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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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Have fun guys! I didn't make the cut



Did you check your spam folder? TPR member, JeffyJosephNorCal found his email in the spam folder.


I did, it wasn't there.



Don't lose hope yet! I believe they haven't send out emails yet for the other two days. In the PDF they included it said for each day you will get a confirmation email, I've signed up for all three and haven't received the other two yet.


Exactly! I'm sending good thoughts your way.


To those who are confirmed so far, I'm glad you didn't have to wait until Monday. Congratulations and of course all of us here will be expecting to hear about your first impressions of the ride. When Prowler opened at Worlds of Fun, I was a bit underwhelmed at first, but after the season was a way in, the ride loosened up and it shot to my #2 favorite woodie spot.

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^Awesome! So tomorrow will be a nice little teaser for all of us (the typical group) followed by reality hitting us come Tuesday.


I'm kind of guessing the same thing as far as the other 2 days I signed up for, and surprised that the email for the first session came in today!

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Who's got two thumbs and will be riding Gold Striker this Tuesday? This guy! Just got my confirmation email today. I'm very excited, I've never done a promotional shoot before. Looking forward to seeing the TPR NorCal contingency again. Also, a very sincere thank you to Robb for posting the link. If not for his heads up, I would not have known about this opportunity. So, in all seriousness, thank you Robb.


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Let's all start dancing around to "I've Got A Golden Ticket." Perfect song for the occasion! LOL! I got in for Tuesday also. Can't believe we all made the same day! That was just lucky!

& What page do you print out the page that says Congratulations?

I would print both the email and the PDF file.
I'm just going to print the whole thing to be sure.


That's what I did as well, I imagine having it on the smartphone is fine. Just don't want to take the risk of the phone not working at the park.

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I'm guessing we won't have a choice where to sit? Will they be pointing like you sit here or is it just sit anywhere? & How big a group is it for the shoot? & Will they have us all ride at once or do I have to wait until they point to me to ride? Sorry for all the questions I'm very new to this & never done anything like this before.

& The lightrail gets there at about 4:32. & Takes about 10-15 min to walk to the gate. Will I be too late to sign in?

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^Just follow what they tell you. They will most likely shuffle everyone around, swap with riders that are waiting, etc. in film and photo you always get more footage than you really end up using in the end.


Can you take an earlier light rail? You may be pushing it, it is a bit of a walk from the Great America station, right by the convention center (I took Amtrak to the park a couple times, took about 20 minutes to get to the gate from under the Tasman overpass.

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Yeah there's an earlier lightrail but there is a lightrail Great America stop which is also the stop for the Convention Center. I guess your right better get there at 4:17 that way by the time I walk to the gate it will be about 4:30. You suggest arrive on the lightrail at 4:17 instead?


The earlier the better, I'll be on the light rail as well getting there early. I don't want to take any chances on being late.

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Quick update from today. After a long hiatus, Star Tower is now open, offering great views of Gold Striker.



Let's check out the new entrance for Star Tower! A lot of people were walking in throughout the day, probably thought Gold Striker was open.


A nice surprise was seeing this new Star Tower plaza (as I'm calling it). Sure, it's just a slab of Cedar Fair concrete, but it has nice landscaping and plenty of benches. And of course, amazing views of Gold Striker.



Going up, it's been awhile.


Coke machines in Gold Striker's overflow, which will get used a lot. It's going to be hot in that area.




There is hope for a Haunt maze in the Pictorium this year.


This is what you see most of the time while on Star Tower.



While they weren't testing when we were there, I did see the trains parked in the station and some miners working.


I always wanted to get this shot.


Guests enter Star Tower plaza.


This will fill up quick.


I had to make sure it was all real!


I guess you could call these "themed restricted area signs."


So long Gold Striker! See you on media day (and hopefully on Thursday for the promo shoot)!

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