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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 276: Penguin Trek construction update!

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Can we take a minute and talk about how amazing Kraken is!


I was blown away by this ride when I went last year and thought it was one of the best B&M coasters I've ever been on.

It is probably my favorite inverting B&M! I probably like it more than Kumba. The zero-g roll in the back row is insane!

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Sometimes I find myself forgetting that Mako is even being constructed!


For those of you who may have forgotten as well, here is what Mako currently looks like!


We have airtime hills!



How things near the station are looking...


A farewell view!!

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Aww that car looks lovely! Interesting to see at least the first car has a kinda side on it. Wonder if we'll see that on all the cars, or whether it's just on the lead car. I'm happy they're the four across version too, although I can see the benefits of the staggered seats having ridden Shambhala.

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Today was the unveiling of the sexy new Mako train at SeaWorld Orlando! The train looks amazing! The ride itself is really coming along and they have to be pretty close to track complete at this point. I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking because the train looks gorgeous! Check it out...



Yay! We are here to see some sharks!


And here we are! But today's not about the shark encounter exhibit....


It's about whatever is in this box...And we are about to show you!


Wheee! The box goes up and looky what's inside...


A super-sexy shark train!


Mako's new train looks.... AWESOME!!!!


Soon you'll be able to plop your butts into those comfy B&M seats!


And your view won't be concrete, it will be 73MPH of juicy steel B&M track!


Shark week fans! Sharknado fans! This train speaks to you!


Just what you've all been waiting for! The most amazing sight in the world!!!! It's the BACKSIDE of Mako!


Hello seats...


And just in case you forgot what park Mako is going to...


"Grrrr! I'm Mako! Come any closer and I'm gonna BITE you!"


Here's a look at the progress of the actual ride...


Hello Mr. Overbanked turn that could be an inversion to some people, but not quite to me...


You will one day be a station...or a big box...one of the two.


"Where does this lift go?" "It goes up!"


And here is the other side of that lift so you can view these pictures in stereo.


Betcha didn't know this was gonna be a big box construction tour, did you?


And here is what the ride jumps the shark...or something like that! lol


Thanks SeaWorld for having us out to check out your new hotness!


See you soon, Mr. Mako!

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Looks Awesome! Also been a family park nice to see the 4 across trains back . The 1 2 1 formation on Diamond Back , Raging Bull and Shambarla are awesome but I feel lonely on a single seat bet kids would hate it.


Stu K

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Thanks for all the pics! I really like the train from all angles, and you can really see how the sides of the car look a bit like fins from certain angles. I quite like that it is an abstract/very stylised interpretation of a shark, it looks really sleek and modern.

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