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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 266: Reef Plunge and more announced for Aquatica!

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Alright guys I'm sorry to do this but it's time for a slight reality check. lol


Here's a video of the test run from Mako Madness.



I think we can all agree that it really gets going right after the hammerhead, That's where it seems like it sets itself apart and might deliver some airtime. So upon further inspection let's see what's placed right after the hammerhead and before the part where the ride really gets good...




Obviously the trim didn't kick on and the midcourse didn't either because it's the first test run so before we get TOO excited we should probably keep that in mind. I'm sure it'll still deliver floater air and we don't know how hard they'll trim it but I'm trying to curtail some of my enthusiasm until we find out.

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Most B&M's also test with harder wheels first that get swapped out with softer (slower) ones as the testing continues so I wouldn't expect even the pre-trim portion of the ride to run that fast in the end. Every other B&M hyper is massively trimmed so I wouldn't expect the final ride to look anything like this.

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^Fury seemed fast from the initial tests but never really slowed down, did it? It also has a trim on its largest airtime hill, but most people seem to think even that hill has a little more air than the older, traditional B&M hypers like Nitro.


It's also fascinating to look at the shaping of hear hills. The first airtime hill (with no trim) looks peaked like Diamondback's hills, but the following hill with the trim looks shallower but faster, like Fury's largest airtime hill. Curious to see how it rides in the end, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

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