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I dont know where rumors go, so move this if you need to....


According to Screamscape, rumor has it that PKI is taking out one of the following coasters to make room for a new attraction: Top Gun, Vortex, Flight of Fear, Son of Beast. Even though they STILL have all that unused land in the back of their park, my money is on Top Gun. Aside from it being the only one of the mentioned coasters that I dont ride every time I go to PKI, TG has lost it....no more themeing, a bad color scheme, and no real thrill. As for the other rides...

*Vortex: An Arrow looper with MASSIVE airtime on its first drop and during the corkscrews. I think it deserves to stay

*Son of Beast: A good ride if it werent so rough. However I found out that the front seat is actually quite smooth for a woodie. My only other regret about this ride, is that its probablly the world's only hyper coaster without airtime. If they were to replace it, the only thing acceptable would be another hyper twister, this one with airtime....

*Flight of Fear: A fun ride now that the OSTR's are gone. Its not the best though, since the layout is a bit boring....

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@phisheh: if we did, I didnt see the thread. Care to point it out?

@coasterfanatic: Yeah, that was one of the suggestions Screamscape made...

edit: Almost forgot for a second...why would they make a MTV sponsored ride? All the music videos on in tv's throughout the park are sponsered by VH1...an MTV wouldnt make much sence, cuz then theyred be competition inside of the park...

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Wally, your avatar rocks dude. SLAYER!!


As for what PKI will do, it's anyone's guess. I know Paramount was toying with the whole indoor coaster with a rock theme, similar to Rn'R, but I can't imagine them tearing out FoF to do it. My money is on a complete retheme using existing track. I bet more than half the GP wouldn't know any different. As for Top Gun being torn out, it's a possibility. Arrow suspendeds aren't exactly top-notch thrill rides. They never were in my opinion. They are just fun. I'd hate to see them tear a coaster out that I didn't get a chance to ride when I was there, but I wouldn't mind it if they built a nice hypercoaster. Yeah right.



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