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Do you ski or snowboard?

Do you ski or snowboard?  

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  1. 1. Do you ski or snowboard?

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Usually when I am planning to go snowboarding, I spend a few days asking pretty much anyone within earshot wether they ski or board. I'm really annoyed that I can't seem to find like, five people I know who snowboard. So I turn to TPR. If you ski or board, feel free to write a little about where you go or how good you are.

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I'm a skiier. The rest of my family are boarders.


My dad is a snowboard instructor, so I have been skiing almost every week during the winter for the past couple of years. I love it. I mostly enjoy downhill challenges over park skiing. I would take a gladed double diamond over a park anyday. I love a challange.


My dad and brother are driving up to Mont Tremblant in Canada right now for a few days. Unfortunately, I had to pass on going due to class.


Best mountain I've been to:

Mammoth, California.


Honorable Mentions:

Whiteface, NY

Gore, NY

Killington, VT

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I just started this year,

But I'm pretty good at skiing,

And next year, I'm going to take some more snowboarding lessons,

So, I'm counting myself for both.


Oh, and since I've just started this year, I'm not the best. But I know how to get myself down a hill at an immensely slow speed.

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I snowboard. In fact, I've posted a couple photo trip reports here of visits I've made to Arizona's two largest ski areas.


As far as ability, I'd probably qualify as expert, but my preferences aren't necessarily to look for the absolute steepest trails, and neither do I usually seek out glades or parks. I usually like cruising runs with a decent pitch to them. I go fast enough that I'm usually passed by only a handful of people over the course of a day.


Among the mountains/resorts I've been to are Jay Peak, Okemo, Mt. Snow, Holiday Valley, and Ascutney in the east. In the west, I've been to Sunrise and Snowbowl here in Arizona, Snowbird, Brighton and The Canyons in Utah, and Schweitzer in Idaho. Of those I'd say Schweitzer was the best, but I wouldn't turn down a trip to any of them.


Sadly I don't think I'll get out any more this winter... But ski season's still in full swing, even here in Arizona. Both our big mountains are still 100% open! For those who can, get out there before the snow's gone!

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I ski. I typically get out for two weeks per year. This year I did Snowmass/Aspen, CO in mid Feb and Beaver Creek, CO in early Mar. I haven't gotten bored on skis so have never felt compelled to take up boarding and spend half my vacation on the bunny slopes.


I am an advanced skiier who skis expert terrain poorly. My favorite runs are glades. The visibility is better, the snow is better, and I can see the line through the bumps better than on an open mogul run.


My favorite area for a ski vacation is Aspen (great town and four mountains to choose from)with Whistler, BC a close second (I have been very lucky with the weather in Whistler--no rain). For pure skiing Alta and Snowbird are hard to beat. I learned to ski in Breckenridge, CO, have been all over the western U.S. and Canada, and spent one week in Champery, Switzerland.


The major resorts that I haven't been to yet--and most want to visit include: Taos, NM; Mammoth, CA; Big Sky, MO and some of the smaller BC resorts like Fernie and Red Mtn


Snowsports are great fun; but they are not cheap. If you thought amusement park prices are high, try $87 walk-up lift ticket prices and $30/day ski rentals at Vail or Aspen.


Highland Bowl--One of the steepest (over a sustained distance) things I have skiied. We came down on the right side between the trees. The right center of the bowl had avalanched a few days earlier and we did not want to hike all the way to the top.


Me at lunch time on a powder day at Snowmass.

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I was going to try to ski, but my car broke down when I was going. I don't want to pay 70 some dollars for something I will be bad at. But one of the local ski areas had a 16 dollar rental, lesson, lift ticket deal and I took the day off only to find my engine coolant had mixed with my oil, that isn't good.

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I do both. There aren't any major hills in the area but there are plenty of smaller, fun ones. There are actually 5 within 25 minutes from my house.


Last year I went out to Alberta and British Columbia for some spring skiing. Best skiing I've ever done.


I think I'm done for the season but might head out one more time with some friends.

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I am a skier. The ski areas that I have been to are Deer Valley, Alta, Park City, and Solitude (all in Utah). My favorites are Deer Valley and Alta. I am unable to choose only one, as each resort has something very different to offer. Deer Valley provides a level of service that is unlike any other ski area; hence, the reason why they were rated the #1 ski resort in North America by the readers of Ski magazine. (Not to mention their food is really, really good!) Alta has the best terrain that I have ever skied. As far as my ability goes, I will go down anything.

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^^ I'm going to college in Colorado later this year, and I plan to join the ski club there. Afterall, CO is one of the best ski places in the country. Oh, and I'm a skiier!


