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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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Not sure if they will offer season pass holder benefits as it's been a long time the park's received any major rides, not to mention, this is CF's first involvement with the park and a major attraction. Only time will tell. In the mean time, there is that rider auction that's to happen, more details in February I believe.


The first rider auction will indeed be released in February, the next quote is straight from the First Rider Auction press release.


More details to come, but online bidding to be among the first 96 official riders on the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Northern California will begin in February, 2013. The most anticipated new attraction in the 36-year history of California’s Great America is currently under construction and will open next spring.

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Oh yea...almost forgot to note, more GWW action (and Gold Porn) this weekend! Since I have the GWW season pass, why not use it? Unlimited rides are half-off too, making it a perfect weekend to visit again!


With this said, expect to see some photos from us


An update to my post...I was bored and surfing Youtube, looking at our GWW video stuff when I found this in the 'related videos.' Finally some decent footage of this classic attraction, as much as the whirring noise is drilled back into my head again.


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During the spiel around 3 minutes in he says "no screaming"....wtf really? When did that start? And he says "please keep hands and hands, etc inside the cabin..."


I used to work that ride in '89- we always had plenty of cat litter handy. Funny, one of the wheels, when it started, it would start very violently, it was funny to watch it fling the cabins all over the place.

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The beginning of the ride freaked me out as it started going real fast, but the rest of the ride was relaxing. Can't forget that trademark whirring sound, just like when BART trains depart the station (Bay Area Folks know what I'm talking about)

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Sadly, I never got to ride it but watching it take off looked pretty forceful! And like you mentioned, the sounds of the motors winding up, sounds like a BART train as it begins departing the station. It also reminds me of the Rocket Rods when it begins winding up.


Seriously though, people weren't allowed to scream on it? I thought I was hearing things last night (it was late when I watched it). I like how the ride op towards the end of the video forgets what he was going to say..."And or....(long pause)....Sunglasses!" when he had already said that.

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The beginning of the ride freaked me out as it started going real fast, but the rest of the ride was relaxing. Can't forget that trademark whirring sound, just like when BART trains depart the station (Bay Area Folks know what I'm talking about)


Totally agree! The whole video I was waiting to hear it start up. Miss those days as a kid.

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^^Watching that made me really wanna ride Stealth... erm, Nighthawk. How do the sensations on a Flying Dutchman compare to B&M flying coasters?


Forceful, smooth, and feels like flying vs. forceful, violent, and headache inducing.... I'll let you figure out which is which.


That video was cool except I could have gone without being reminded of some of the ACErs that were in EVERY show about roller coasters 10 years ago.

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Wow, Blue Fire Guy, you got them up fast! (and I'm borrowing some of your day photos for my blog ) Thanks for sharing, wishing I had gotten some daytime shots but getting off work at 4 didn't quite let that happen. And you missed the craziest moment of the night, which you MUST experience next time...the Zampera Mini Tea Cups! Robman and I both managed to get on as one of our final rides and got that sucker spinning even faster than Dizzy Dragons, doing it in what you call "Ecstasy Style" (spinning the tub the same direction as the main ride for those who don't understand our lingo)...and we maintained that spin the entire 2-minute cycle! Honestly, I would not advise fitting more than 2 people per tub on that, was scary enough with 2 riders


I'll get some of my goldporn photos and more GWW fun up later today (or tomorrow).


And Gold Striker...the banking at the bottom of the first drop looks insanely sharp, even moreso than the animation! And with the concrete slab you guys saw, I'm sure we can expect to see the drop grow (as well as the lift) by the end of the week assuming weather works in the park's favor.

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Had a great time at Global Winter Wonderland with the gang. Goldy as you saw above is progressing fast and is looking great. Pics below, enjoy!


Christmas is in the air at CGA...


Tree up front...



Goldy in the dark!


Crazy banking...


Goldy peaking out of the covered fence..




Funky mushroom tree lanterns..



Cool Flight Deck behind the open gates.....



Carnie ride time!




Up close and personal with the Three Stooges...:)


Candy Cane Lane Backstage Walkway Thingy..



Carnie Food Super Garlic Fries


& Super Chicken Teriyaki Bowl....


InvertiCastle Bubbles!


Laser Show!


& Super Snowy Finale!


Heather Approved!



Creative display!



Obstacle Course Fun Zone!



No comment....



Fire juggler lady..


More goldy..



