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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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Judging by that piece of track, it'll work very similarly to I305, with that boxed second spine acting as a connector between the final crossbeam and the double-spine piece that's already in place. So it'll "morph" out of the truss, but first with a circular and a rectangular spine and then with the normal double-spine.


Just for a better idea of how I305 works, here's a picture I took at ECB during our tour.


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Four coasters in one picture--it'll be quite a challenge to capture four trains in one shot when Skyrush opens later this year.



Thanks for another wintertime look at what promises to be a great ride.

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^So I'm not the only one who always follows it with my mouse pointer?


The coaster is lookin' good. I don't know what the fuss is with the skyline though. Wouldn't any amusement park with a coaster towering in the background over the entrance look appealing?

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Can anyone explain to me why they would have the temp support that was used at the bottom of the lifthill attached to the top of this lifthill like this???

photo taken and uploaded by Chris C. to facebook


The cable above will be in tension supporting/bracing the cantilevered overhang of the yellow I-beam truss overhang. The same way many long span bridges are constructed. The yellow overhang can support itself without the cantilever cable (since it clearly isn't attached in the photo), so it is most likely being used primarily to brace the end against movement while it is discontinuous and to relieve some of the negative moment stress at the support for additional construction loads.



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I can't wait to see it topped off and get a ride on it in June!!


Plus somewhere I read SDL is getting new trains, now sure if that is correct or not. I think I saw it on screamscape.com about a month ago but havent seen anything said on here, unless I missed it.

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I don't know if ccron will be posting an update with pictures here today, but there's another mini-update from yesterday. Stupid wind kept the lift hill from being topped off!

I was going to, but I've been busy lately. I'll post the next update here (which might be later on today).

Taken by Walt from the Project 2012 Facebook group.

With this section up, I doubt that they would want to waste any time topping it off. With a snow and ice storm being predicted for Saturday, it does make me wonder how that will affect it.

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^I305's lift cable runs vertically down from the end of the lift and then in a trench below the ride back to the base of the lift. I imagine Skyrush will work in a similar fashion, so it'll be running underneath Comet. You can see the trench in this picture:




I think Skyrush will also have a similar fashion... but I'll have to do some research and find out

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