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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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Since there's not a whole lot to discuss the happenings at CGA, I thought I'd bring this up, found on the permit page. (Gotta be excited about something, right?)



Status: Application Received



Application Date: 11/12/2013

Description: Architectural Review of modifications to existing Pavilion area


Modifications to the picnic pavilion area near Flight Deck...wonder what this all involves and if this has any bearing on the site's future...


New CGA addition? Probably a Snoopy Meet n' Greet.


I wouldn't expect any major CGA non-water park expansion before 2016/17 (especially with Levy's Stadium opening next year). Though the last gap in coaster additions was over a decade (Stealth in 2000 and Goldstriker in 2013) for different reasons, expect the Bay Area market to be milked for at least 2-3 years on Goldstriker and any (if all expansion after the new Niners stadium opens across the way), to be to the feeble six-slide Boomerang Bay (not adding Time Machine ). The water park definitely needs expansion.

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I'm surprised Cedar Fair does not have CGA go year round, especially now that DK has done so.


For DK it seems to make sense to go year round. It's like a zoo, you have the animals being trained every day anyway. Why not open on weekends and open a few of the rides that aren't in rehab. For CGA you have the water park which is a big draw and that won't be open so you just have rides. Not something a lot of families will want to do when it is cold and damp out.

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I wonder if it would work out if CGA was entirely open during Global Winter Wonderland (sans Boomerang Bay, of course).



Also, I created a new RCT2 park inspired off the Great Americas. I usually don't like advertising games threads on other threads, though I think that a good amount of the readers of this thread will enjoy it:



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I found this from a few years back.




It was filmed at Great America, Knott's Berry Farm, and Universal Studios in California. I forget where it's at in the film, but I'm pretty sure there is a scene where he runs across the midway at Great America into the old Dinosaur ride at Knott's. It's amazing to watch him teleport between the parks!
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With all the tunnels, maybe they can do something cool for Haunt with them. Like project ghosts on the walls or something, or knowing CGA, fill them with fog so much that you choke on it.


Or knowing the park so well, just leave it really dark and do nothing with the tunnels.

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According to Screamscape, more tunnels will be added to Goldstriker during the off season. At this point they should just enclose the entire ride.


It would have been easier to build a wall between the Prudental building and the park. Let them look at something ugly if they don't want to hear the screams.

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GS entirely enclosed in tunnels could actually be pretty cool, but I agree, a wall in front of Prudential would be the best solution.
A parking lot in their building's place would be preferable to me, at this point I'm admittedly just bitter and sick of them. I feel less and less diplomatic about it with each new tunnel they add.
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