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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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Am at the park too! Hope you didn't get out of line as Gold Striker is back up now.


There has been some downtime on a few rides today (I saw Gold Striker, Flight Deck, Vortex, Firefall, Loggers Run, Tiki Twirl and the Rapids all down at various times), but I think this is opening day bugs rather than some systematic problem with operations.


Looking forward to reading your TR!

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Sitting in the airport after a great day at great America. Goldstriker was the reason for the trip and it was well worth. Smooth,fast and aggressive without being rough. It was everything I look for in a wood coaster and now sits at number 3 on my wood coaster list knocking else Toro down a spot(thats right I said it is better than el Toro). Also, ran into a few other tpr members enjoying opening day as well. I was the tall guy in the west coast bash shirt. Fast lane was well worth every penny as it let me get in eleven laps in on goldstriker and that line looked pretty long.

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[Mini-TR (sorry no pics)]

Came to the park about 3:20 PM. Started out by processing my season pass where waited about 90 minutes. Part of the delay came from the fact that people had no way of knowing about open computer station to put their information since I saw 4 computer open while waiting for my picture. Once I was done, I saw that the line had extended to near the popcorn stall.


Went on the Celebration Swings, Firefall, then the Orbit. Wanted to try out one of the new rides at Planet Snoopy but got impatient and realise that would be just somewhat of a waste of time. Went to Joe Cool Cafe, where one of the cashiers called me by name. I was shocked by this but then learned she found out my name from my Gold Pass. Later met up with family outside the Cafe as it had closed by then. We proceeded to the American Cafe, the only restaurant opened at the time. At first I went to the Flight Deck but found the line too long so I went towards the Gold Striker and at first decided not to go. Upon further inspection, I thought that the lines would be shorter but man was I wrong. The lined moved much slower than usual. As I got closer to the front I realised it was because of the Fast Lane line being crowded. I overheard someone explaining that the delay on the Flight Deck was because of the Fast Lane line getting too much priority, was too crowded or both. By the time I rode it became dark and it was well past closing time. It was my first time riding it at night and I rode on the front seat.


Because the rest of the fam started waiting in line to get their season pass processed while I was waiting for the Gold Striker, I didn't leave the park until after 59 minutes after closing, the longest I ever held out at a theme park. Overall, I feel that the operations wasn't good today, but what do you expect since it was the first day of the season? Additionally, I think the park was busy today because of the crowds who came to the area for Wrestlemania decided to check out the park. I am now tired from today's visit as of writing this.

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Well, I can safely say that Opening Day 2015 (while not the worst) was the most stressful time I had ever had. The biggest problem was the lines. It wasn't the number of people, it was the employees who made everything, from the rides, to the food, to the season pass processing, slower than molasses. I had to wait two hours in the Food Festival just to get one hot dog, not only that, but a friend of mine waited the same time to get a burger, and the order was wrong. The first ride we went on was Gold Striker, but that line was also slow because they were running only one train, thankfully they were running two later in the day. I also heard people complain that they had to go in circles to get their FastLane wristbands. I know I may seem a bit harsh, it was opening day after all so I can't blame, but I don't think the lines/processes should be this slow (saying from past experiences with such). And at the end of the day, half my group separated and we spent almost an hour trying to find them.


With all that said, you might think that I had a bad day. Well it wasn't all bad. I did finally gt my fix of GS since it was closed every time I went last year. Things also started to mellow out at the end of the day. The park's improvements look nice, especially the new Planet Snoopy area. All the rides still run great. And above all, me and my group had a lot of fun. It was a mixed day for me, and I know I'll be going back more often for some more enjoyable experiences. Though I can say, I will never go to anymore opening days again.

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Am just arriving now, traffic is crazy. Wish I'd got here earlier!

(Am wearing a gray Instagram shirt and blue shorts, if anyone sees me stop me and say Hi)

Yeah it got crazy when people started showing up en masse for the stadium. My plan of showing up early for CGA and just staying parked and walking over to Levis Stadium worked GREAT though. So much so that if I go to a non-49ers event there in the future I will try to visit CGA the same day even if I wasnt otherwise planning to. We parked right in front of the FD lift by the #4 parking marker which was equally close to CGA and Levis and were able to get out of the parking lot immediately after Wrestlemania..I was blown away how easy it was.


