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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 276: Penguin Trek construction update!

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Firstly let me make it clear I'm dead excited about this coaster. I will definitely attend Sea World and ride this bad boy. However it seems to me that SWO seem to be back pedding on their idea of "One Ocean" which makes me sad


I really liked the look of the new tanks for the whales and it would have made me feel better about SeaWorld in the wake of the whole BlackFish mess. I don't agree with that movie, but I do think Sea World needs to update the sea animals habitats 1st and not build new coasters.


I know this opinion may not make me popular but its what I think.


I don't see how this coaster announcement has anything to do with the bigger tanks. The bigger tanks were announced for Sea World San Diego first and then they said they would roll it out to other parks if it worked and made sense. The budgets for rides and animals are separate.

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They may be seportate budgets but there's got to be a big wig in the company that decides the ratio of one to the other. Sets the budgets. I'm sure that they must cannibalize budgets to each other as most companies do. They will choose what their focus is going to be and delegate capital investment to the focus.


I just want to say I'm happy about the coaster but I would prefer the tanks in Florida were confirmed before confirming a new coaster.

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them may be seportate budgets but there's got to be a big wig in the company that decides the ratio of one to the other. Sets the budgets. I'm sure that they must cannibalize budgets to each other as most companies do. They will choose what their focus is going to be and delegate capital investment to the focus.


I just want to say I'm happy about the coaster but I would prefer the tanks in Florida were confirmed before confirming a new coaster.


I may be wrong but I would say that this opinion probably puts you in the minority of most SeaWorld park guests, not the minority of people who changed their opinion on the parks as a result of the Blackfish fallout but certianly in the minoirty of people who still activley attend the parks and have annual passes like myself. I'm thrilled with the addition, wish they would have done it a year ago closer to the Blackfish stuff, but it's a great addition for the park and their guests. I'm sure they will expand the whale habitats appropriatley in due time, and it will be spectacular, but a new major coaster gets the nod for now.

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That looks awesome, I'm excited to see an official layout eventually becuase I'm a little confused about where the thing crosses back over into the park/where the turn over the water is/where the enterance and station is etc.

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^^^That is incredible! I can't believe you only did it in a couple days.


Looking forward to the POV


About the coaster, I saw lots of really high banked curves, which I think is awesome! Should be a great coaster!

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I'm just so happy to finally see Florida join the hyper coaster club. Here I always thought it would be Busch Gardens that would have built it first(Remember the Silverback rumors?). It's clear too Florida is becoming the B&M capital of the world or close to it. The parks sure love the Beemers and that's not totally a bad thing. Ball is in Intamin's court now to get another thrill machine here.

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Thank you very much for your kind comments guys! Well, not a lot to say... i'll let the pictures and the video speak for me:





And the POV:



Sorry for the crappy editing. A new video (Hræsvelgr's quality) and a download will be availible next week.


Edit: don't know if it's the appropriate forum to post it. If there are any issues,

I'll open a thread on the games subforum.

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It strikes me that this could plausibly be my 3rd favorite coaster in the park, though that's really just a testament to their ride collection, modest as it is. Then again, I generally "like" B&M hypers, and still have several ranked super-high.


Glad they went with the Mako name as opposed to something non-sharky!

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My thoughts on the ride are that it is a perfect addition for the park and Orlando...but doesn't excite me at all. It looks exactly like all the other B&M hypers, which is not a bad thing by any means....I just know I won't be blown away. I'll have fun on the ride, but definitely don't think it will find a place in my top 10.

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This weekend I had the chance to stop in to SeaWorld Orlando for an hour and to my surprise, construction walls are already up for Mako! I also made a quick lap of the park to see what else is new since my last visit...


Manta, the most recent coaster addition to the park still makes a wonderful entrance experience for park guests to witness.


The ride's attached aquarium and queue weave into the center of the ride path for some great photo moments.


The Manta aquarium features this gorgeous octopus that is always neat to see.


Leafy Sea Dragons are mesmerizing to watch.


I love this tank!


Over by Voyager's Smokehouse, the side booth now features Churro Dippers where funnel cakes used to be offered.


A ride on the Sky Tower provided an opportunity to look at the park from a different angle...


