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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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I'm actually pretty excited to take this tunnel (Yes, TPR catchphrase pun intended). It looks like an extension on the existing framework we saw at the base of the P-turn. I only imagine the bracing was put up ahead of time in preparation of possibly having to cover it up.


On a different note (just uploaded), here's a quick vid I took of Flagg O' Dimm and RJVader taking a spin on Down Under Thunder (and catching some air!)


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Just got back from a nice day at the park. The day started off with walking up to gold striker to see what was going on, with an employee standing at the entrance telling us it was closed for now and would open later in the day(Nope). Practically everything was a walk on, longest wait we had was for grizzly which was about 30 minutes(any other ride would have been 10 minutes with the amount of people in line). Needless to say it will be my last ride on grizzly as the restraints are tight and uncomfortable on my legs. While on drop tower I couldn't help but imagine what could be put in grizzlys place with all the space surrounding the grizzly plus the space it takes up(Lots of room!!)


The tunnel being put up on GS could be done by Wednesday very easily. I'm sure it needs to cover the entire turn so it just needs the framing up which seemed to be going up rather quick. I felt bad for the ride ops that were standing in the station all day with nothing to do, the day probably dragged on for them.


A few quick notes.

Yellow train on demon is money, smooth as an arrow can be.

First ride on fire fall today, was actually pretty good. Expected my shoulders to hurt but nope.

Was very hot today so water rides were ridden quite often.

Grey outs on flight deck!

Psycho mouse crew was putting cars out quick.

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Let's hope anyway. I'm keeping expectations low as the P's seem hard to satisfy. I wonder if we will hear anything officially from the park about it reopening? I'd like to be able to know before I plan my next CGA visit. I mean, the cat's out of the bag and has been made hugely public. I'm actually hoping all of this public exposure will make people finally wake up and realize how ridiculous this whole fiasco is.

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^Blame Cedar Fair. They knew the rules, knew what their agreement with the city and Prudential was...and pushed the limits.


This. They were dumb enough to agree to the settlement, then dumb enough to put it in knowing it would probably violate it. I'm wondering if the new 49ers stadium is going to get complaints.

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Well regardless of who's to blame or what I'm looking forward to riding it with the new tunnel(s), at least I can say I've ridden all 3 versions of Goldy and I'll sure as hell scream my @$$ off the entire way!

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Me too I'll be screaming as LOUD as I can on Goldy when I go next week to show Prudental who's in charge here. You guys scream as loud as you can too. What a huge headache they are it's not fair. Gold Striker better not get torn down just because of them. Cedar Fair CAN'T let that happen. Why can't the city build a nice ugly sound proof wall around their stupid office building? Next Prudental will start complaining about the 49er game traffic. At least that will take their complaints away from Great America hopefully.

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To lighten the mood a little, here's an article about a ride here in Sacramento that has similar problems, and the unusual steps the owners took - http://www.nbcnews.com/id/17988849/ns/us_news-weird_news/t/ride-screamer-no-shrieking-please/#.UdQkq_lwp8E


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — No screaming on the Screamer!

A suburban amusement park has gotten so many complaints from neighbors about bloodcurdling screams that it has instituted a no-shrieking rule for its scary new thrill ride, the Scandia Screamer, a gigantic, windmill-like contraption that sends people plunging 16 stories to Earth at nearly 60 mph.

Riders who let out a screech — or just about any other noise — are pulled off and sent to the back of the line.

"After the first complaint, our rule was no profanity," said Steve Baddley, general manager at the Scandia Family Fun Center. "Then neighbors said it wasn't just that — it was the crazy, excessive screaming. Then they said it was really all of it, the loud laughing, everything. Eventually, we said, 'Bag it, that's it — no noise.'"

The rule was imposed March 29, nearly three weeks after the ride opened.


‘Please remain silent and enjoy the Screamer’

As passengers are strapped into the two metal baskets, the operator recites this warning: "We are required to remove you from this ride if you make any noise. If you feel you might make a noise, please cover your mouth tightly with you hand, like this (The operator then covers mouth with hand). If we hear any noise through your hand, we will remove you from the ride. So please remain silent and enjoy the Screamer."

Those who dared the ride this week said keeping quiet is harder than it sounds.

"I think we were just talking loudly. I wouldn't say it was screaming," said 15-year-old Anna Matsoyan, after she and her little sister were pulled off the ride for what sounded more like a whimper. "It's kind of a bummer. It makes you want to scream."

The ban also can be confusing for the ride's operators. Last weekend, park employees stopped the Screamer only to realize it wasn't a rider who ran afoul of the new policy, but a customer on the park's miniature golf course who howled after hitting a hole-in-one.


New kind of noise nuisance

Most of the complaints have come from residents in a pocket of neatly landscaped homes that are separated from the 30-year-old amusement park by a 12-lane freeway.

Tom Gardner and other neighbors acknowledge that living next to Interstate 80 is noisy, but say the Screamer has become an entirely new kind of nuisance. It is loud, lights up at night and gives riders a peek into backyard swimming pools, they say.



C'mon — what's not to like?

Hoof it over to Facebook to join the weird news herd.

The 165-foot ride is so tall that the Federal Aviation Administration forced the amusement park to install warning lights on its rotating arms.

Gardner has moved his cigar smoking to his garage because the Screamer has marred the view from his back patio.

"I'm sure it's affected our property value," he said.

The Screamer has become the most noticeable attraction at the amusement park, which was founded in 1977 by three Scandinavian families. Relatives still operate the Sacramento-area park and two others in California.

The owners say they won't change the ride's name, even with the new policy.

"No, we can't afford a new sign," Baddley said. "Besides, it's kind of our niche now. Those who have complained have created a ton more business for the very thing they complained about."

© 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

They aren't kidding, if you make any noise they immediately stop the ride and unload you. Clearly this would be an impossible policy to enforce on a roller coaster at a major theme park, but it's ridiculous anyway.

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Next Prudental will start complaining about the 49er game traffic. At least that will take their complaints away from Great America hopefully.


Football games generally happen on a Sunday, when no one would be in the offices.

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