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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 274: Pipeline photos & Howl-O-Scream trip report!

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This looks like a really good coaster.....while it looks as if it might not be as intense as Tatsu, I think it still looks to be on par. I think the drop and Pretzel Loop will likely be pretty intense, and we have yet to see how the rest of the layout shapes up.


Plus, I think the theming of the ride is going to help as well. I would imagine the reason for the speed of construction of the actual ride is because the surrounding area will end up being pretty elaborate.


If you look at the photos online as well as the layout, there are a couple of interesting developments: one, something interesting looks like it will happen after the pretzel loop as the supports go from being high in the air to being near ground level in a very short space; two, the inline twist appears as if it might be more like a zero g roll, and looking at that layout picture/artwork, apparently right after the dive to the water and the splash, you will fly right up in front of a waterfall as you go into the last flat spin, which could be pretty cool depending on how they pull it off.

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are they going to finish this project sooner than expected? I know they still have the aquarium and all that other stuff, but it looks like Manta is almost halfway done and it is not even sept.


nonetheless...... YAY!!!!


... Sam, stop with the drugs. They're slowing your brain down buddy. Lol j/k


To stay on topic, this ride is looking to be pretty awesome. The pullout of the pretzel loop into that turn looks like it would be awesome in the back row!

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OrlandoRocks today posted 3 pages worth of new photos of the construction of Manta. It looks like they had some type of media day today as pictures were taken from inside the construction area.


On the topic of the ride, the pretzel loop is now complete and the second inversion has already gone up.


Link: orlandorocks.com/info.aspx?location=seaworld&type=all&Attraction=manta&sub=construction&pg=1



*Pictures are from OrlandoRocks

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Hola, ladies and gentlemen. Today I have some Manta goodness for you. Here are the photos, and the video will come later today.


Edit: added Adam's photos


Edit 2: Added my video. Maybe I'll make it good at one point. I stayed up all night editing it and getting really frustrated with iMovie, so this is the product.


Edit 3: Added Adam's video.


My video (5 minutes general info)


Adam's video (13 minutes, in depth)



And that's when the batteries on my camera died. I took the rest on Adam's camera, and those photos will be coming soon.


Track monkey almost done.


Here's some rock work at the bottom of the pretzel loop.


The future site of an inline twist. Yes, it will go through the pretzel loop.


These are the missing stairs for the lift hill.


Keep working, track monkey.


I believe this is the "VIP entrance".


Sing, Brian Morrow, sing!


The track monkey doing his work.


The non-riding entrance is that black thing on the bottom right.


Non-riding entrance.


You may notice that this piece of track wasn't here 5 minutes earlier.


And those are new supports.


This is Brian Morrow, the project manager of Manta.


And that's an aquarium. No, not the guy on the left, the building.


This is a picture of an inedible pretzel.


Adam and I bearing our super stylish hard hats. Also see: transition glasses.


It's so homey.


That's all the photos now. Look forward to the video late tonight.


That was all the construction they did. They were either taking a union break or there was a shift change.


Obligatory shot.


Here's a picture of an ape dressed like a child near a waterfall.


Sorry about the glare, friend. It was really hard to get a picture of these because there was food on the table right in front of it, and it was a coaster event after all.


New concept art, I think.


Here's the first Adam's camera photo. Pictured: the cutest support ever.

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Now we know why they've been touting 4 inversions I first got to see the layout about 3 months ago, that inline twist that was put in place today was NOT mentioned anywhere on the layout....its not even on the one currently at the construction site. I don't get much time to actually go sit and check things out in detail, but I am surprised by the rock work going in by the supports of the pretzel. There are TONS of those rockwork forms that have been sitting in the front of the construction entrance (on Sea Harbor Dr) for about a month or so now....so those are just the first of many to come. Call it a mini Tatsu if you will, though I personally don't see anything mini about it, but I think Manta is looking like its going to deliver a damn good ride. I'll grab some new pictures tomorrow on my break, no doubt they will have several more sections of track in place.

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Even though the layout that was posted at the construction site never mention this inversion that was just put in place, it did however show that it was there.


If you look carefully at that 2D layout and follow the yellow line on the coaster track, it clearly shows a twist at that point of the ride. You see similar twists of the yellow line on the labeled in-line spin as well as the flat spin.


Makes you wonder why it wasn't labeled. Perhaps more surprises may be on its way as the track is put up... I sure hope so.

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