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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

P. 476: Cedar Fair sells park land, CGA to close within the next 11 years

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Hmm what was the shirt you were wearing on the last ride for flight deck?


Was wearing a yellow and grey shirt and was sitting in the front with a family of 3.


yea because I would've been checking your seat at the end. I was loader. I was actually limping a little if you noticed. Do you remember if I did anything specific besides say "good".

I remember a Latino looking guy checked my seat who was at Safety (if that's what it's still called; I used to operate Top Gun back in 2000, can't believe it's been 12 years lol) I was sitting on the back before I went back in line for the last ride of the day and remember a girl checking my seat, was that you?


Yup, my name tag says "christina". Did I say anything specific? Safety is called Unloader now. I guess its called unloader because the person is on the exit side.

I remember a girl telling us in line for the front that the last ride was the next so 2 people went to the back after I recommended them, did you have short hair? Oh, when I worked there Level 1 was Control, Level 2 was Safety (The other dispatcher by the queue line side), and Level 3 was Exit (which is now unloader from what you said), I miss those days!

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yup that was me. I always feel bad when I have to do that. Though I saw those people earlier in the day and they had ridden in the front. lol I can vaguely remember the shirt. My knee was in a lot of pain by the end of the night so I was trying really hard not to show it.

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yup that was me. I always feel bad when I have to do that. Though I saw those people earlier in the day and they had ridden in the front. lol I can vaguely remember the shirt. My knee was in a lot of pain by the end of the night so I was trying really hard not to show it.

Ah ok, hope you're feeling better, you did a good job not showing your pain

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I'm out at the park with rolercstrluvr and had the strangest ride on Firefall, let's just say 'epic hang time.' More details tonight with my routine TR.


An update: Just got home a little while ago, had a pretty good day out at the park despite it being quite busy for a Sunday. As mentioned I met up with Rolercstrluvr for part of the day where we first hit up the traditional Flight Deck ride, over to Eagles and then a ride on Firefall where we had probably the most interesting cycle. When the gondola makes its first swing over, it slowed down to a crawl up at the top whilst being inverted. I honestly thought something was going on with the ride as we were up there for several seconds very slowly making it around. The rest of the ride performed as normal.


Getting a bit warm it was time to hit up Logger's run for a quick cool-down followed by a real quick visit to Boomerang Bay. I wasn't really dressed for waterpark stuff but luckily you can get by with your street clothes on the original 3 slides, mainly being the Boomerango. That said, that's what I rode. My cousin and I doubled up on it and I could swear we must have been trying to compete with Robb's recently shot video of a waterslide airtime and wipeout. No wipeouts happened (we survived) but crazy airtime was to be had, lasting several seconds followed by a hard landing!


Grizzly's line was pretty long (more on the experience later) when we got by that so we hit up Drop Tower and then headed to Demon (where the lines were starting just after the cave under the lift. It moved pretty quick since no switchbacks were being used. Afterwards, we hit up Vortex (which the line started at where the path heads towards the stairs...but moved pretty quick.


Off to Star Tower to check out the new construction. The trenches are filled in and there are little orange flags everywhere. A bit hard to tell but they seem to dot the outline of the coaster, atleast the "Prudential Turnaround" as we've called it, and the final turn into the brakerun (that I dub the "Elephant Turn" due to it's proximity to the fiberglass elephant...which still lives!). As far as the closed off alley area, no new wood has been added but there seems to be some activity going on there as I saw a bunch of what appeared to be saw horses.


1 more spin on Flight Deck before Rolercstrluvr had to head out which had a wait starting at the covered area. Later in the day, I decided to hit up Boomerang Bay's boomerango slide once again as I was having a craving for it. I did that about 3 more times, one of the rides we pulled off 1.5 feet in the air, not landing back onto the slide until close to the bottom of the hump. It was very crazy!


Grizzly...yup, time to share my experience with it. Operations were extremely slow to average. I decided to time it and from unload to dispatch, I clocked close to 4 minutes and after a couple runs later, clocked 2:16. It was pretty variable and the slowdowns tend to happen when larger riders attempt riding and have to get off. Couple that with everyone who brings their entire bedroom with them and you get some slow operations.


Ready to do Flight Deck again, the line was almost to the entrance. Not willing to wait and needing to take a sit down break, I decided that we should check out their new show "Happiness is Snoopy." Very well worth checking out. And this is coming from someone who normally doesn't attend the shows. The sets were very well done, clever and just pretty cool! The ice skating/dancing was pretty cool and smooth. Sadly, the people in front of us decided they didn't want to watch a 'kid's show' and left before it started.


