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Drayton Manor Discussion Thread

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Seems alot nicer than the thomas towns the flags have to offer. Better rides; seems more developed and better themed.


anyone notice that 'jeremy's flying accademy' is a cut and paste of 'big red plans' from the SF wiggle world rides? Globe and cloud positioning and all?


cranky's tower drop is pretty cute.

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Because someone has to say it...


Maybe its just me, but do these Thomas Town installations look lame and sub-par to anyone else?


I'm just not happy with the quality at all, and if this park is one of the best they got, its really going to look dumpy at Magic Mountain.


I just think there's much better things the park could put in to entertain kids. They notice the little things too.

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Yeah, I don't quite get your argument. At least it's a kids area with a theme...and an established theme...not the current flavor of the few years kids attraction like the Wiggles.


The Thomas Town at Fuji Q was one of the nicest themed areas (kids or adult) I've ever seen. I can't wait to take KT there in September (well, actually I'd rather not go back to Fuji Q but that's another rant!)


The Drayton Manor Thomas Town doesn't look quite as nice as Fuji Q but is still light years ahead of the Six Flags version.


Seriously, I'm glad to see a kids area getting themed at all instead of a lame collection of off the shelf Zamperla rides (Sorry Bruno!!!)

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as opposed to this



I think the Bugs Bunny stuff looks much better. Why they couldn't just keep the same quality themework and tie in Thomas Town is my concern.


Thomas town looks too cheap, with not so much quality.

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Uhm...how are they supposed to theme a train yard?


Looking at all the pictures in that update (not just the two you chose as cheap), I don't think this Thomas Town is any better or worse than Bugs Bunny World.

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2010 is Drayton Manor Parks 60th anniversary and to celebrate they're bringing the Oscar winning film Happy Feet to the 4D cinema. A specially adapted 12 minute version of the film will play repeatedly throughout the day.


For those who don't know it's the film all about Mumbles the penguin.


Colin Bryan, Managing Director of Drayton Manor Theme Park comments: “We are very excited to have an Oscar winning film showing at the park this year. The 4D cinema provides great entertainment for all ages, and we wanted to show something extra special during our Diamond Jubilee."



ADMIN EDIT: I updated the title to include "NEWS:" as well as a more descriptive subtitle. Thanks for posting this!

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It's not a great 4D theatre - but at least this should be better than Pirates 4D. This is the second year in a row that they've advertised the 4D attraction as being the big 'New For' thing of the year.


Mike 'why can't I have a decent home park like everyone else?' Moody

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A traffic management scheme designed to reduce congestion on the roads around Drayton Manor Theme Park has been unveiled. Under the plans there will be a ban by Staffordshire Highways on any non-emergency roadworks during peak visitor season, and there will be permanent changes to motorway signage installed from junction 9 of the M42 to divert traffic away from local roads, which will be in place by August.


The bus service to the park is also being looked at and car parking facilities at the park have been improved.


The scheme came about after the Drayton Manor Park (DMP) Travel Management Group which includes the Park's management, Staffordshire Highways, the national Highways Agency, Staffordshire Police and traffic specialists, was set up in 2008 to combat the growing traffic congestion in the Fazeley area during peak visitor times.


Cllr Matthew Ellis, the county councillor who represents the area in which the park is situated, has been involved in the group from the start. He said the group had discussed a number of suggestions, including the use of alternative motorway junctions, a £300,000 investment in new car parks by the park, changes to traffic network signage as far afield as Birmingham and changes to the way visitors enter and leave the attraction. "Something had to be done – it was sometimes taking local people an hour to travel a couple of miles back home," Cllr Ellis explained. "The local network, particularly the roads from Ventura Park, is often under pressure and the new attractions at Drayton Manor Park have meant increasing visitor numbers which have swamped local roads resulting in near gridlock at times. "After the initial meetings between local agencies and the Park's management it became clear a wider strategic approach, including regional motorways and the M6 (Toll), was needed rather than just local solutions." "I'm grateful to the Highways Agency for its tremendous efforts in working with Staffordshire Highways, Police and the Park owners to make this happen. "This is an excellent example of the private sector providing significant investment alongside local and national Government in order to find solutions to tackle major inconvenience for local people whilst supporting the growing business and job creation at a popular regional attraction."

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Today, Drayton Manor have posted a photo of their new Ben10 mini boomerang coaster via their Official Facebook page. Click the image for a larger version.


This is looking to be an exciting addition to the park. UK Park News be visiting soon after opening to bring you an attraction review.



Here’s the official Ride Logo:



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I'm actually quite looking forward to trying this out. I hope to head down to Drayton sometime just after opening or even for opening and will get some photos and post them on the board.


I saw a photo of this ride earlier today and the second tower isn't just straight, it's all wonky which should make for an interesting ride experience.


I really hope they theme it all well and it should definitely pull in kiddies.



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