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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 272: New Howl-O-Scream 2022 details released!

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^That sums up the experience of boarding those perfectly.


Forgive me for playing the good guy here, but I'm honestly not sure I'd be comfortable with that, especially if it meant separating a group. I've never been the kind of person to flaunt their passholder status (unlike those silly people that actually wear their Six Flags Diamond Elite Member lanyards).


I'm so glad Six Flags disallowed the Platinum Pass double rides since it's so awkward to just stay on the train like that. I did it once on Kingda Ka and felt way too guilty to do it again.


I'd love for SeaWorld to remove that benefit as well, especially since most don't know about it. If anything, I'd prefer them to replace it with a one time Quick Queue in the mold of the perk Six Flags gives members.

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I'm so glad Six Flags disallowed the Platinum Pass double rides since it's so awkward to just stay on the train like that. I did it once on Kingda Ka and felt way too guilty to do it again.


I'd love for SeaWorld to remove that benefit as well, especially since most don't know about it. If anything, I'd prefer them to replace it with a one time Quick Queue in the mold of the perk Six Flags gives members.


Agreed, I did it a few times when I got Platinum Flash Passes but I always felt super awkward about it. I'm glad that SF doesn't offer that as part of the Platinum Flash Pass anymore.

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I doubt we'll get a full fledged dive coaster in Orlando... I'd imagine that SeaWorld will try to go for something more unique to Central Florida, but also compact for the area of the park where this is rumored to go. My money is on some kind of shuttle coaster with switch tracks to all for full circuit operations...


Honestly, I'm more interested to see what they do with the surrounding area (Wild Arctic and Mango Joe's) and if they integrate those into this new coaster's theme in some way.

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People are say that Premier hasn't done a sliding track switch well that is not totally true cause they have the tech cause the mr. Freeze blast coasters have sliding switchs move the trains from one side to the launch section. Also I think one of the skyrocket 2 have a sliding station.

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Premier has done several sliding stations over the years (Mr. Freeze is a good example, as you mentioned)... Most recently, Zombie Ride at Bosque Magico opened with a sliding station.


Even if a manufacturer hasn't fabricated an element before, it doesn't mean that they couldn't. Often during the Request for Proposal phase in a park's search for a new coaster, if the park knows what they intend to offer and is seeking manufacturers to build it, the manufacturer's ability to deliver upon desired design is what wins the contract. Regardless of who ends up creating this new coaster for SeaWorld, you can bet that if SeaWorld decided they wanted a sliding station, that they wouldn't sign with a manufacturer that couldn't deliver one.

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Last night TPR was invited to attend a kick-off event for this year's Electric Ocean at SeaWorld Orlando! Electric Ocean is the park's Summer event featuring special food and decor along with several evening versions of the animal shows they offer throughout the day. These special entertainment offerings are not just the normal daytime shows with nighttime lighting, but totally different experiences with unique stories, music and animal behaviors (plus a bit of what you love from each of the normal shows).


The event is incredibly well organized in that the shows are presented in a logical order and timed in a way that allows you to have ample time to grab a seat at each theater, catch the show and move (with time to spare) between venues to catch the next show. By the end of the evening you will have been able to experience up to four special shows, plus enjoyed the park's many attractions, special food booths and a glowing atmosphere that transforms sections of the park in a unique way.


There's a great repeatability to Electric Ocean thanks to the added variety of entertainment, culinary options and club atmosphere. New this year to the event is Club R&R, a lounge environment set up in the Nautilus Theater. The venue has a more chill feel compared to Club Sea Glow, offering a more relaxed place to grab a drink set to a fun beat.


Electric Ocean runs on select nights from May 24th through September 1st, so be sure to check out the park this Summer to experience all that the event has to offer!


Tonight we’re at SeaWorld Orlando to experience an evening of unique offerings at Electric Ocean!


Don’t forget that this Summer you can enjoy free beer at SeaWorld Orlando!


Touch the Sky is a great way to kick off an evening of Electric Ocean fun at SeaWorld Orlando!


The SeaWorld Orlando Electric Ocean fun continues as we wait for Shamu’s Celebration: Light Up The Night to begin!


Extreme Beam performs a laser-bending show at Club Sea Glow!


With fire, lasers, water and fireworks, Ignite is the perfect finale for Electric Ocean at SeaWorld Orlando!


Freshly made gyros are available during the event as well!


Seriously folks, these are the best.


Time to experience some of the special Electric Ocean entertainment found during the event at SeaWorld Orlando!


Touch the Sky is a special Electric Ocean exclusive show at Dolphin Theater offered in additional the regular Dolphin Days show that runs during the day!


The Electric Ocean shows are presented in an order that allows guests to experience each one without having to choose, moving in a coordinated order from venue to venue ending at Bayside Stadium for Club Sea Glow and Ignite at the end of the night.