Overall as long as you arrived at the park before the traffic got bad it was a fantastic day at the park. Everything opened on time, everything was running two trains except for Vortex, the weather was perfect, even the Grizzly crew was hustling. Lines were as short as I could reasonably expect - we started off heading straight to SP processing since I knew that would be the nastiest line of the day (and it was by far) and we got in and out of there in about 90 seconds flat, went to Gold Striker, about 2 train wait the first time and 20 minute wait the second time.


Next we headed over to Grizzly and timed it perfect so that we just had to wait about 10 mins for them to open up which is perfect cause a station wait is usually longer than that anyway. We then hit up Demon which was about a 10 min wait, walked over to Eagles Flight and skipped over to Flight Deck which was about a 5 minute wait, then walked over to Vortex which was a 15 min wait due to 1-train ops and line jumpers, then walked over to Gold Striker again and got a third lap in with a 15 minute wait.


Very bearable crowds and queues all around, couldnt have asked for a better day really.

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I didn't have any big problems with lines Sunday, although only stayed for a few hours in the morning. By far the longest wait was to get a hot dog at Schultz's Wieners. No idea why it was so slow, the food was ready, and it went plenty fast when I got up to the front and ordered, I have no idea what the people in front of me were struggling with. Season pass processing was probably the second longest wait (but it moved quick enough). Grizzly still seemed to have incredibly slow load times, although the crew seemed to be trying hard. Is there a reason they can't replace the trains on it with ones that would be easier to load quickly? It seems like that would be limited investment to fix a recurring issue.


I'm glad I went in the morning, when I left the parking lot was already a bit of a mess (although I did see lots of WWE fans walking or taking transit instead of driving). All in all the park looked good, can't wait to get back.

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I am trying to make a trip report from Saturday, but every time I try to upload pictures they will load all of the way and then disappear. I do not know the problem. Should I make the files smaller? I have tried one at a time and multiple files at once.

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I am trying to make a trip report from Saturday, but every time I try to upload pictures they will load all of the way and then disappear. I do not know the problem. Should I make the files smaller? I have tried one at a time and multiple files at once.


If you don't have any luck, you can upload your pictures to photobucket (or similar site) and post them that way.

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Finally! My trip report from opening day!


Sorry it is so late, I was having technical difficulties. The problem with the pictures was sorted out (it was a formatting problem) and so now I can show you them. I Photoshopped some to make them look better.


The park was great, and Fast Lane was unimaginably awesome. Probably going to get it every time from now on. I rode GS 7 times, and I would have rode it more if it wasn't breaking down so much. I ran into a TPR guy at the park too; that was cool.


Another high point of the day were the $1.40 hot dogs, drinks, and popcorn. I got a hot dog and soda for $2.44 because of this plus the 20% Gold Pass discount.


Here are the pictures; I hope you enjoy!


Well, they seem to be enjoying their ride.


Ultra Vibrant Looking Gold Striker!


Vortex, dropping through the trees....


Gold Striker was up and down throughout the day; Here are some people being evacuated from the brake run.


Grizzly goes up.....


Grizzly goes down. Grizzly isn't a bad ride; it just doesn't do much.


Here is where, for no wait, I got a hot dog and soda for $2.44!


Gold Striker From The Air! (the photo was taken from the bucket things. I don't know what to call them.)


This pic was taken from the Gold Striker line.




Flight Deck lift hill.


A Super Vibrant Photo Of Flight Deck!


Loop. Enough said.






Another corkscrew; but of the demonic sort.


Psycho Mouse was the best Fast Lane ride of the day. It was a walk on, LITERALLY. We walked up and sat on a train. Which is awesome because it is sometimes a horrible wait.


Here's an old-fashioned-looking picture of Demon!


And finally, a shot of the best ride in the park: Star Tower. (Just kidding)

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Nice pictures! I had forgotten they had repainted Flight Deck so when I first saw the pictures I was wondering for a few seconds what rollercoaster it was as I could not recognize it...


I have always been a bit fascinated with the corkscrew on this ride. It seems to have a rather vicious snap and a funky exit transition which I have not seen similar on any other B&M's. How is the ride experience through this element in terms of rider comfort?

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