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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 274: Pipeline photos & Howl-O-Scream trip report!

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Hey everyone!


I have just posted our Manta front seat POV from Roller Coasters in the RAW Volume 4:



You can order Roller Coasters in the RAW Volume 4 here:



It's available on DVD or Digital Download.





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Thanks for the video


Sorry if it's been mentioned, but what's happened of all this Tilly incident, we all knew it would die down but now it has, has anything changed?

No news, sorry. Can we focus on the Manta video I posted, please? As that's the reason I bumped this thread.



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Manta is quality when you take the entire showy package into consideration, but we didn't find it all that forceful during a recent visit. The front was mellow. The back much better. Notice the entry into the pretzel, with that pull up before the plunge. You can see how it slows the train.

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Just a bit of spray in the edge seats in the back of the train, on out-reached hand and arm and the outward foot. Manta's near-miss interactions are fun.


I think Tatsu's pretzel is far more intense. Breath-taking, there's nothing like it in my not so well traveled experience. The last time out it had an evil rattle that gave me a headache. Might just have been me after a long day of riding and not enough to eat.

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I do like Manta, but I don't like the setup too much. Those type of rides are pretty slow overall, it is still fun, but not near as intense as the pretzel loop. With Manta, it's a good drop, an immediately intense pretzel loop, and then slow flying for the rest of the ride. With Tatsu, you have the great drop, some slow flying, the super-intense pretzel loop, and then finish off with more slow flying. It seems to even the ride out more. But the queue and theming are better on Manta.

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