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Photo TR: GADVOnline's Opening Day Report

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Date: April 5th, 2008



El Toro - 11x

Kingda Ka - 4x

Medusa - 4x

Skull Mountain - 2x

Nitro - 11x

Batman - 3x

GASM - 1x

Superman - 1x

RMT - 1x

Big Red Cars - 1x

Big Wheel - 1x



- New Pathing on Fantasy Forest is from the Golden Kingdom...

- Musik Expree's Canvas is torn

- Batman and Medusa closed, but later reopened.

- Skyride and Parachutes opened later as well.

- Ka was running two trains

- Everything else running 2 trains from what I saw

- Every new restaurant was open except La Cacina

- El Toro and Ka are smoother then ever!

- Skull Mountain's Effects were up!

- New Cabana's at Old Country's Old Entrance

- Lockers at Every Ride from what I saw

- Flash Pass at every ride in the park now?

- New Green Six Flags Shirts

- Fly Me to the Moon was open.

- Houdini's signs, everything is GONE.

- Teepee area been covered by cement


Thats all I can think of for now, but I am sure there is more. Anyways, picture time!


Heading to the park!


Sweet, Wild Safari time.


The new prices.





Advert your eyes children.


The safari at its finest.




You don't see this everyday.





A cub... who doesn't suck like the Chicago Cubs.




Sweet view of Medusa.




Bunny hill.


It isn't that tall Cedar Point, but it is taller then your Dragster.




This thing, creepy bugs returns for a other year of scaring off Enthusiasts!


Haven't been here in a week!


I feel a disturbance.


OMG, TPR is here! Run.


Opening Day Running of the Bulls


Where is Houndini?!


Mexican Food = CLOSED.


Jaunny Rockets




Cory and Jake!


Ally and Gabe!


The leap of faith!


Me after my first ride of Toro of the day. TISSUES!


There is our man Throwdown!


The new lockers


I miss Spongebob all ready.


Yes, they still give out SPONGEBOB UNDERWATER 3D GLASSES!


Why Six Flags, why!?


Time for Old Country!


Woah, where is it?!


New Golden Kingdom pathing for Fantasy Forest, haha.


The box.


Their is a hole in teh boxx!


Pre-show building looks to be near competition.


New Creamery!


The new refurnished Riverbank Cafe.


Old meets New


Still a great ride IMO!


Nitro's trimming was off in the morning!


Matt's evil smile.




Batman looks huge in this picture.


Steph and Matt on... the big red cars.




They are coming down the finish line!




Sucks for them, big time.


Cory had a minor concussion, thats it.


Amanda is scared cause its a walk on... for Ka.


Amanda jumping to the old queue!




Rollback, rollback, rollback!




Two personal favorites.


Beauty, yup.


Lawl, stapled.


This skyline is strange now.


RIP Teepee3






Matt died this evening.


RMT was running!


This ride needs a paint job more then ever.


It is still a classic, ah.


Photogenic too.


More awesomeness.


AMAZING. KK enough of Dusa.


Time for a other round of Ka!


And overview of the Dark Knight construction.


Construction at its finest.


Chiller's leftovers.


Holy dirt!




I spy scenery! Do you see it?


How about now?




88th picture, dear god.


More Batman.




Construction at its finest.


Chiller's leftovers.


Holy dirt!




I spy scenery! Do you see it?


How about now?




88th picture, dear god.


More Batman.




You go upside down.


And twist as well..


Featuring a lift-chain!


This reminds me of most Alpengiest pictures IMO.




Heading to the second loop.


More amazingness.


Superman: Ultimate Bore!


I still find this part enjoyable though.


And we finish off with Bugs fighting Daffy! Who will win?! The world may never know.


Was a good day though some things went bad, other things went good. First day so I'll cut them slack, but the park's staff is very eager and friendly, park is extremely well cleaned and such. Just loading times were a bit slow and such. I got to meet some new good people and reunite with old friends. Also got to talk to Mark Kane and like always thank him for that and the great day!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I looked at that theming sign inside dark knight, and saw the web address and did a little exploring


If you go to http://www.gothamcab.com/ its an actual working website and there an actual working phone number. They say they are shutting down and they are not talking to the press, and thanks for contributing to their trial fund and then god bless. The number is on the site ( 1-877-530-CABS )


It seems that the web address was created in November 2007: http://who.godaddy.com/WhoIsVerify.aspx?do...prog_id=godaddy

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El Toro - 11x


Great success!


You're a good photographer. Keep up the fine work.


I think the removal of Houdini is dumb as well. Six Flags claims to be trying to install more family attractions and they go and remove that. If they remove the parachute ride, that would be even worse.

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Dude, that was a lot of pictures! It's sad that Old Country had to close, but hopefully they build something there. It didn't look like it was that crowded. Well anyway, I'm glad y'all had a good time. Thanks for the awesome pictures!

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You're a good photographer. Keep up the fine work.


You got no idea how much that means to me dude, it is one of my hobbies now. Actually my personal favorite is this one that I took at the park yesterday, and it was not edited. All in my camera.



Used it as the header of my site, haha.

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Awesome pics Josh. I was there as well and I had an amazing time. Though I must say, removing Houdini is a terrible mistake. I LOVED that ride and I rode it everytime I went to the park. Fly me to The Moon was kinda corny and I miss Spongebob! Great day though and Great trip report.

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^Actually I found the Houdini at SFNE terrible compared to ours. You guys have a WAY better outside exterior and facade for sure, but the inside was the ugliest theming.


Six Flags Great Adventure's Houdini kills with our indoor theming, and when the ride is running with full effects, it is quite awesome. IMO.

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Even though I haven't been to the park yet, I think it's pretty safe to say that El Toro's lift will remain the way it has since last season. It was great when it would heave you over the top of the hill, but it was causing maintenance problems with the turnaround into the first drop and the drop itself. I can live with the slowed lift since the ride still is full of that crazy ejector air all over the place.

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