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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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I just got back from CGA and everything was running smoothly. Got to ride everything a few times except grizzly, got there right when it broke down. Boy was I bummed, I also think I saw Angry_Gumball get there at the same time as me. You were about to ride but thats when it broke down. I was in my Terminator Salvation sweatshirt I got at WCB last weekend.

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Hey awesome news! Someone on Facebook posted a pic of markers in the ground in a large dirt area!!! Where is that area? & Can a coaster fit in there? & Anybody spot coaster track anywhere? & Please oh please don't be a Windseeker!!! Whoooeee about time for something new. All I could say is that it better be a coaster!!! I wonder when they will make the announcement of what it is.

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I just back from the park also. Everything was running very well and the Demon's red train seems to be a lot better also. I was able to to ride the second train on Vortex its still very rough. Now on to Grizzly the ride seems to have improved a lot with the first drop redone I even rode it twice! I think what they need to do this off season is retrack the main turn around, the first turn into that really slams you. It also was very strange seeing the former Invertigo spot just being dirt I did notice some orange flags in the ground but who knows what those are for. There also is a circle in the middle of the dirt not really sure what it is for. I think I saw Angry_Gumball also but I wasn't 100% sure if was him. Anyway I had a really good opening day at the park.

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Hey awesome news! Someone on Facebook posted a pic of markers in the ground in a large dirt area!!! Where is that area? & Can a coaster fit in there? & Anybody spot coaster track anywhere? & Please oh please don't be a Windseeker!!! Whoooeee about time for something new. All I could say is that it better be a coaster!!! I wonder when they will make the announcement of what it is.


They're for A dueling launched Aquatrax

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Just got back from the park. Here is a pic of former Invertigo location from my phone I'll have more up on my blog later:


I don't think it's a Windseeker personally. All the tiny flags are from a sprinkler company so it looks like the whole thing will be grass , not a station platform. But I could be wrong, in fact, I hope I'm wrong.


I've uploaded a new album on Flickr called LINK REMOVED. I'll be adding pics as construction goes on in at the site.


Here are some pictures. Anyone is free to use them, please just give credit to Park Thoughts:


ADMIN EDIT: While we appreciate you sharing these photos with us, your post is currently in violation of our Terms of Service. You are not allowed to post links to external websites until you have made at least 50 legitimate posts on the forums. If you'd like to upload your photos here, we would be happy to see them, but per the terms listed in the link above, we are unable to host a link to your website until you have made the minimum amount of posts, giving you the right to do so. I also had to remove several "dead photos" which were not appearing properly when embedded.

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Right now with the Invertigo site, I'm not 100 percent sure, but it looks to be nothing more that preparation for landscaping, there are flowers sitting in the backstage area as well as PVC piping, though I'm not sure if that was all the PVC from Invertigo's old lawn areas. Hopefully something more will happen with the site though.


Overall opening day was not that bad, at least the rain held off (unlike March 26th, when it seemed like it would not stop at all while I was working) and the majority of the rides in the park were opened, too bad Firefall was not among those though, but then it's never opened on time since they got it, and I did get my fair share of questions from guests about Firefall and it's missing gondola, among them "Are you guys removing Firefall as well?" and "What happened to Firefall?" Hopefully it'll be running by May.

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Just got back, had a great but odd day today (mainly because of the missing coaster). Let's go ahead and get Invertigo done and over with. I checked the pad out as I made my way back there, saw the red flags, some stakes, and that circular thing...is that a planter box or is this to be something else? I did notice that somebody left a shovel in the ground...I'm sure they've probably been looking for it everywhere


Onto some of the positives. Grizzly is indeed smoother, and the bottom of that first drop is much improved. It's still Grizzly however but it doesn't seem like it's dragging like it did. Vortex...I did this 3 times today, was running great in the front row, 2 rides back to back. Water ride fans, be aware of Rip Roaring Rapids. They modified their last little water fall that did nothing much to something that is totally non Dan-friendly...they've managed to get that waterfall to spray out over the channel as the boats slowly navigate through...a slow drenching!

Spongebob makes a return again this season and I figured I should ride it due to me being disappointed in the 3DS and needed to see something 3D that actually works. Tiki Twirl still looks like its in the process of being renamed as there's no real signage yet, just an A-frame. There is however a little backstory behind it I though was kind of a cool little addition to genericizing the ride. Here's my total ride counts for the day:

Flight Deck: 9x

Orbit: 1x

Vortex: 3x

Demon: 3x

Psycho Mouse: 3x

Endeavor/Revolution: 1x

Spongebob 3D: 1x

Flying Eagles: 1x

Grizzly: 2x

Tiki Twirl: 1x

Bumper Cars: 1x

Carousel: 1x

Sky Tower: 1x

Delta Flyer: 1x

Drop Tower: 4x

I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story of today.


Just got to CGA for opening day. Starting off, new Peanuts characters, one of them being Schroeder. Peppermint Patty was the other new comer this season.


Let's start off on the always awesome Flight Deck!


Getting ready to board the Rapids ride and bailing out, I spotted this...Haunt Remnants! Ever need an evac plan for Werewolf Canyon, look here first!


You've seen this here first, Tiki Twirl's temp sign. Actually, the logo looks quite nice and I like how they incorporated the tiki head from the ride itself.


Everything you wanted to know about Tiki Twirl, the back story.


5 cabins running, including the seat that was always down/missing.


Let's take a little break here... This one sure is big but not as big as The Santa Claw!


Knobby balls! Let's go ahead and test out the skills learned from the Santa Claw!


Yup, won an awesome red knobby ball!


Ok, now back to the updates...here's the current view.


Markers, sprinkler stuff, garden stuff, electrical? you decide. All I know is that there's an abandoned shovel!


Future site of a hopefully awesome ride, or the new "Inverti-Garden" (which better not happen). Anyone know what that circular thing is?


Let's board the Sky Tower and look at CGA's skyline. Ballsie takes a ride as well :)


As you can see, it wasn't that busy today, allowed for some ERT-like sessions on Flight Deck without having to leave the seat.


Something's missing here.


Ok, that's better!


Forever changed...


Ending with a pop quiz for you all...or mainly the GP. What's missing here?


Actually, the gondola's sitting back by the repair shops...so it will be a while before it's up and running.

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