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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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I'm really tempted to get the renewal done and over with this Saturday. I'll be there early enough anyway that I'll be waiting around for the park to open.


Random note: I had nothing better to do tonight and decided to search "Gold Striker CGA" via Google and found this site, completely unrelated but extremely coincidental.


It's apparently a gold mining company based in Canada and Australia, called "CGA Mining Ltd." It totally screams "Gold Striker" at Great America

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We had a great time at the Media Event for Halloween Haunt at CGA last night. There are new mazes and shows for this year. A couple of mazes have been worked on too!

The new maze, Madame Marie’s Massacre Manor, is done very well. It is just outside Vortex. The maze starts out with no ceiling and then you’re inside. You get out of the maze by Underworld Alley.

Club Blood is Re-Vamped! We didn’t get through it, but I heard it is terrific.

CarnEvil is longer, I think, and the 3D is very disorienting as always.

CornStalkers and Toy Factory are the same as they have been in years past. I like Toy Factory and have a good time going through CornStalkers.

I hope to go through Werewolf Canyon, Black Widow’s Cavern and Slaughterhouse on my next trip.

We saw the new shows (probably our reason for not getting through all the mazes) – Culture Pop and Ghostly Glow party. Culture Pop’s dancing/performing was done very well. I’m not big on Culture, I guess, and a lot of the jokes went by me….

Ghostly Glow Party is outside and is interesting…I won’t ruin it.

The Shocking Sideshow of Freaks is always entertaining, as well as Blood Drums.

Enough is enough…how about the pics?




The Monsters during the Boofet!


The Gauntlet


Plenty of fog early...



Gyendolynne is scared!


More fog....


The Overlord!


You will be scared



My Minions are unleashed!




The new maze



The moon was very cool tonight too!


The song is stuck in my head.



I'm with some friends.


The stage for Culture Pop!

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Spoilerific Haunt review ahead!


Talk about a busy opening night. Attendance was easily doubled compared to opening night last year, which can only be a good thing for the park. This time, CGA prepared for the lines by setting up a maze of queue ropes for each maze on opening day, and yes, you have to walk through all of them (Beware of the line Nazis!)


Toy Factory's queue was nearly half full by 9 p.m. and Massacre Manor was nearly full. Although, for some reason, Club Blood was nearly empty all night (possibly because it's gotten even harder to find).


Being the first night, there were a lot of glitches. The songs for Cornstalkers, Toy Factory and Dead Man's Cove were off for a while, and I even saw a mechanic fixing some electrical box about halfway through Club Blood.


Also because it was the first night, scare zones were pretty much non-existent, especially Dead Man's Cove. Underworld Alley is still my favorite.


Here are my rankings of the mazes, from best to worst, based on opening night experience. A few shake-ups in my rankings from last year:


Carnevil (x2): Even though I didn't notice anything different, this is still a top-notch maze. "It's not a porcupine, it's the human pincushion!" The fog was turned up a little too high, I kept tripping over a doll on the floor. The second time I went through it, I accidentally exploited a major layout flaw and skipped more than a quarter of the maze and got right to the end. I made a left during a curtain part instead of going straight. I guess there should have been a blackout at that spot.


Club Blood Re-Vamp'd (x2): My vote for most improved maze of the year. Scares, enthusiastic actors (drunk guy and the Silent Hill nurse were awesome!) and it's no longer backwards. While the inside portion hasn't changed much, you can hardly recognize the outside, and yes, the dancers are still there, now on ground level! The new entrance finally makes use of the long-forgotten exit(?) path behind Star Tower. It also has a new entrance sign, "Club Bloid" is gone. Got a great glimpse of the red Pictorium seats, and the lights were on in the projection booth. Also, my theory was correct, the finish is exactly where I thought it would be.


Madame Marie's Massacre Manor (x2): Easily the most detailed maze of the bunch, and by far, which is really saying a lot. Love the song, it's creepy and catchy, can't wait until it's available for streaming. I will admit, the first time I went through it, I was a tad disappointed. It doesn't really have an "it" part (i.e. Toy Factory's ending, body bags in Slaughterhouse). I also got the impression that they were out of ideas; you will see scenes ripped straight out of Carnevil, Toy Factory and Slaughterhouse. But going through it again changed my perspective, and I found a lot more little things that I didn't notice before, like a TV looping a clip of zombies, and a working piano. The entrance facade is interesting, even though it doesn't completely hide the "Massacre Shed," it's the effort that counts. Also, I have a theory that the doors to the facade are actually the Pictorium's. The inside of them look very similar to what I remember from Club Blood's entrance last year. It also makes sense, seeing that those doors are now gone from the Pictorium this year.


Cornstalkers (x1): This is where the rankings get tough, as the rest of them could tie for the #4 spot. Nothing drastically different here, although it now features more trucks. Hearing the scarecrows rustle in the vines never gets old.


Slaughterhouse Annihilation (x2): My #1 maze of last year has slipped a bit. Maybe it was because of the traffic jam throughout the whole maze during the first walk through. But that wasn't the case during the second time, there just weren't that many actors. Like Carnevil, the fog was a little too much, hiding a lot of the scenery. This is still a grotesquely awesome maze, I just found myself a little disappointed. On the bright side, you can get some amazing scenes of Gold Striker's new structure while waiting in line!


Toy Factory (x1): What happened? Maybe it was because I only went once, but I felt something lacking in the Factory this year. It didn't help that the beginning outside portion has been completely eliminated, rendering the already-short maze even shorter. And again, way, way too much fog. At least the "squishy" ending is back and more forceful than ever, although I doubt it will be for much longer due to the crowds.


Werewolf Canyon (x1): I feel bad about putting Robman's office last on my list once again, because I really did feel that it was improved. But the painfully long portions of nothing still plague this maze. One stand out part was the werewolves materializing out of the thick fog.


I didn't put Black Widow's Cavern on this list, because I don't consider it a "maze." I went once on it, while the actors were a bit sparse, the heavy fog was great.


Like last year, I didn't watch any shows, but the empty and dark Great America Theater was really obvious. I did see a little of the Ghostly Glow Party while riding Ghost Gliders, it looked nice. The Freak Show is hidden this year at the Kidzville stage, and I didn't even know it was back until I looked at the Haunt guide when I got home.


Rode Demon (much better at night), Grizzly (waited a bit too long for it), Drop Tower (hooray, cabin #2 is back!) and Flying Eagles ... I mean, Ghost Gliders. I'm proud to say that I got my first snap, although nothing spectacular, I did feel it, and it did scare me. I also got some crazy height this time, which was pretty nerve-racking.


Random notes:


- Saw a lot of people with Fright Lane passes, especially for Massacre Manor.


- Spongebob was open, which I don't think it ever has been during Haunt.


- For opening night, the lines for some of the rides were pretty long.


A few pictures, once again, my camera hates night.



Overlord gives his spiel, which is essentially the same, but mentions Massacre Manor.


This scene sure looks different from last year, doesn't it? Might have to do with that beautiful mess of GCI wood in the background.


Massacre Manor was the first maze of the night, and we were almost the first members of the public to check it out. However, the maze wasn't ready yet, and we waited in this spot for 15 minutes before finally being let in.


It's Christmas during Halloween time!


Pictorium doors? You decide. This was the Fright Lane entrance.


Got this shot of Orbit while in line for Werewolf Canyon.


Tried to take a "nerd shot" of the empty Rapids channel.


"Club Bloid" no more!


Amazing views of Gold Striker's new structure from Slaughterhouse's line!


MMMM sign.

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