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Good parks in New England Area?


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I mean, besides SFNE and Lake Compounce.


I've been to both and enjoyed them alot. But I was wondering if anybody knew of any good parks to visit in the area?


I'm from western mass, and I'm in college so my budget isn't amazing, but I'd like to know more about the parks around me.


In particular I'm going to camping in Saco, Maine in mid july, but I'm willing to drive wherever.


So thanks! I look forward to responses.

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Here are a few places that you could consider. Some aren't necessarily the best places, but they have some fun rides and some coasters that you can hit up. Since I don't know where your school is located, I'll do my best to give you idea of where the parks are in relation to surrounding areas.


If you go to Lake Compounce, you could hit up Quassy which is about 10 miles from Bristol. They have a couple of Herschell coasters there: a mad mouse and a kiddie coaster. I believe you have to have a riding partner on the mad mouse coaster, as they don't allow single riders in a car.


You might also want to check out the New Hampshire parks like Canobie Lake. There are also some other New Hampshire parks like Story Land and Santa's Village that might be interesting to you.


And I'm not sure if you would want to head this far out, but if you drive out to Albany there is a place called Hoffman's Playland. They only have a kiddie coaster, but they have some of the best Lusse autoskooters that you will ever be on. You could even hit up Great Escape in the same day if you want. It might be a bit of a hike for you though.


Since you are going to be camping in Saco, be sure to do Funtown Splashtown USA which is in Saco. I have heard a lot of good things about the place. Also, a couple miles down the road is Palace Playland. There is also York's Wild Kingdom in York Beach.


Hope that kind of gives you an idea of what is up there.

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awesome! I'll definatley take into consideration Quassy ('cause i'll probably get a seaosns pass for the lake) and the NH parks. I've just been to TGE last summer, so I dont think i'll be up that way soon. And the other parks in Maine sound great, and I look forward to returning to Funtown Splashtown.



Thanks a bunch!

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