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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 266: Reef Plunge and more announced for Aquatica!

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I thought SeaWorld would have learned their lessons about artist renderings with Antarctica... but alas, people will think this ride will literally come down a mountain. And go through water. And then wait 6 hours and complain that it's nothing like the picture. (I opened Antarctica, so... yeah)


Anyway, looks cool! I'll be there in 2020 between this and the Iron alligator thing nearby.


I see what you did there heh


I could see this "How come it's still hot as a Florida summer's day when the picture showed snow???:

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SeaWorld Orlando has sent us a press release about this year's Christmas Celebration event, featuring the return of favorites like Rudolph's ChristmasTown and O Wondrous Night along with a new dining experience!



Gather your family and meet your festive friends at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration, taking place from November 23 through December 31. For five weeks only, the park is transforming into a winter wonderland with more than 3 million sparkling lights. Experience award-winning entertainment, from the ALL-NEW Sesame Street Christmas Parade to seasonal shows like O Wondrous Night; rub noses with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; or head to Wild Arctic and visit Santa himself. Also NEW this year, park-goers have the added chance to dine with jolly ol’ Saint Nick over a sumptuous holiday meal with the help of his Kitchen Elves. Don’t miss the unforgettable Christmas Celebration you can only find at SeaWorld.


Holiday Shows


Returning for another year of festive fun, guests can immerse themselves in the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at Rudolph’s ChristmasTown. Stroll past life-size story book vignettes featuring the classic tale, and meet beloved characters including: Rudolph, Clarice, Bumble and Yukon Cornelius.


In O Wondrous Night, enjoy a live nativity complete with more than 30 carols, life-sized puppets and animals in a spectacular Christmas favorite based on The Christmas Story. Told through the eyes of the animals that were there, O Wondrous Night is a touching, light-hearted and glorious musical with a host of angels, animals and the true glory of Christmas.


Experience the power and beauty of killer whales in our nighttime holiday show: Miracles. From the sweeping vocal majesty of a unique soundtrack to the visual majesty of SeaWorld’s killer whales, Miracles will take you on a stirring voyage into the heart of the holidays.


Finally, Christmas comes to life on a stage of ice, jewels and lights as skaters dazzle and delight in a show-stopping, ice skating extravaganza. A sea of sparkling trees and towering fountains dancing in the background come together to create a don’t-miss experience for the holidays that the entire family will enjoy.


Special Events


As part of SeaWorld's transformation into a winter wonderland, don't miss the all-new Sesame Street® Christmas Parade, with fantastic floats decorated for the celebration. Excitement is also running high for Sea Lion High’s Christmas pageant, join the students and faculty of Sea Lion High for their hilarious new Christmas Special.


Sights to See


Take a stroll through a wintery, watery wonderland immersed in a sea of twinkling holiday trees that sparkle to music as they light up the water. Dazzling images come to life on over 100 trees, including a giant glistening centerpiece that towers 70 feet above the water. Walk along the water’s edge for some holiday shopping at the Shoppes at Waterfront as a magical flurry of snow falls over SeaWorld Orlando while holiday sounds and smells fill the air.


SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration Offerings – Event Days: Nov. 23-25, 29, Dec. 1-2, 6-9, 13-16, 20-31


Be sure to stop by Santa’s North Pole Village, where Santa’s Little Helpers are the furriest friends you’ll ever meet! Join Santa’s elves and this festive team of adopted dogs, cats, birds, rats and even pigs as they work together, play together, and create heart-warming holiday memories in an all-new SeaWorld Pets Ahoy experience. Guests of all ages can also share wishes and dreams with Santa Claus while exploring SeaWorld’s Wild Arctic this Christmas. Experience amazing animal encounters and a heart-warming visit with Santa in a holiday adventure.


Next, nestled along the park’s Bayside Pathway, The Christmas Market features festive entertainment and delicious culinary delights. Complete with playful elves, a charming model train village and seasonal entertainment, the market is the centerpiece of SeaWorld’s Christmas event. Plus, relaxation is in order near the warm glow of the fire pit with a holiday cocktail while experiencing a wonderful view of the vibrant Sea of Trees.


