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Worlds of Fun Construction - Prowler

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I highly doubt that they announce it on Saturday. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a teaser tossed out for the Mayhem attendees to chew on but an announcement without the media just doesn't makes sense IMO.


And that $1.2 mill is probably for construction costs. A cheap GCI would be $6 mill.

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This could be just a rumor, BUT:


I heard that Worlds Of Fun is NOT going to have a media event for the new coaster and is even going so far as to say they will DENY it's existence once the ride is actually built and operational (much like Groom Lake at Area 51.)


It will be based on the legend of the Ghost Lion (see wikipedia or the movie The Ghost and The Darkness).


Ghost Lion will NOT appear on the park map and you will be discouraged from riding by electric fences, guard dogs, and assorted thugs stationed in or around the queue line.


Again, this MIGHT just be a rumor.

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wow i figured it would be


Spinning Mamba's Dragon Boomerang


dang i was only offf alittle


Patriotic Spinning Mamba's Dragon Boomerang. That was the original title.


They also considered Patriotic spinning mamba's detonation boomerang

but they didnt make it far!

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