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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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So, Gold Striker was running great today! Some MAJOR changes to the queue, to fix the graffiti problem. Lines were a weird mixed bag. Gold Striker held a solid hour wait all day and into the night. I got in 7 rides regardless of. Was funny though, after getting off the final ride at 10:30 (park is closed) some kids run and get back in line. Nobody was even blocking the entrance.


Here's a mini update on what's going on around the park. Yup, the vibe of Haunt is now in the air!


CGA is going into Haunt Mode!


Zombie High work going on.


A friendly reminder of when Haunt starts :)




I hope you all got your final rides on RLD as it's now closed for the season.


Yup, that lovely time of year before the dreaded off-season!


Gold Striker update...notice anything?


And Jack makes sure nobody...I mean NO BODY will be getting in line for it :)


Notice anything new now? I like this...more air flow in the queue!




However, (hard to see) somebody actually wrote on Gold Striker itself...ugh...


Fireworks from Gold Striker :)


And the new banner is up!


And, kids only asking for trouble. Clearly they cared less of what the 2 signs say on the stage.


Yup, vandalism is bad...too bad you vandalized just to get your message across, you hypocrite!


Feels a lot more open now!


Madame Marie's facade gone up now!

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I've certainly been on worse than Grizzly, Roar at SFDK is running very rough right now and when I ride Ghostrider at WCB, that'll also shake me around pretty good. Grizzly's also much smoother now thanks to the heavy retracking it has received over the past few years, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a very lifeless, forceless, lethargic, slow, and actionless coaster. I could fall asleep before the train dispatches, and by the time the train gets back to the station I'd still be asleep.

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Grizzly is like a leisurely stroll through the woods, it's nice but nothing exciting.


Why is this one so much different than Kings Dominion's? And how do the three of them compare(for anyone who has ridden all 3)....KD, Canada's Wonderland, and this one?

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I'm going to be visiting this park the first weekend of April and I've never been, I have a few questions.

1. What would the lines be like on a Sunday?

The lines should be light as it's not too crowded since it's the beginning of the season.

2. I've never been on a stand up coaster before, would Vortex hurt my knees?

I've never had a problem with my knees, I usually leave some leeway to bend a little, but it's your head that's another story lol, (be prepared for head banging)

3. I hear you have to go through metal detector, do you have to take your cell phone, wallet out of your pocket?

Yes, they'll ask you to take out your phones, keys, wallet etc that might set off the metal detector but they'll give you a bin to place it in.

Have a great time!

I also troubled by the metal detector. Once my watch was magnetized by it.

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