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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

P. 476: Cedar Fair sells park land, CGA to close within the next 11 years

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I got home earlier and had another surprise awaiting for me in the mail.


Hmmm...what could it be?


Striking new records - some sort of nicely printed material!


Ok, I got an invite for August 29th, announcement event at CGA! I'd like to thank Great America for doing such, definitely one of those rare opportunities!

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What it looked like to me was that they were going to announce it on August 13 but CP's announcement stopped them and they had to reschedule it but already had the Au13 thing out on facebook.


To me it always looked like it was Au=gold and that it would be coming to us in 2013. But I could see the confusion as it looked like it would be told to us on August 13th. Robman invited me as his guest to the media event on the 29th, so glad I can go and I thank you again for inviting me.

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I've not gone to Great America since 1992 simply because they have never added anything that looks exciting or new. However, this coaster will bring me back and hopefully they will add more in the near future. Me personally, I'll like to see them take down Grizzliy and replace it with a multi launcher coaster. I know the Deamon is a favorite, but that's another coaster I don't mind being removed for another coaster.



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^ Seeing as Grizzly and Demon still draw a decent crowd I can't see them being removed anytime soon. That's not what the park needs. Plus, putting a new coaster in it's place means lots of $$$$$ which is currently being spent on another project. Multi Launching coasters are expensive. (Manta being the cheapest one so far with a rumored price tag of 10-12 million to design and manufacture)

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Remember the No Limits rendition of the GCI I posted yesterday, I mentioned about it being loosely based on the original 2008, and how I guessed at how the layout will fit in? Well, besides reading this thread all night I spent the evening working on the coaster. After a few Adobe Premiere hangups (did not like 1 of my AVI files crashing everything) I put this little clip together, was fun making this, still have some tweaks/smoothing to do. Enjoy!


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Yesterday was really fun! Had a great time hanging out with Angry_Gumball, JeffyJosephNorCal, robman, rolercstrluvr, and mewtwo007. The park was quite busy, with many lines spilling out into the midway by the afternoon, but there were many crazy moments that made up for that!


This was my first visit to the park since 2008, when I was once excited for the GCI when it was supposed to be opened in 2009. Then Prudential began to whine about noise, then the 49er's issue came about, then the near-sell to JMA Ventures...by 2011, I had lost my faith in the park and had no hope for the GCI at all. It wasn't until I saw the vertical construction pics of Au13 a few weeks back that I felt a need to visit the park again, and what better way to do that than with TPR members!


The day began as we headed over to the Star Tower to get some Au13 shots (we got on it later), but it was closed and deserted for the time being (Shiriki Utundu?). So we headed over to the SkyFlyer to drool at the Prudential turn, at which point I deeply regretted not bringing several towels with me. After a tunnel-vision inducing ride on Flight Deck, we went to take over Flying Eagles. We all flew high and dived as hard as we could, but to no avail...that is, until halfway through the cycle when *THUNK, shhhingshingshiiinnng*, and Angry_Gumball was snapping like crazy! He said it was his best Flying Eagles session yet, too bad we couldn't hit it up again due to its low capacity.


We gave Anton (Orbit) some love, and He did wonderful as always, raising us up to get our attention before pushing us back down HARD. And it was good...ohyesyesyes it was good. What's there not to love about Him? We then hit up Demon, and it ran quite well with no headbanging, just a little shaking around. I gave a quick prayer to Berserker, and then we headed over to Drop Tower to give Intamin some love. This ride on Drop Tower further confirmed to me that a 70' ARM/Larson I rode at San Mateo County Fair packed more of a punch...sometimes, size isn't everything! We then headed over to Down Under Thunder where Angry_Gumball and I got some crazy airtime going over the hump. Angry_Gumball went for a re-ride with mewtwo007, and they too got crazy airtime, but then something even crazier happened...you'll have to see my video to find out! We had our fill of lunch, gave Anton more love, rode Flight Deck again, and then the best part of the day was about to begin...


We met up with Ryan, one of the park staff (the other TPR members knew him, but I didn't), who led us into a backstage area for an extreme nerd moment. We all began to snap photos of Au13 from just outside the base of the drumstick, an unexpected and completely magical experience. A BIG thanks to Ryan for that special nerd session. I needed a cold shower after that moment, and what better way to clean myself than a Dan unfriendly clench-and-squish ride (5 people) on Logger's Run! While in line, we encountered a few line jumpers...YUCK! It wasn't a very pleasant experience, but we soon made it aboard. To say the least, that was quite an end to my day, and next time I'll sit in the back half for the true clench-and-squish experience.


To wrap this up, here are a few random photos I took, as well as the video that may be second to Robb's Twin Peaks wipeout video for overall craziness. Enjoy!




We'll start immediately with a NERD SHOT!


Gotta give old-school B&M some love!


More old-school B&M love.


Flight Deck doing it's thing.




Wait...are your sunglasses THAT valuable?!


The now complete drumstick from a backstage view.


I felt extremely dirty taking this photo. Now that I've posted it, I am going to have to take another cold shower.




To finish, we have the parrot that pees and lactates simultaneously.

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One question though......

Why do none of the coasters at this park have covers over the stations?.


I ask myself that exact question every time I visit CGA. I guess they figured that they didn't need to invest in station covers because the weather isn't that bad in Northern California. All I know is that I love all of the stations at SFDK because they all have covers.

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LOL! We've been discussing the lack of station covers forever at that park. I remember staring into the sun for 10+ minutes stacked every time you'd ride Stealth. It seems like something the park should really invest in.

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^^I hear ya! The only one with a complete cover is Grizzly, while Demon is covered just on the queue side. But I totally agree, covers please!


Had a great time yesterday with the TPR group despite the first time going to the park on a Sat in a long time. The parking lot was completely full, All the rides had their lines spilling out of the entrance, even rides that don't have lines normally. As Blue Fire Guy said, had a little bit of a run in with those lovely line jumpers, oh the drama. Overall great day, reminded me of CGA's days in the 90s with full queues and crowds all the time.

Nice surprise when I got home, AU13 Media Announcement Invite in the mail, YAY!


Anyways, on to the pics!


Lot at 9:30AM


AU13 turnaround...


AU13 from Xtreme


Look over there, OMG, it's a.............roller coaster being built!


More drainage.....


Peeking out...


The Bobcat & the Woodie...


I see brackets!


Looking down...


Lot around 4PM


Wall shot...


Goofy pose!


Backstage tour!!




Brackets everywhere!





Group shot!



Logger's Run line spilling out into the pier...


We still love B&M!


Beautiful Columbia entrance


Last ride on Star Tower...


Firefall nighttime...


Feel the heat...








Thanks for a another great day CGA!


Nice surprise when I got home... :D

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I know this is a longshot, but if anyone wants to bring me as their +1 to the AU13 media event, I would LOVE it. I don't have a season pass though, but am planning on purchasing one for next season.

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