The SeaWorld Mime has returned to SeaWorld Orlando for Sea Lions Tonite at Electric Ocean! It is great to see this classic character brought back for this special event!


Sea Lions Tonite parodies all of the daytime shows offered at SeaWorld Orlando! This show is one of several entertainment offerings exclusive to Electric Ocean!


They even poke fun at a few attractions!


They have their own take on the Shamu show too!


"You'll get this joke later tonight!"


I've always appreciated that each year Sea Lions Tonite is updated with content as it relates to the current experiences at SeaWorld Orlando.


Mako is available to enjoy throughout the evening!


Don't miss out on the chance to get some delicious frozen drinks at Club R&R!


Club R&R is a new addition to ElectricOcean! Guests can enjoy a lounge atmosphere while grabbing a drink in the Nautilus Theater! Roughly every 20 minutes, a "moment" happens with lighting, bubbles, snow and more!


Infinity Falls thrills Electric Ocean guests into the evening!


New recycled goods artwork has debuted at the park!


Construction has begun on the 2020 coaster over near Mango Joe's and Wild Arctic...


Though it is just getting started.


As the sun sets and Electric Ocean ramps up at SeaWorld Orlando guests can continue to enjoy the park’s fantastic coasters!


Shamu’s Celebration: Light Up The Night is a high-energy, Electric Ocean take on the traditional Shamu show!


Throughout the evening at Club Sea Glow, variety performers will put on mini-shows interspersed with guests being able to dance at the club.


This will never cease to amaze.


It wouldn’t be a Shamu show without the audience getting soaked in the Splash Zone!


Thanks to SeaWorld Orlando for hosting us for another wonderful kickoff to a new season of Electric Ocean! This is one of the best ways to experience SeaWorld Orlando and a great reason to return if you're looking to experience different entertainment than you normally find in the park throughout the year! The event runs on select nights from May 24th through September 1st, so there's plenty of time to come out to the park to enjoy it all for yourself!


Club Sea Glow serves as a dance club pre-show experience for Ignite, the Electric Ocean finale fireworks spectacular at SeaWorld Orlando!


Always a highlight of Electric Ocean!


Ignite caps off the evening with no shortage of fireworks!


I'm pretty sure they call this show Ignite, mostly due to the amount of pure FIRE they blast during the show!


The Electric Ocean festival path near Club Sea Glow has some neat decor!


BBQ Sundaes in mason jars and they are delicious!


We’re sampling some of the fantastic culinary options available at Electric Ocean... Starting with fresh Mini Donuts!


The Fried Mac & Cheese Bites are delicious!

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I want to try these SO bad.




and I despise coleslaw, but I'll bet it's fantastic when eaten in this form, so you get just a taste of it when digging in.



the mac & cheese bites look like wonderful deep fried goodness as well (and so do the mini-donuts, tho I'm not typically a super sweet fan).


great coverage of what looks like an event that's a nice addition to evening options in Orlando.

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That looks awesome! Glad to see Sea World getting into the after-hours parties as well.


It is definitely a great addition to the evening landscape in Central Florida... And the best part is, it is included in park admission for the day, so you can enjoy the park's normal offerings throughout the day and then cap it off with Electric Ocean!

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If anyone could help thatd be great. Does anyone know the latest time to enter the park? Also Ill be visiting on a Friday. So how will the crowds be on a friday morning? Also do all of the main coasters run every day? Thanks

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Bummer...I was loving all the Electric Ocean event information and finally have the chance to make it back to SWO after many year, but must go on a weekday when they will not have this awesome after hours event. Sigh...now I can only hang at SeaWorld until they kick me out at 6pm which doesn't seem like enough time for the steep cost to visit since I am not a FL resident or BG passholder.

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So apparently track is showing up on site for the 2020 coaster? All I'm going off of is this instagram post but can anyone confirm?

It is. I would share a video confirming it, but it's from someone this site does not approve of. You can search YouTube for "SeaWorld Orlando 2020 Roller Coaster Construction" and you will see it.

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Kind of a random post, but I put on my old Kraken shirt today, and got to thinking about how amazing it is that a t-shirt I bought on my Honeymoon back in 2001, still looks really good, and doesn't have any holes or places where the graphics have faded away (not to mention, it still fits!) My son got a Steel Vengeance shirt at CP early last year, and it's already ripped at the seams in a number of places, and my Valravn shirt started looking faded out the same year I got it! And don't even get me started on the Banshee Media Day shirt that looked like crap after one wash! So, I jiust wanted to give a shout out to the SEAS apparel maker (It says Gildan Activewear on the tag), at least in regard to the manufacture of this particular shirt!




BTW, I heard the 2020 announcement planned for today was pushed back. Does anybody know of a new date?

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Remember to WAIT until an admin posts the information about the big new coaster, do NOT post it before. We will get it up super fast here and if you're dying to see it as it happens watch our Twitter and Instagram Stories as we'll be posting live there starting before 10am!

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