 27 at the Hershey Theatre located on the corner of Chocolate and Cocoa avenues. Applicants can park in the parking lots associated with the Theatre and enter through the main entrance on Caracas Avenue. More than 90 performers and musicians and more than 20 technical positions are needed to entertain guests during the upcoming season.


Registration for musicians and singers will begin at 9 a.m.


Musician auditions for bass, fiddle, guitar, keyboard, percussion (drum set, marching, mallet/melodic), saxophone (doubling preferred), trumpet, trombone and tuba will begin at 10 a.m. Musicians should be prepared with major/minor scales, an etude, and two solo selections of contrasting styles and improvisation.


Singer and singer/dancer auditions will begin at 10 a.m. Singers should have a dynamic voice with personality to match and be prepared with two vocal selections of contrasting styles (16 bars each) and bring sheet music in the proper key or an edited musical track. An accompanist will be provided. All singers may be called back to learn a dance combination after their vocal audition.


Registration for dancers is scheduled for 2 p.m. Dancers should be well-rounded in jazz, ballet and tap, and should wear appropriate attire and footwear. Auditions for dancers will take place at the conclusion of the singer auditions. Dancers may be called back to sing following the dance auditions.


Registration for technicians also will take place at 2 p.m. Technical positions include sound and lighting technicians, stagehands, stage managers and wardrobe personnel. Technical interviews will take place on a first-come, first-served basis, following the registration.


All applicants must be 18 years of age or a high school graduate by May 2010 to audition and should bring five completed copies of the Hersheypark online audition registration form, five non-returnable resumes with references and one non-returnable headshot. All applicants will be auditioning for five production companies. These companies, Matt Davenport Productions, RWS & Associates, SRO Associates, Windish Music & Productions and WJS Productions, also produce shows outside of Hersheypark.


For more information, visit www.hersheypark.com/entertainment/auditions.php or e-mail audition@hersheypa.com.

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The Springtime Rides List has been released.


Springtime In The Park Rides List*




Balloon Flite (kiddie)


Starship America

Helicopters (kiddie)

Mini Himalaya (kiddie)


Space Age (kiddie)

Tiny Tracks-Presented by Amtrak (kiddie)

Traffic Jam (kiddie)



Bizzy Bees (kiddie)

Dizzy Drums (kiddie)

Fender Bender-Presented by Geico

Ladybug (kiddie)

Capital BlueCross Monorail



Mini Pirate-Presented by Indian Echo Cavern(kiddie)

Swing Thing (kiddie)

Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge



Convoy (kiddie)

Flying Falcon

Frog Hopper

Great Bear

Kissing Tower

Red Baron (kiddie)

Twin Turnpike Sunoco Classic Cars

Twin Turnpike Sunoco Speedway



The Howler

Storm Runner




Dry Gulch Railroad

Mini Scrambler (kiddie)

Frontier Flyers

Livery Stables (kiddie)

The Claw





Wave Swinger




*Weather permitting. Rides, particularly roller coasters, may be subject to late openings and/or early closures in the event of unseasonably cold temperatures.


Looks like Fahrenheit and Storm Runner will be opening up this year and that their inspection schedule is going better as well. Now I need to decide which week to go.

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