The park's newest coaster Mako will take up this large plot, hovering over the retention pond behind Kraken and weaving around and between Shark Encounter and the Nautilus Theater.


Within days of the ride's official announcement construction walls have already gone up between Shark Encounter and the Nautilus Theater.


The emergency-rising floor installation for one of the side pools at Shamu Stadium has not been added to the other pools in the complex and there is no indication that the system will be added anytime soon.


I love looking at Manta from this view!


The sets of the new Sea Lion High show can be seen from above.


This is the plot where the former redemption games were hosted. A new pretzel eatery similar to the Twisted Tails Pretzels at Busch Gardens is being built in their place. This new location will offer a version of the infamous Pretzel Bacon Fury along with other pretzel goods and craft brews.


Over by The Waterfront, the old Oyster's Secret pearl diving show has been retired. Guests can still purchase pearls pulled from oysters, but the oysters are no longer pulled by divers in the tank.


The former viewing area is now used for seating but the tank does not host divers.


The entrance of Shark Encounter will look very different by next year.


The first construction walls span from the restrooms of Shark Encounter to the main entrance of the Nautilus Theater.


The wall's signage makes no secret of what is to come.


I can't wait!


I never miss out on an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the old Hospitality House area.


So perfect!


A new pretzel shop coming here soon!


I love these retro images that the park has used for the 50th Anniversary Celebration.


I remember seeing photos of this when I was younger!


Look at that concept art!

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I'm wondering if they are going to remove the swan boats or move them somewhere else. That appears to be a tight fit over there. The left side would probably be safe, but the right dock looks like it would be in the way or definitely too close.


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Here's an announcement about SeaWorld's Summer Nights 2015.








-- SeaWorld introduces all-new summer concert series; Aquatica offers all-new beach party bash --


ORLANDO, Fla. (June 4, 2015) – This summer as the sun goes down, the fun comes up for families and friends at SeaWorld and Aquatica with all-new evening events.



From June 20 - August 8, SeaWorld features Summer Nights, where families can stay later for more thrills and laughs. Nightly festivities include:


· Celebrate America Concert Series - Every Saturday and Sunday guests can enjoy all-American performances by a variety of artists and genres at this all-new summer concert series. The celebration of America continues throughout the park with all-American food and daily happy hours. Plus, pass holders can enjoy a complimentary sample of a tasty brew. Concerts will take place in the Nautilus Theater and are included with park admission.


· Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High – Turn up the laughs with nighttime showings of this all-new sea lion comedy adventure. Full of fun and big personalities of sea lions, walruses and otters, the show takes place in an aquatic-themed high school where laughter and education go hand in hand (er, flipper).


· Shamu’s Celebration: Light Up The Night – Experience this returning fan-favorite, a high-energy show featuring original music, amazing production elements and see SeaWorld’s majestic killer whales. Shamu Stadium will transform with stylistic lighting and colorful backdrops to create a social and celebratory atmosphere ending with a fireworks finale spectacle.


· Late-Night Thrills –SeaWorld’s thrill rides are a whole different experience when the sun goes down. Guests can experience Kraken, a thrilling roller coaster, and Manta, a facedown, headfirst roller coaster where riders can skim, glide and fly like a manta ray, and many more.




Beginning July 3, Aquatica heats things up with Island Nights presented by Coca-Cola® - an all-new beach party taking place every Friday and Saturday through August 8 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Guests can enjoy live DJs, dancing on the beach and an evening menu sizzlin’ with flavor at Waterstone Grill. All included with park admission to Aquatica.




The best way to experience Summer Nights and Island Nights is with an Annual Pass offering unlimited general admission and free parking to the parks all year long. Florida residents can purchase an annual pass with EZPay, a convenient payment option starting at $16 per month for both parks. Pass holders can enjoy a variety of other perks, including discounts on food and beverage and savings on admission to Discovery Cove.


For more information, park hours and to purchase tickets, visit SeaWorldOrlando.com. Follow SeaWorld on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest Summer Nights and Island Nights information including concert line-up. Join the conversation with #SeaWorld and #SummerNights.


Light Up the Night with Shamu


Night rides on Kraken


Manta after dark


Beach Party at Aquatica

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