TPR members get your gun...



Zip ties on Carny Rides! (Tilt-O-Whirl)


Stadium progress




Hard to see but at the top are a tiny lighted Christmas Tree & an American Flag as a milestone for the Stadium was made as it just recently was topped off!

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Awesome photos Jeff!

Now that I'm re-energized after last night's adventures, I'm ready to post the happenings! It was a pretty fun night with the group and I will keep it short and post the highlights & cons.



-Finally getting on the Zamperla mini tea cups...sure it may look like a kiddy ride but when 2 adults (that barely just make it in the tub) get on, it becomes an evil, dizzying nightmare! I kept it spinning through the duration of the ride, spinning the same direction as the main turntable was going.

-Our passes now include unlimited rides along with admission (with a small upgrade fee)

-More funhouse antics (some dude says to us "You guys are having way too much fun in there...they must be selling some good beer over here somewhere."

-Gold Striker progress


-Waiting 30 minutes from start to finish getting my meal

-Super Slide of Death wasn't quite delivering like it did on opening weekend (was oily, after the recent storms and general usage, the slide lost its slickness)

-Magic show in 15 minutes....turned out that there was no magic show, was some random dancing. A little miscommunication going on... After about 15 minutes watching a few performances and thawing out, we headed on our way to the next attraction


Yay we have arrived!


I have never seen the park gates lit up since it was daylight on my first visit. They did a really good job setting this up!



Some GS activity as you've all seen already. The banking is really steep here, can only anticipate the G's coming down the first drop!



Still hands-down the best display in the park! Just walking up to it from the park's entrance is just very surreal!


GCI curves, sexy!


Ready for some flyers action (though being nice to them tonight)


Poor Firefall sits dormant behind the giant epileptic seizure peacock.


Yet again another favorite display


Over into the Carny of Death, we warm up on what I call the washer's rinse cycle (as the ride sounds like my washer spinning up for its final rinse cycle)


Ready to get G-Forcified!


Defying gravity!


Over to the kiddy Himalaya I found last time we were there at the end of the night but never rode...so getting the credit tonight!


Unusual view of Flight Deck's drop





Back at the Ferris Wheel of Death again, which made creepy squealing/farting noises while in motion


BFG taking a video of me taking a picture of him, taking a video of me...


Rob looking at his photos.


Rare shot of Flight Deck!


Time for a juicy, exploding burger! Too bad the lines were sloooow!


Over at the pretty cool laser show, finally got to see most of it!


Pretty neat stuff!


Snowy castle! Now just give us Disney's flying dragon and we'll all be set!


Bird sculpture, made of ceramic ware.



Wild fun house appears...What will you do?

->•Check it out •Run


Rob's taking his time up the cargo net halfpipe thing after I ran up it.


Would not mind taking these scrap pieces of wood home :)


Poor Rob...getting swallowed up by the pink squishy sphincter


Navigating the bridges are a challenge especially when you get bratty kids who all simultaneously jump causing the whole thing to shock wave and the whole structure to sway...not amused...


Once the structure stabilized I was finally able to get a decent shot of the track leading into the midway turn.


Through the trees!


Since the super slide of death didn't deliver, this will have to do...and it did!




Rob somewhat zips down this


Yes, we're going back up again!


Blue Fire Guy crawls into the pink squishy sphincter this time...


Goodbye you guys... *Gulp!*


Off to hit a real ride again...a CGA classic!


The lift has beefed up a bit!


Again taking a picture of me taking a picture of him taking a picture of me taking a picture....


Trying out the not so deadly yellow slide...such a shame, I actually came prepared with bubble wrap to protect my tailbone!


Whelp, it's that time, the time when the park goes to bed for the night...here's a stadium shot for you 49ers/football fans!


The final beam that was installed, you can see a flag and a small Christmas tree sitting up there.


And the bay area fog sets in for the night...Good night CGA and GWW, had yet again an awesome time! See you in a couple weeks!

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My friends and I were planning a potential trip from SoCal up to visit CGA and Discovery Kingdom around New Years. On the CGA website it says the park is closed until March. I have never really paid attention to this park, so I was wondering if this happens every year?

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^ Yes, like almost all US theme parks outside of SoCal and Orlando, they operate seasonally. CGA closes at the end of October and reopens in March. SFDK has limited park operation (only about half the rides operate) from Late November to Early January for Holiday in the Park and then also closes until March.

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