I tried snowboarding when I was 11, but it just didn't work. I learned to ski when I was 14 and that turned out much better. I'm at the point now where I can ski certain black diamond runs (most difficult for those who don't know what that means). When I went skiing 4 weeks ago, I began going off jumps and stuff like that. I have a tendency to ski at reckless speeds down mountains!

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Definately skiing! So much faster.

I've skiied in Colorado at Breckenridge but in recent years at Whistler in Canada. The only problem I have with snowboarders is when they try to kill me while I am skiing

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I used to ski.


I was quite good when I stopped too, able to ski in complete control on any slope (cept mogels, I HATE mogels). I just all of a sudden lost interest in it. Slopes are overcrowed, people are reckless, and conditions are often not the best. Add that together and you are flirting with disaster. I just wasn't willing to deal with that risk for fun.


Now I would rather read a book by the fire in a lodge or cross country ski.

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I'm an avid skier. I've been skiing since I was 4 and I still love it. I've tried snowboarding once and never again will I try it again. Plus I feel like I am in more control when I got poles in my hands and such. I also love challenging myself skiing by going down double diamonds and into glades.


I've skied all over New England and Colorado. I've also skied once at Brian Head, Utah (never again) and Snow Summit, California (Loved the conditions and love how they restrict the number of tickets sold in a day to keep the crowds low) My last little ski adventure was up to Stratton in Vermont which had some beautiful conditions for skiing.


It's fun going by trees that come within a foot of you


Me in my skiing gear. I haven't gotten into wearing a helmet yet and probably won't.


some of the double diamond trails I went down

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Good looking glades.^


I have been skiing for about 9 years now. I have really tried doing alot more new stuff this year along the lines of park and glades and pow riding. And all I can say is it was my best year of skiing. I have been interested in taking snowboard lessons but never end up doing it as skiing never gets old.


Places I have been too:

Blue Mountain, Collingwood - One of the better places in Ontario

Hidden Valley, Huntsville - Ok I guess

Whiteface, Lake Placid - Not bad but I see why people call it Iceface

Smuggs, Vermont - Best place I have skied


Too many more to name off.

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I ski. I've been skiing for 9 years now and get about 30-40 days a year. I've been to many of Vermont's resorts as well as a few in NH and a few here in MA. Unfortunately I haven't been out west yet. My favorite 3 resorts in the east are Sugarbush, Mad River Glen, and Stowe.

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I love snowboarding and I have crosscountry skied before. But not alpine; just too late in the game for me to learn!


I began in Oregon where I learned at Mt. Hood Skibowl (best night skiing ever!) and then went a lot to Timberline, Mt. Hood Meadows, Bachelor, and Hoodoo. All great places.


Then I moved to cali and spend almost 100% of my time at Sierra Summit in the Central Sierras, where I work. It's a nice mountain, not too big but just about right for most days. Could snow a little more for my liking but ultimately I'm just happy snowboarding no matter what. Been to Tahoe before and it's great but a zoo.


Dream trip? North Cascades/Central BC mountains heliskiing trip. that would be epic.... .

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I ski. I've been skiing for 9 years now and get about 30-40 days a year. I've been to many of Vermont's resorts as well as a few in NH and a few here in MA. Unfortunately I haven't been out west yet. My favorite 3 resorts in the east are Sugarbush, Mad River Glen, and Stowe.


omg, I love Mad River Glen. Unique place, they have the remaining single person chairlift in the country (or one of two..), they rely heavily on natural snow for their trails with only a few snow making machines..They're a CO-OP which means they allowed to prohibit snowboarders. Reasons because of the safety hazard with a snowboarder trying to get onto the single person lift and they don't like how snowboarders cut too much snow off the trail when making turns.


I spent like a long weekend up at Mad River Glen with my family and friends of the family. We stayed in my friend's grandfathers cabin which is a couple hundred yards from Mad River Glen.


Have you skied paradise over there? The Double Diamond that's not sign marked. Fun trail

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I was gonna make a snowsports thread, but this will be fine. Anyway, I am a snowboarder, I ski generally at snow summit or bear mountain(I have a house there) at big bear in sunny Califoria. Just a quick question for any of you guys that do tricks while you snowboard, I have been doing small things like funboxes(the wide boxes you slide down) and want to move on to rails. Is there an easy way to learn to do rails? I mean its not that freaky looking, but I have seen many people land painfully. I am a pretty decent snowbarder(I can do most of the double diamonds at both parks and all of the black diamonds) and want to start moving more towards tricks and rails. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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