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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 276: Penguin Trek construction update!

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I disagree with that, I would say BGE is the flagship park.

It depends on how to define "flagship." According to attendance numbers top 20 parks in 2007, BGE is not their #1, #2, or #3 park:


1 - Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

2 - Disneyland

3 - Tokyo Disneyland

4 - Tokyo DisneySea

5 - Disneyland Paris

6 - Epcot

7 - Disney's Hollywood Studios

8 - Disney's Animal Kingdom

9 - Universal Studios Japan

10 - Everland (South Korea)

11 - Universal Studios Florida

12 - SeaWorld Orlando

13 - Disney's California Adventure

14 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

15 - Universal's Islands of Adventure

16 - Ocean Park (Hong Kong)

17 - Hakkeijima Sea Paradise (Japan)

18 - Universal Studios Hollywood

19 - Busch Gardens Africa

20 - SeaWorld San Diego


I meant it as the flagship of the BEC for most Enthuisiast. It is not attendance wise because it is not in a mjaor vaction area sucg as Florida or California. Sure it is near Willamsburg, but that is certanily not as big a attraction as Florida or Cali. Just my 2 cents.

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I meant it as the flagship of the BEC for most Enthuisiast. It is not attendance wise because it is not in a mjaor vaction area sucg as Florida or California. Sure it is near Willamsburg, but that is certanily not as big a attraction as Florida or Cali. Just my 2 cents.

Two things -


1. I'm not sure everyone would consider Williamsburg as the "flagship" Busch Park for enthusiasts. Sure, it's a nice looking park, but I far prefer the coasters and ride selection in Tampa. And honestly, once you've been to a few of the European parks, BGW doesn't stack up.


2. Based on your post, I would strongly recommend reading this before posting again:




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I know how you boys like your construction: extra constructiony. Here's your update for 12/3.


Check back tomorrow for another update! As always, don't hesitate to ask for full-res versions of my construction pictures. Thanks for reading.


It's getting tough to fit the whole ride in frame now.


This is that last turn into the brake run.


Don't expect to see much more of this, it's just because the on ride photo is there.


They're doing rock work at the bottom of the pretzel loop.


This will be the equivalent of theKumba corkscrew shot.


I hope this ride doesn't suck. That would suck if it sucks.


This fella was painting the track on the end of the segments.


TPR exclusive shot.


They've been working on that station quite a bit since we last met.


This will be right after the last flat spin.


All our favorite concept art characters are up there.


These are the new signs for Take Flight 2.

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Well, Bryan and I are back with a lengthy update covering Manta's fast moving construction as trackwork nears completion...


Soon to be completed: Manta.


With trackwork near completion, prepare to see the terrain change drastically as the ride's ocean and land features are built up.


The project is huge, now dominating the park's skyline.


Elegantly curvacious.


This looks alot like an inverted coaster's corkscrew.


To guard the track from ongoing rockwork, it has been covered carefully with construction tarps and wrappings.


Seaworld has done a great job of bringing much focus towards this single element, making a focal point of the attraction.


Are those show lights I see?


Though the element scares me already, it does look fantastic at any angle!


A nice looking flatspin...


Painters are working on completed track sections (as seen here on the pretzel/dive loop) to paint the track at the segment connection points.


The flatspin and turnaround that we saw under construction is now complete.


Personally, I think the first drop will be one of the most fun elements--flying over guests will definitely take the flying coaster sensation to the next level. Take that Superman!




Even this single part of the coaster is photogenic!


The station and aquarium/queue has also been heavily worked on since the construction tour we took a few weeks ago.


Much of the work is visible from the Key West side of the park.


Swing-set supports hold up the new mid-course brake run.


Yah, yah yah... Through the trees.


A flyer in Orlando--my dream come true!


A new Manta advertisement has been placed on the construction wall at the entrance. Looks promising!


Not too much left to be installed...


Even this finally turn into the brake run looks smooth and wonderfully fun!


Much work has been completed since our last visit...

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All I can say that even though I havent ridden Tatsu.. I cannot and will not try to compare Manta to it. Manta, even though small looks to be very promising. The best thing I can use as an example is take Patriot at worlds of fun, or Great Bear, or even Alpengiest its a great ride but if you compare it to Batman: the ride a smaller coaster... as proven to me this summer... Batman can be just as intense if not even MORE! intense as its non stop, back to back elements and speed. Manta in the first half in a short span of length hits you with 3 elements.

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I still don't see where people get off thinking this thing is small. It's longer than Silver Bullet and Dueling Dragons, taller than Raptor (and virtually as tall as Kumba), none of which I view as small coasters.


It's not Tatsu. That doesn't mean it's small. IMO that's like saying Katun is small because it's not Alpengeist.


And my guess for the long MCBR is because of the long trains needed on flyers.

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^Why don't you take a look at other Flyers before you say that.


They all pale in comparison in size compared to this is Tatsu.


This ride is looking better and better each day.

No, he's totally right. This ride *IS* short. I mean, it really doesn't have *that* much more to it than Superman. You gotta remember that the overall track length includes that long block brake, the long brake run, the station track, etc. And this ride seem to have a LOT of that type of track. Also remember that the Superman rides have shorter lifts with no block brake or longer brake run.


It will be the theming that will make or break this ride, IMO. Look at this photo:

As far as the coaster part goes, this pretty much *IS* the ride. Yeah, there is a bit after the mid course, but it's not much and again, the post mid-course section will be made cool only if the theming and the splash effect really works out.


But overall, the ride will be short, even in comparison to the other flyers, even though this ride on paper has a longer track length.



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OMG the pretzel is after the first drop, that would make me black out. Tatsu is the only ride I ever almost blacked out on, and only on the pretzel loop. Also can someone please explain the corkscrew element and what it does, like is it an inversion at all or just highly over banked.

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It is a short ride by its looks, but it's going to pack much more of a punch than any of the Superman clones since after the pretzel loop it runs through two more inversions as opposed to slow boring turns. I agree that it looks like it will be fun, but it will be dependent upon the splash effect and theming to give it that WOW factor despite its short length.

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It's a little strange that they have not constructed the splash zone yet, because it's the really new element of this coaster (never seen before). In Diamondblack the splash was one of the first zones in be constructing...

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