Just Around the Corner


Ring in the New Year at SeaWorld Orlando on December 31 as vibrant fireworks fill the night sky at midnight. After experiencing the wonder of SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration and New Year’s, keep the spirit of the season burning bright at SeaWorld’s Three Kings Celebration January 4 – 6, 2020. Families are invited to help commemorate the arrival of the Three Wise Men with authentic festive cuisine and celebratory experiences held in honor of the cherished tradition of Latin cultures.


Best Way to Enjoy the Holiday Cheer


The best way to experience SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration and New Year’s with family and friends is with a SeaWorld Orlando Annual Pass or Fun Card. For a limited time, Florida residents can become a Pass Member for as low as $10.25 per month, with offer ending on December 3. Pass Members receive park benefits and rewards, including priority access to new attractions, FREE parking, in-park discounts and much more. And for those guests who prefer the Fun Card, should they purchase a 2020 Fun Card, they can enjoy the rest of 2019 for FREE.


For more information, park hours and to purchase tickets, visit SeaWorldOrlando.com.


Follow SeaWorld on Facebook, Instagram and the SeaWorld Orlando Blog for the latest Christmas Celebration details and information. Join the conversation using #SeaWorldChristmas.






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Aquatica Orlando has announced that their newest attraction, Riptide Race will open at the park in 2020. This will be the first dueling water slide to open in Florida!



Aquatica Orlando, voted Orlando’s No. 1 waterpark, is racing into 2020 with a one-of-a-kind new park attraction that will thrill park-goers—Florida’s first-ever dueling water slide, Riptide Race.


Starting atop a 68-foot tower, riders will be able to grab a raft and take their mark in side-by-side racing lanes at top speeds. Each raft holds a team of two, so every rider will have a partner as they plunge toward a hopeful victory. Plus, Riptide Race rafts feature low walls to ensure full view of the competition. Dueling face-to-face, racers will navigate tight loops and accelerations through indoor and outdoor sections. It’s a marathon to the finish through nearly 650 feet of splashing slide!


“Riptide Race will offer a ride experience you won’t be able to get anywhere else in Florida. Aquatica will be the first waterpark in the state to have a thrilling, and more importantly, dueling water slide,” said David Heaton, Aquatica Orlando vice president. “Riptide Race is the perfect addition to our attraction portfolio, complementing what is already one of the most family friendly waterslide lineups in Orlando.”


Riptide Race will have a height requirement of 42 inches to appeal to families with children, and the new slide will be conveniently located on the north side of the park next to Banana Beach Cook Out.


The best way to experience Aquatica is with an Aquatica Orlando Annual Pass or Fun Card. Guests can become Aquatica Annual Pass holders for as little as $9.25 per month, offer ends December 3, and enjoy 12 months of visits and receive park benefits and rewards including FREE parking, priority access to ride Riptide Race in 2020, in-park discounts and much more. Or, guests can purchase a Fun Card which provides unlimited access to the park for the entire 2020 operating season for only $76.99 – Buy a Fun Card now and get the rest of the 2019 operating season for FREE¹. For more information, visit AquaticaOrlando.com.


Assemble your squad and get ready to turn up the fun at Aquatica in 2020. Get the latest updates on Riptide Race by following Aquatica on Facebook, Instagram and the SeaWorld Blog.

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...people will think this ride will literally come down a mountain. And go through water.


Wait... so it doesn’t do all this???


Dumbest ride ever.


I can see why it doesn’t. They need to differentiate a bit from the amazing ride next door where you hop aboard White Thunder and do all of those things with amazing realism, all with whisper mode engaged!

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What are crowds like on Sat & Sun nights in early December? The park is open till 10pm & 9pm and I'd like to marathon the B&Ms with minimal lines - do they keep the rides open till closing time?

The park will be busy with Christmas Celebration going on. However, most of the coaster lines are generally low since most are there for the shows and Christmas festivities, usually. Be prepared for possible one train ops on Mako if there isn't much of a line, they are notorious for that (a home park, so I know).

