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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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Oh I know enclose Gold Striker in a building & have it run in pitch black darkness like Space Mountain or make gem caverns around the track & have the train zoom in & out of some caverns inside & have strobe colored spot lights flashing around the ride but inside is still dark the only light would be from the strobe colored spot lights. That would be pretty cool.

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^^That would actually be really cool!


Me too I'll be screaming as LOUD as I can on Goldy when I go next week to show Prudental who's in charge here.


Clearly they are.

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Would be funny if all the CGA fanboys screaming in protest just closes the coaster longer because the noise levels are above the limit.



I was thinking that too. They will be out there taking sound measurements when the fanboys are screaming and have to shut the ride.!

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Just got this email from Roger Ross!


Great news regarding Gold Striker just arrived! All remediation work to comply with noise issues has been completed and approved by the proper authorities. The additional 70 ft. tunnel (which is themed similar to the initial descent tunnel which has been so well received by riders) will allow Gold Striker to run free the rest of the season.


Gold Striker will open back up to guests in about 10 minutes! The line quickly reached 100 people outside the queue the moment guests saw cars running on the tracks.

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