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Working on my new 'classic coaster' model...

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There's a how-down ready to happen here. The Jawas are losing control and there is a massive spat between the old and new Power Droids. Notice big daddy Jawa trying to take control in back. Draw all your own parallels (what's the correct term, euphemysem or something?) to what's going on in real coasterdom!


Enjoy! This is my model (generic name 'Wildcat') coming along here in Chicago. I hope to get it done when I get out of rehab!


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Its hard to gage it's size. Star Wars figurines come in so many sizes that this model could be anywhere from 6ft to 6in.


Do you intend this to be a working model?


He's using HO scale sticks, I have the same ones, they look identical. I may be a little off, but it's not six feet, probably a foot or two.

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Didn't mean to creep everyone out! hehehe


It's balsa wood, simple balsa wood.


I took the pic just having fun with my phone camera. I'll take a better pic when I pick up my digital camera (in the shop now).


Guess I'll hold back on the star wars guys this time


The model is 1" = 6'. The space between ribbon boards (horizontal supports) is 1".


Coming along slowly, it's been years since I started a model coaster project.

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Ok, I made the star wars guys move back - they were creeped out that they creeped others out!


Here's a little better picture. Would like to see other's projects as well!


I hope to run it when it's done. It may not make the circuit on it's own, but at least it will roll down the hills


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