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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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I note that Cedar Fair (probably as a result of their original intent to sell the park) has a far more limited CGI rendering than most of their parks. When, say, CP or KD gets something, nearly every major structure is rendered onto the map, no matter how close or far away they are from the subject new ride. Here, we only have Gold Striker's immediate surroundings. Not a complaint by any means, I just think it's funny.


The ride itself looks like some of the GCI goodness we've come to expect. I don't foresee being able to ride it in the near future, but it does look fun.

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Intersting that they say the ride is over 2 minutes but the POV, station to station is 1:40.

What you see at 1:40 is not the station itself but only the final brake section and transfer/storage area.

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Not expecting this to be some incredible-giant-airtime machine... but that's totally fine. This looks fast and fun and I'm sure will be a big hit and bring in the crowds, which are all great things. If it's anything like Apocalypse then it will be very popular, well, compared to Fizzly it will be WAY more popular... lol


This area of the park sure will look different this time next year,...



There's palm trees by the reflecting pool?



Now that this is finally out of the way, what awesome coaster will the park put in next?


... I see the Marriott hotel!

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At last, the animations! Gold Striker looks like it'll be a blast to ride, and I just love those sexy GCI curves! I wonder what the GCI guys were thinking when they made this (among their other creations) look so...shapely. It looks to have some nice out-of-control pacing as well. In terms of airtime, it doesn't look like it'll produce anything more than moderately strong floater, but in a high quantity (that's GCI for you). After studying both videos carefully, I made a rough analysis of what the air should be like on the ride. Below is a list showing each moment of airtime, how strong it is (1/10 = barely noticable, 5/10 = weak-moderate floater, 10/10 = moderate-strong floater), and which seats will get the most of each. Each out-of-ten rating applies specifically to the mentioned seats.


Moment #1: First drop, 8/10, back seat.

Moment #2: Speed hill under station, 10/10, every seat.

Moment #3: Transition into first dead man's turn, 10/10, front seat.

Moment #4: Transition out of first dead man's turn, 6/10, back seat.

Moment #5: Shallow dip into Prudential turn (2nd dead man), 4/10, every seat.

Moment #6: Transition out of Prudential turn (2nd dead man), 5/10, back seat.

Moment #7: Quick twist and slight dip to the left, 3/10, every seat.

Moment #8: Long hill into 3rd dead man's turn, 8/10, front seat.

Moment #9: Transition into 3rd dead man's turn, 1/10, front seat.

Moment #10: Shallow dip into structure, 7/10, back seat.

Moment #11: First up of double up, 3/10, front seat.

Moment #12: Second up of double up (4th dead man), 5/10, front seat.

Moment #13: Transition out of 4th dead man, 2/10, back seat.

Moment #14: Transition into final turn, 4/10, front seat.


Again, this is just my rough analysis of the layout as I perceived it in the animations, and the real ride may be a bit different. After having ridden Wodan and Roar West, I can't say this will have any ejector, just floater pops...but floater that's cleverly put in at a lot of spots as well! Overall, this looks like a lot of fun and a kick-A$$ addition to the park.

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Here's my P:TR!


Before I get started I want to thank the park for inviting me to an awesome event!




A look at the stage for the event.


Going into the park noticing a bunch of tables, that means food!


Really cool table center pieces, has wood and some really big bolts! Sort of like coaster bolts.


They had a few different types of Chili, I only had the steak but it was really good!


A highlight for me was this drink, they called it Cactus Punch,it was really good! It had no cactus just lemons, sherbet and some other things. Sort of tasted like a lemon cookie,really hope they sell this drink!


Taking a look at the coaster peeking over the wall.


Snoopy has his hard hat on and is ready to go to work!


The news is here now.


Don gets on stage and talks about some of the current promotions going on around the park.


Raul gets on stage and is ready to announce the new coaster!


Miners pull that curtain down!


Gold Striker, the parks new wooden coaster!


49ers rep and former player got on stage to mention the auction they are going to hold for the first riders.


Rides logo


Some stats


I'll call him Miner Mike


Look down on the current construction.



The rides layout.


Few shots of the model they had on display.




This is going to look a lot different next year!


Something I never have seen at the park, a completely empty walk way!


The park was also handing out these USB flash drives that have press material on them. Which is also shaped like a gold bar!

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It's still going to turn out to be at worst the 2nd best ride in the park. That's A(u) OK in my book!


Glad the park is finally getting another major ride.

My thought's exactly, and probably the 3rd best woodie in California, at least for me (Behind Giant Dipper and Apocalypse) so all in all it sounds great and I can't wait to ride it.

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Not at all complaining about a new coaster, but I still think building this was a really strange thing coming from the people at Cedar Fair. The only claims this ride can make is that its 14ft taller and 3mph faster than the one an hour away that has been there for 13 years. GCI coasters are great rides but I can't help thinking they should have built something a bit more unique compared to SFDK.

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I can tell this will be a very good coaster as it seems very similar to Apocalypse. I'm surprised that the coaster has no tunnels with Prudential right next door. The only problem is that Gold Striker seems to have a weak ending like Apocalypse, I hope I'm be wrong.

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According to RCDB.com it will be the tallest GCI coaster in the US and tied for speed with Dollywood's Thunderhead. The low curves and speed bump at the bottom of the first drop look great.


It's 38 feet (11 meters) taller than Santa Cruz's Giant Dipper, so I doubt it will be slower than that. I don't believe the 55 mph / 88 kph statistic for the Giant Dipper, it's not tall enough to reach 55.


I look forward to deciding whether I like Gold Striker more than Apocalypse. It looks like it will have more airtime than SFDK's Roar, which is not a ride I like.

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Wait . . . "Two trains will accommodate 24 passengers each (four riders per car and six cars per train) " It that a typo or are they not using Millie Flyers?


Why can't these be the MF trains... do they always have to be more than 6 cars? Why not a shorter train?


Maybe it's a newer design of the MF trains that have not been used yet.

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Not at all complaining about a new coaster, but I still think building this was a really strange thing coming from the people at Cedar Fair. The only claims this ride can make is that its 14ft taller and 3mph faster than the one an hour away that has been there for 13 years. GCI coasters are great rides but I can't help thinking they should have built something a bit more unique compared to SFDK.


This ride is very different from roar...

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I didn't know there was so much Roar hate. I like Roar better than Apocalypse.


New GCI coasters seem to stay lower after the drop and carry more speed, but Roar does that for the last half of the ride. The turn around after the drop might not be the best, but the straight hill after that is a lot of fun, and so is the hill coming out of the 2nd turn around. they may not be super airtime hills but its more airtime than you get on the low and fast turns of Apocalypse (just sit near the back). I also still love that small bump and turn in Roar's tunnel, it's the best part.


I'm glad to see this ride doesn't have the pointless GCI station fly though. This ride was probably designed before they started doing that.

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