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TPR's Compact NL Coaster Contest

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DATE CONFIRMED- You must post your ride by the end of the Month or it won't be counted!


Since all of the other contests are coming to an end and my Track Tennis now out of my hands I thought Id release a new contest, so here it is.


Happy Times Theme park is planning to build its first major coaster but there is one problem, they don't have much room. It's up to you to design them a ride that fits into this plot of land while offering a thrilling experience.


Rule are as followed

-Any type of ride can be used.

-You can use 3d's

-It can be as big as you want but it must pass the tunnel test.

-The station can go anywhere.

-The track cannot leave the area marked, supports and 3d's can leave the area but don't be stupid when doing so.

-No track, supports or 3d's can go inside the pink box.

-Have fun!


People participating






-Force 310

-Yankee cannonball











Any questions or queries are welcome!

TPR Super Compact contest.nltrack

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That looks fantastic, this is going to be a really interesting contest here.


I think I'll have to drop out and just run it for two reasons

1-I've got exams coming up

2-I want to work on my other ride


Good luck to everyone else!

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Well i'm done with my coaster! I dont have any 3d's or anything cause this is a coaster contest right? It's not the longest coaster or anything but it's pretty cool and unique AND stays within the realm of reality. Here's another teaser shot showing what I like to call "decapitation"


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Well... since no one else wants to post any screenshots I guess i'll post some more...


Zero-g roll! I pulled a color scheme out of my head but it looks like it works!


Cobra and dive loop!


With not much space to work with I designed the station plainly and trying to work on the exit path now. The park paid me a crap load to work this out!


Yeah thats a LIM to slow it down just a tad for the haul back to the station...


I decided to play around with some 3D's for the first time.

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Im so in! And just so everyone is clear, chain lifts CAN go round corners. For example, BMRX. Just so i dont get torn to pieces for my design lol


Of coarse you can, you can do anything aslong as its in the realm of possiblility.

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