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House Of The Future

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Ok , I have heard the confirmation that the "New" House of the Future will be arriving to the Disneyland Resort sometime in May, but where is it going? I got this airial shot from Google Earth, and I can't see where they are going to put it. If anyone can tell me where it's going that would be much appreciated!



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It basically is the new Innoventions. Think of it as Innoventions: Featuring the House of the Future.


The bottom floor has been closed for a while for the renovation. I don't know if they will be doing anything related to the "House" on the second floor, but they had better out something up there because as it is right now...its basically a free arcade with PC games and system games like XBox 360. But most of the upstairs is empty.

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IMO House of the Future is a bad idea and will continually get worse: It's not from a business standpoint, more from a technological standpoint. The more technologically advanced society becomes, the faster that society can develop new technologies because they have better technologies to develop stuff. If Disney is really willing to spend quite a bit of money on keeping up with the times, then I would see it as a really neat idea. Otherwise, not. If there's anything I hate, it's outdated technology.

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