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Halloween Horror Nights: Reflections of Fear

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There's actually a couple "roaming scarezones" this year, in addition to the ones listed. So there should be no shortage of street scares this year. My most anticipated houses are Scary Tales, and since I put an automatic trust in them, the soundstage houses. However, it looks like everything has the potential to be high quality this year.



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For those of you who may be wondering where each scarezone is...


Normal streets:


The Path of the Wicked (Production Central - Plaza of the Stars)

American Gothic (Production Central - 8th Avenue)

Streets of Blood (New York - 5th Avenue)

Fractured Tales (KidZone)

The Skoolhouse (Mel’s Diner)

Asylum in Wonderland (Hollywood Boulevard)


Roaming streets:


Dark Reflections (Entrance)

Chainsaws (San Francisco)

Zombies (World Expo)


The roaming scarezones are basically just scareactors without theming, who may occasionally creep into another area.

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Amazing. That's all I can say about what this year is shaping up to be. I really hope I can make it down there to check it out.


I really want to know what happened to Boris though. They kind of left that hanging and it is bothering me. But, has anyone called 407-224-9132 yet? The number was put up on Screamscape and when called Bloody Mary gives you a message. The interesting thing is that in the beginning it sounds like she says something along the lines of "I know why you are calling...but he's not with us...anymore!" I'm thinking that the 'he' she talks about is Boris, but what happened?

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Where is the Plaza of the Stars part? What attraction is it near? Also, how is Mel's Diner utilized as a zone? Is it just that small area where the stage show was last year?


Plaza of the Stars is the main path when you enter the park, between Shrek and Neutron. And yes, The Skoolhouse will be in that small area, sandwiched between Asylum and American Gothic.

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Yeah, if the line is short, dont use your express pass! Wait the line out (15 mins at most) then come back later and use express pass when the line is full. Try to get the first bill and ted show. the others seem to fill up quickly. Try to pace yourself or you will have sore feet! lol

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I'm getting so excited about this event, and I still probably won't be able to go this year. It's a shame, bloody mary was one of my favorite childhood scary stories, and after seeing Mirrors, I've been quite nervous every time I walk past one at night.


What really sucks, is that I have to see HHN stuff almost every day, and it's cool to see, but it's a huge tease.


I work as a bagger at a grocery store (I make enough money for now) and the managers set up a bunch of HHN cardboard displays and a giant stand where you can buy a gift card thing that you can activate in the store to get a discount on tickets.


We even have a few static clings of bloody mary that we put up inside the windows.

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I attended the employee preview of HHN last night. I was only able to make it to 3 houses and 2 shows, but I will be returning to use my Frequent Fear Pass!


The Hallow

This house is based on the traditions of Halloween. Lots of pumpkins and such. Not bad but WAY off in the corner of the park between Men in Black and The Simpsons. Be prepared to walk!



Based on the movie about zombies in Scotland. Pretty cool...some chainsaws...very loud.


Body Collectors

My favorite of the three houses. 1800's London, lots of cool sets, some very cool special effects make this one my favorite of the three.


The scare zones were also very well done. The Path of the Wicked had flying monkeys overhead. Asylum in Wonderland seemed more like a rave than a walk thru but was cool nonetheless. The Skoolhouse had TONS of pumpkins in the trees and lots of "kids" in masks trick or treating.


Fractured Tales was cool since it was the entrance to two houses: Scary Tales and The Hallow. Lots of demented fairy tale characters walking around.


Saw the 1st Bill and Ted's show. I thought it was great since they hit on a lot of different icons but didn't dwell on any for too long. For example: The Mike Myers Love Guru one could have played out FAR too long. Instead, it lasted maybe a minute, probably less. As usual, lots of long music, explosions, dancing, and cursing. In fact, I think this may be the first year they said sh*t, and said it many times!


Also Saw Rocky Horror Tribute. If you like the movie, you will love the show. If you never saw the movie or have no idea of what it is about, you will probably be confused. I kept yelling out lines (like they encouraged the audience to do) to the amusement of the "virgins" in front of me!


Enjoy the pics! Sorry there are none inside the houses, but you will have to come on down and see for yourself!



Always a classic!



Say cheese!


The Rat Lady


Ah yes....



Doomsday outside queue






Ooo....not too scary 'til the sun goes down.


The crowd waiting to get in




The big mirror type sign out front


More theming...nice touch but pretty much missed in the darkness.


More Skoolhouse decorations


The Skoolhouse during the day.


Check out that blue sky! Oh, the coaster is cool too.


Started the evening at IOA to kill some time. Average wait times: 5 minutes!!

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Here are my pics of Bill and Ted and Rocky Horror.





Riff Raff and Columbia return to spoil the party!


The kickline!


Janet during the floor show


Rocky during the floor show


In action


Rocky and Janet




That's better!




The whole gang


Frank and his boys



Frank 'n Furter is a dead ringer for Tim Curry


Riff Raff WAILS!!






Brad, Janet, and Riff Raff


Brad and Janet


Rocky Tribute takes place where Beetlejuice lives


The dance finale


Bill and Ted with Hellboy


Hulk Hogan


Iron Man


X Files


Miley Cyrus


Angelina Jolie


Rambo and Panda


Alvin and the Chipmunks


Kung Fu Panda


And what he thought of his own movie!


The Love Guru


Speed Racer's opponent with Bill


Speed Racer. Very funny stuff!


Will Smith


Um...not sure who this is. I think the villian from Hellboy.


Bill and Ted with Harrison Ford


Jabberwockies (sp?) from MTV's Dance Crew. Not the real ones, but they were pretty good.


The opening dance number


Hillary Clinton and a flask


Daniel Day Lewis and a milkshake. Sorry, didn't see the movie.


Getting jiggy with it!


McCain and Obama


The set...basically Fear Factor with lots of crates all over. Good use of props!

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I also got a chance to go to the preview last night. Sorry no pictures.


Very first thing I did was Bill and Ted. I didn't find it that great at all. In fact the best part was the final dance but even that I think was a bit lack luster. I think the quality of this show keeps on going down from year to year due the fear of law suits.


I got to 5 of the 8 houses. Its really hard to give a a good opinion of them yet. I will go and say I didn't think any of them were that great and one I thought was more funny than scary. (There's just something about seeing Cinderellas leg cut off) All the scare actors were doing there first "real" show and once they get more used to there characters hopefully they will get better. I also seem to have high hopes every year and when they don't match I get disappointed.


On the brighter side, there was $2 draught beers. Only for the preview though.


I do plan on going back at least one more time, possibly 2 more times. Hopefully its gets better.

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I was also at the preview and despite Bill and Ted being a total letdown, the rest of HHN overall was a lot of fun. I hit all but one of the houses (can't remember which one, it opened at 8) and my group had a blast.


Some houses were better than the others, but that's always the case. Doomsday disappointed me, I was expecting more. I did enjoy the Bloody Mary house as well another that I honestly can't think of right now.


I might go back, I might not, if I do, it will be interesting to see how different it will be as many of the houses were missing scareactors1

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Oh, by the way, Magenta is the domestic and Columbia is the one with the gold.


I caught that too! Columbia is awesome. If I were to ever perform that show, she's who I would want to play.


The pictures are awesome. But I'm a big scaredy cat and could never go to an event like this. I hate haunted houses. Not really one for gore.


Now if it were "real" ghost hunting I'd be all in!

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