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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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I just wanna say this because of today's date: Happy 20th birthday Flight Deck! Still an awesome and intense old school B&M invert.


As for GS's pair of Millenium Flyers, I'm also very anxious to see what they look like and how they're different! There have been some really cool looking MF trains, like Troy's, both sides of Joris/Draak, and Wodan (only been on this one as far as GCIs with cool trains go), as well as the locomotive front for White Lightning. Hope these trains will join the ranks of the European GCIs and White Lightning!

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I knew FD's 20th was coming up but forgot the date

So yea, Happy 20th FD!


I kind of feel like seeing GS's trains under wraps is much like a kid seeing an Xmas present. We can only see the shape of the package but can't see the details. Can't wait for CGA to unwrap and show off those sexy Millennium Flyer trains!

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In honor of Flight Deck's 20th (Sorry to burst all of our bubbles including mine, but just heard from a source,including here, that FD's anniversary is actually tomorrow and not today...so I'll just toot my horn early ), I decided I'd share this back-side photo of FD and it's famous lake finale. I took this a couple weeks ago and forgot I had it on my other memory card



Happy 20th!


In other news, to add onto what Jeff posted on the previous page, more parking lot lines! Gotta love using the 49er's Stadium webcam/live view for our CGA needs




Now that I can kind of see what's going on (thanks to more paint), it certainly looks like a tighter 'clench 'n squish' fit but having the parking area in smaller sections should help improve flow when everyone leaves. It just looks a little tight to try turning into the parking slot...top it off with them being set up at 90 degrees rather than diagonal parking. Glad my car has a tight-ish turning radius and is of a smaller width


Oh, and check this out (On CGA's site): http://www.cagreatamerica.com/events/things-to-do/special-events/Opening-Weekend-2013


Friday, March 29th

Opening Day Festivities


Be one of the first 2,500 guests from park opening until 12noon and receive a FREE Souvenir Cup with free Coca-Cola fountain refills on March 29th. Plus, you can use it all season and receive soda refills for just $0.99 each plus tax

Opening Ceremony and ribbon cutting with Snoopy

Double Ride Time on select thrill rides from park opening until 12noon

Prize giveaways in park


Saturday, March 30th

Celebration Saturday


Pop-up Prize Patrols including Fast Lane passes and rides on Xtreme Skyflyer and Thunder Raceway

Opening Weekend themed prizes

Grand Prizes throughout the day including:

First Rider spots on Gold Striker

Birthday Party packages

Early Ride Time packages


Sunday, March 31st

Easter Eggstravaganza from 12noon-4pm for kids 12 & under including:


Cupcake decorating

Easter coloring station

Egg dyeing

Meet & Greets with Snoopy the Easter Beagle

Pop-up Prize Patrols from members of the PEANUTS Gang



Should be a pretty lively opening weekend!

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Wow CGA never had an opening weekend like this before! I guess CGA is jealous of SFDK's opening weekend & thought we'll top SFDK & have an opening weekend just as good. I was going to go but forget it. It would be just as bad as SFDK's. Plus I'd rather wait for GS to open & Boomerang Bay. I know the first 2 weeks of June are busy with schools & camps so I'll wait toward the end of June to make my first visit. & Boy have times changed. New generation. I remember years ago like back in 2002 the park was so dead during the week but now when you go there is no quiet time it seems.

Flight Deck eh Batman is better I have to say.

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That sounds like a really good opening weekend! Makes me really want to make it our for that!

Not to mention (Sorry SFDK) the double rides thing is a bit more well thought out. Don't get me wrong; I did enjoy the double rides and really worked out well when crowds were light. But when crowds settle in (after 2 hours into being open) it begins to be a frustration.

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^Agreed. CGA seems to have come out with a bang for their opening day this year. All the past years I've been going since opening (2008- Present) opening day just came and went. The park was usually dead as well so this should help attendance-wise. I can say that SFDK's opening day appeared to have quite a turnout, maybe the same could happen for CGA...sans the double wait thing we all experienced last Saturday.

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Okay, now I'm totally hyped for opening day! I know that I'm gonna get up pretty early in the morning to get the park in time! BTW: since today's the 20th anniversary of Flight Deck/Top Gun, I decided to put this up for old time's sake.

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It's amazing that Top Gun is that old! Makes me feel super old! It's also amazing that even after all those years, it's still a pretty amazing ride. I'm hoping as a birthday gift they will give the station a roof!

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