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I love it. If the POV is accurate it could be a fairly compact ride with some nice air. I like the shuttling aspect too, looks like a fun solid ride.

I've not been here in ages. Kraken was the only coaster. It was quite good though. With the good reviews I hear about Manta and Mako, now this...SeaWorld may have one solid lineup. Would say it may take best in FL BUT there is a huge RMC opening not so far away. But yeah good year for FL parks.

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Would say it may take best in FL BUT there is a huge RMC opening not so far away. But yeah good year for FL parks.

I really enjoy Mako, but even before Iron Gwazi, I still think that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has the best coaster lineup in Florida.

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This kind of behavior is why I don't associate with hardcore coaster clubs... Line-level ride ops don't need to be berated for technical difficulties, especially by coaster fanatics who if they had any knowledge about theme parks should understand that these are pieces of machinery that don't turn on a dime.


One more reason (of the many, many, many) that TPR has been the home for the casual fans, many of whom work in the industry and simply *get it*, for so many years.

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I wasn't sure if I should post this here or Williamsburg but I really feel like SeaWorld/Busch made the season passes way too confusing when they switched everything from Platinum to Premier back to Platinum for the highest tiers.


We had the Platinum passes for Williamsburg that got us access and benefits at all of the parks and upgraded when they changed everything over a few years ago to Premier being the highest tier since it was only $1 more a month for us at the time, $19 to $20. The year after they switched back to Platinum being the highest and have Premier is now a lower tier though technically our passes are still platinum.


Our benefits still work at the other parks, including SeaWorld so there's no problems there but when it comes to reserved seating at shows and the stay on a ride for an extra lap pass I've run into issues with employees thinking we have a lower tier pass.


They also really need to do an overhaul of their app so it just isn't basically a link to their website. When it comes to benefits we are only supposed to get bigger perks at Williamsburg but when we purchased an item today in the store the employee asked if we wanted to redeem our ornament voucher, something I thought we could only do in Williamsburg. We redeemed it and the ornament is very nice, mainly redeemed it because even though Williamsburg is our "home" park we don't live very close to there and won't be making it down there before the Xmas town ends.


All that being said I absolutely love SeaWorld Orlando. The Xmas stuff was fantastic, especially all the holiday versions of the shows. The figure skating show at the end of the night was very well done too. Sesame Street land seems to be a huge too and is really done well, the huge nutcracker character statues outside the land entrances were really nice. The lights everywhere in the park were really beautiful, including the tree show.


Mako is still an absolutely blast of a ride and we finally got on Infinity Falls and I don't think we would make that an every trip ride because we got absolutely soaked lol I really wish these rides were in a water park. The elevator to the drop was really cool and the drop itself was so much fun.


They got a lot of construction done on the new coaster since I had been there last too.


Overall it was an amazing time, I just wish they would make an app that's actually useful and not have made the tiers more confusing for employees and pass holders than they ever needed to be.

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I didn't find the change confusing at all, in fact, I actually get more value for the same price under the new tiers. I used to only get the two Florida dry parks for my $240 but now I get the water parks too.

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I didn't find the change confusing at all, in fact, I actually get more value for the same price under the new tiers. I used to only get the two Florida dry parks for my $240 but now I get the water parks too.


I had the two water parks as part of my plan under the old platinum plan and under the premium plan for Williamsburg so that aspect never changed for me.


My issue is that since my pass says premium, which was the highest tier at that time but I'm grandfathered into a lot of current platinum perks, that it confuses some of the employees since premium is no longer the highest tier. I have trouble at reserved seating / re-ride privileges sometimes because of it.


It's not a deal breaker or anything crazy to me. They just should have left premium as the highest tier and named the other new tiers whatever else.

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They also really need to do an overhaul of their app so it just isn't basically a link to their website.



I did have some issues with the app my last visit, nothing major but I noticed there wasn't a back button on some of the pages so when I was looking at restaurant menus for example I couldn't go "back" to look at the next restaurant but instead had to go to the menu and start the navigation from the main page. It's a pretty easy park to navigate without the app so it's not a big deal, but a little annoying.

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