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SFOT update

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Hi guys i just got back from SFOT and they where filming Six flags TV all day. appearing on Six flags TV was wiggles characters! maybe an insight to the future of SFOT. Runaway mountain was on and off all day! They where really cracking down on lose articles they even made a woman with a bag go to the back of a 2 hour wait! Overall quite busy but rides are running better than ever!

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TG wasnt open during the ERT, and I really didn't want to wait in line for a peice of sh*t. Actually its not too bad. Are you going tommarow? Me and Ric are.


How was the ERT, crowd wise? I know when they used to let Gold Passport holders just have it there wasn't a whole lot of people. I wish I could have made it to this mornings, hopefully I can get the one with Freeze on Sunday.

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how do you guys get ERT i got nothing



They offer it to pass holders on season passholder appreciation days. Here are the days. If your a passholder just look in you coupon book and it has all the ERT and your benefits for those four days.


March 29th- and September 27th (8-10am) ERT on Titan, Runaway Mountain, La Vibora, La Fiestas de Las Tazas, Looney Tunes USA


March 30th-and September 28th (7-9pm) ERT on Mr.Freeze, Batman:TR, Gotham City Sprayground, Texas Chute Out, Flashback, Judge Roy Scream, Crazy legs, Cloud Bouncer , Superman, Runaway Mine Train and Mini Mine Train.

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sfotfreak, you really need to read our posting rules before you post again:



Please note the bullet points on "posting for posting sake", "Spelling and grammar", "Be Descriptive!", etc, etc.


Ask yourself before you post "does my post contribute to the forum?"


Thank you.


--Robb "Thread Closed." Alvey

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