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Worlds of Fun Construction - Prowler

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I think it looks like a GREAT ride, but I have the feeling it won't help the park much. Now I could be wrong, but here's why:


EVERYONE thinks wooden coasters are rough. Whenever I dicuss coasters with someone, they say they hate wooden ones and don't like riding them. I told a friend that WoF was rumored to get a new wooden coaster, and they said they wouldn't take a trip up there for it because wooden coasters suck because they are rough. Now, a GCI would be smooth. But the GP doesn't know that. I believe WoF could pull it off in the commericals if they emphasize that it is a SMOOTH wooden coaster.


But honestly, this looks like a winner, and it looks like this will have great pacing and tons of air. I am very excited for this ride. Maybe even more excited than when Patriot was announced.

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