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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 276: Penguin Trek construction update!

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I know there are many, many drop slides out there, but for some reason I really like the aesthetic appearance of this one

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How is the water-up-the-nose factor?


I love water slides, but some of the body speed slides can be uncomfortable for me as not only do I inhale/snort about a cup of water on the way down (I try to keep my mouth shut and hold my breath, but usually I end up yelling) and my bathing suit usually ends up around my chest. I was impressed to see that Adam's bathing suit managed to stay in it's proper place!

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Not a whole lot has changed at SWO recently. The most notable things that are occurring at the parks now is Journey to Atlantis getting its drop re-tracked this week, and Summer Nights is approaching. Internally there hasn't been a lot of information passed around about what the new nighttime killer whale show will be but I can say for sure I am excited to see what it is.


Oh also if you really like the animals at Sea World like I do they did just have their Weedy Sea Dragons at Manta start showing eggs, which is a very rare occurrence for any aquarium.

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Interesting article trying to please those bandwagon Blackfish supporters. SeaWorld's reasoning to me makes plenty of sense, I know the public schools all have their spring breaks around Easter and the Orlando parks typically are more crowded around then..

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^That has been rumored since before Manta was built. I'd place my bets on Busch Gardens Tampa Bay getting a hyper before SeaWorld Orlando ever does.


Yeah, that sounds more realistic. Of course, I'd love one at either of those parks.

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Aquatica Trip Report 6/30/2014


Hello all! I thought I would share my experience at Aquatica Orlando with you! I haven't been since March of 2008.


Of course I was one of the first cars in the parking lot and one of the first people to be at the rope/chain drop. When the park opened, my family and I threw our belongings on some lounge chairs and headed straight for Ihu's Breakaway Falls. I'll post my review of every slide below but we left the park at 12:00 as the FL rain came and we finished every slide. The trees and scenery really have grown in over the year and the park looks really nice. Theming is great and had a great experience.


1) Ihu's Breakaway Falls 10/10

I've never done a drop box slide before and I was the first rider of the day. I was really nervous and climbing all of those stairs didn't help to try and keep me calm. I chose the Green first not knowing the differences between all three and I was blown away! What an experience! We went back up the tower and there were about 15 people in front of us. It took about 10 minutes until it was my turn as there was only one person working the entire tower. I did the blue next and that seemed to have a longer drop and was a bit more intense. Due to the lines being long, I didn't get to try the Orange but did manage to do the Purple later. That was really intense and should not be counted out at all!


2) Omaka Rocka 10/10

This was also new to me and I was also really shocked by it! This slide was just fun. We did both blue and purple and managed to re-slide later in the day. I thought the Blue was a bit better. The last turn at the end was a surprise and very quick. I loved those funnels! Very fun slide!


3) Whanau Way 10/10

These slides are really really really FAST! The ones with the double dip at the end...I rode with my cousin and I was in front. I left my seat on the second dip and got a lot of airtime! It was just insane. We rode all four. The line was actually shorter later on in the day!


4) Tassie's Twisters 8/10

I think they replaced some parts on the blue slide because they didn't have the streaming jets throughout the bowl. I prefer the Proslide ones just because you don't ever get stuck on those. A fun slide nonetheless but not the greatest.


5) Walhalla Wave 9/10

I forgot how fast this slide was! In 2008, I thought it was just mediocre but even with two people, you really shoot up the sides of the slides! Pretty fun slide. The line for the slide was at the bottom of the entire staircase when I left.


6) HooRoo Run 8/10

This is a fun and quick slide but I think BubbaTub at Wet N Wild was a lot better because it seemed faster and steeper there. This slide has really faded too. It was pretty fun with some slight airtime.


7) Taumata Racer 10/10

I haven't been on too many different types of mat racers but this is the best one I've rode! The drop at the end makes it the best! Lots of fun! My fastest time was 7.55 seconds to the bottom! We rode 4 times to try every color, not every slide. This is a really great mat slide.


8) Roa's Rapids 10/10

Simply stated...one of the best lazy rivers ever! Really fast and lots of fun!


9) Dolphin's Plunge 6/10

I don't get this slide. You can't see like anything for the split second you are underwater with the dolphins. I think if it was a slower slide and you were under the water for more than like 1 second, I would think this slide would be worth it. It just isn't.


10) Walkabout Waters 10/10

Love dumping big buckets on not only the kids...but the adults! I was hanging around at one bucket for about 15 minutes in there!


I think I covered all of the slides. It was a really fun day! Got pretty crowded later on in the day and it seemed as if the lifeguards weren't ready for the park to open as there was only like one person for all of Ihu's Breakaway Falls. Lots of trees grew in which I liked to see! Overall a very fun day at Aquatica! I still think the overall atmosphere at the Disney water parks are a lot better though

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