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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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Actually, I'm kind of glad to see most of the ride's covered by trees...makes it a little less depressing.


I really hope Cedar Fair are playing their cards right and are making the right choice in regards to Cedar Fair...hoping their choice in frustrating many of their fans and the bay area as a whole comes with something worth doing so.


Haha! Got it to work, gotta love Firefox!

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"Tiki Twirl...could have been worse....they could've named it 'Junglehawk'".



Actually, " tiki twirl" was the name of a ride at cedarpoint in the 80's. I guess they are resurrecting the name after all of these years.


Tiki twirl was a spinning ride kinda like calypso.

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I found an interesting bit of information in today's newspaper about the 49er's future with Santa Clara, found here:



Fearful that it could lose up to $40 million in redevelopment funds already promised for a new 49ers football stadium, the Santa Clara City Council plans on Tuesday to send a message to Gov. Jerry Brown: Don't take away our stadium money.


City leaders are doing whatever they can to remind the governor that the 68,500-seat, $937 million stadium planned next to the Great America theme park has been a long-standing project that involves redevelopment funds, and should not be cut under Brown's proposal to do away with redevelopment agencies.


Without redevelopment funds, city leaders say they have no other public money to tap for the project, which city voters approved in June under the promise the city wouldn't use money from its general fund.


"The state's raid on local redevelopment agencies is a terrible thing," said Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews.


As a proactive measure, the City Council plans on Tuesday to "memorialize" official language into the stadium deal, effectively etching in stone that leaders had been crafting the proposal long before Brown began looking at disbanding redevelopment agencies.


"We wanted to be clear in our language that this has been planned out and under way for a long time," said acting assistant city manager Carol McCarthy. "We've been working on this for four years."


Shortly after he took office, Brown proposed doing away with redevelopment agencies across the state,


and funneling that money to schools and local governments.


At issue specifically for the upcoming 49ers stadium project is up to $40 million that Santa Clara's Redevelopment Agency has previously committed -- and voters approved spending in June.


But Bill Bailey of Santa Clarans Play Fair, the grass-roots group formed in opposition to any public funding of the stadium, said he supported Brown's plan to phase out redevelopment agencies.


"This property tax money should go to the county and to schools," Bailey said. "That was the original intent. We shouldn't be subsidizing the 49ers."


McCarthy stressed that of the "up to $40 million," city leaders believe they'll only need to issue $26 million in bonds, and the rest could be borrowed from the team to cover the redevelopment portion of the stadium contribution.


Still, if the state Legislature decides to force redevelopment agencies to close up shop -- and cut off their cash flow -- then McCarthy conceded: "I don't know what we'll do."


McCarthy said the city would not put out another vote for Santa Clara residents. "We'll have to come up with another source of funding, a private source," she said.


Matthews reiterated: "The money would have to come from the team or other investors. But it wouldn't become an obligation for the taxpayers."


The ballot measure voters approved in June prohibits the city from dipping into any city fund, other than the redevelopment agency, to pay for the stadium project.


Matthews said no one's been knocking on any doors looking for money just yet.


"At this point, we're just waiting to see what will occur," he said.


Similarly, 49ers spokeswoman Lisa Lang said the team has no Plan B.


"The voters voted on it," Lang said. "That money is an important part of the project and we're expecting it."


Lang also noted that of the approximately $40 million, the 49ers have guaranteed a $17 million advance to the redevelopment agency portion of the project.


But if redevelopment agencies disappear, Lang said: "The team would have to figure out how to address the gap. But we're not there yet."


On Tuesday, the council also is expected to establish itself as the Stadium Authority, which will own and operate the proposed stadium.


The council also will vote to allow the Redevelopment Agency to issue new debt so that the agency can issue bonds for the stadium construction and other infrastructure improvements in the Bayshore North Area.


"The state hasn't been clear on what it's going to do with redevelopment agencies," McCarthy said. "But we want to show this has been in the pipeline, since we don't know what the line of demarcation will be. Will it be all projects? We have no idea. But we're concerned."


Sounds like a plan? Pump the much needed funds into schools that really need it (Trust me, the students really need a decent education...our future I don't hold too much hope for), and help us Great America fans in the long run

I kind of see this 49er's proposal much like a freeway proposal that came into play in my city. One of the main roads was to have a freeway running alongside of it. However, lots of hurdles had to be jumped and the plan fell flat on its face. In the end, the city is drastically altering the main road, in which we are one of the side streets from that main road. So maybe with how many hurdles that the 49ers have to go through, maybe plans could change, who knows.

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I read this on wikipedia (I know it's not a reliable source) talking about Demon when it first opened


"It featured two airtime hills right after the first drop" and "the hills were known for ejecting loose articles from the train, such as hats, sunglasses and stuffed animals"



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And I hear many people say Turn Of The Century was way better than the Demon

People may say that, but I believe it's probably more in the sense of "ha, ha, I rode it and you didn't, so therefore it was better." In my memory of it, those airtime hills were exactly the same as the one on Corkscrew at Cedar Point. Nothing really to write home about.

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I could be completely wrong but I always thought the track was all white and only the corkscrews were red at some point. Demon could use a new paint job though, some of what looks like "Turn of the Century white" is starting to show through.


You are correct. When the rides opened in 1976 they were both all white. Then a few seasons later the corkscrews were painted red, but the rest of the track and structure was still white.

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And I hear many people say Turn Of The Century was way better than the Demon

People may say that, but I believe it's probably more in the sense of "ha, ha, I rode it and you didn't, so therefore it was better." In my memory of it, those airtime hills were exactly the same as the one on Corkscrew at Cedar Point. Nothing really to write home about.


That's how I remember them, the hills were fun but nothing really spectacular. I was ten years old so I'm sure it seemed way more super cool that it actually was.

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