Time for some mis-adventures on Grizzly that came out to a 'win.' Walking down the path, I hear an 'excuse me' from some kids behind us. I somewhat pretend not to hear them since I know what's about to happen. Finally, I let them pass as it is only 2 kids. Then sure enough 5 or 6 others pull the same thing. In the switchbacks, 2 more squeeze by. By then I'm getting pretty mad/annoyed. Indirectly ranting to my cousin about the situation, the 6 that excused themselves past me moved back behind us, one had a worried look, one upset at my ranting as they did say 'excuse me.' Really, if you're going to queue up, be sure everyone in your party's all together...none of this 'excuse me' shenanigans...to the GP: it's called line jumping and is prohibited. You all have rules to follow just as much as I do, you aren't privilaged or special...really annoys me!


All in all, 'twas a great day at the park. Snoopy show is worth seeing, and highlight of the day was the weird Firefall maneuver and catching air on the Boomerango, Down Under Thunder!


Yup, another train ride out to the park! Yes, my cousin looks very creepy in this photo :)


Artsy Fartsy shot of Vortex, never realized how close to the track you are at the stairs.


Construction photo time! Grass is even drier now. I'm sure they're going to just let the grass run its course as it's all going to be ripped out soon anyway.


Looks like something's going on down there.


Smooth dirt once again. Hard to see but this park has more flags than Six Flags :)


In this shot you can see where the turn is going to be.


Overviewage of the area.


Ok so I attempted a control panel shot and failed...


Goofing around with the Slow Shutter app I have on my iPhone.


Om-nom-nom...pretty good burger actually!


Back up for another round on the tower. Note the pretty busy parking lot.


Closeups of the "Prudential Turn" and the "Elephant Turn."


Happiness is.... Snoopy!


Last ride of the day, line starting in about this area at around 7:30. About a 30 minute wait.


Random carnie on the way home :) Thanks for reading!

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First off, I apologize for the double post.


Reviewing my photos a little more the past couple days and getting a closer look at one of the shots, I made some guestimations as to where elements of the coaster will most likely land. I know that I saw some flags kind of dotting what appeared to be somewhat of a layout, the photos I took didn't quite seem to capture it and it was quite hard to see from the Star Tower. Since no official layout has been released other than the 2008 images, I'm going off of those. Side note: You know you're obsessed with coasters and this ride when you've already memorized the layout of a coaster that doesn't technically exist to the public yet.


Anywho, I pulled up the photo and have 4 versions of it. First one is the raw photo as I saw the site Sunday. 2nd one highlighting a couple of the marks/structures I saw in the dirt (center points/hubs where fan curve supports will most likely meet), 3rd being just a simple path of the coaster layout (think No Limits top down view in 3d space), and 4th, giving you a visualization of both the top down view and '3d view.' Keep in mind these are only guesses based on what I'm seeing and am very curious as to how off I am or how close I am to the real deal when things get rolling.


Raw photo, no editing done.


Fan curve hubs (assuming that's what those are)


"Top-down" view of layout


"3d" view with lift...yea, it's not the best drawing :)

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Oh wow, never realized my TR is the 500th page


I don't know why but I have this feeling that August we may hear something. This time my thoughts are not based off of a Cedar Fair Facebook fan page that gets their info from who knows where, but are just some random feeling I got when at CGA the other day. I could be totally wrong again but we'll see. In the mean time, it's been fun getting photos of the site's progress and was flipping through my Facebook album after updating it Sunday...and was quite amazed at how that whole area has changed over the past couple months. Facebook album here. They are pretty much the same photos you've seen me post here but all consolidated into 1 area rather than scattered throughout several pages. The name is just what I named it based off the rumors.

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A CGA Facebook fan shared a photo of the current view. It looks like some wooden framework is now set up in the back area "Prudential Turn." Assuming this framing is for pouring concrete. I'm wishing they set up a webcam, would be fun to see progress when I'm not at the park.


Photo found here:

(as requested by the OP of this photo)
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Of course from FB...


Dumb...wooden rollercoasters are played out and they have the grizzly...they need to compete with Six Flags marine world and this isn t the way to do it...

Ill informed.


I'm excited its a new coaster set to open 2013! I hope they stay on schedule cause that would be awesome to have something new. can't wait. I was there friday and took pictures

Me too!


And Willard's Whizzer FINALLY is put to rest! Can't wait to see what develops!



How you gass?



Should name this 'Willard's Revenge.' though it won't be a Speed Racer coaster.



They are adding a path in which to place more garbage cans. Concrete and refuse .. Those are a few of cedar fairs favorite things...



Wizzer is coming back!

I wish!


I think the wooden coaster wood delivery sign kinda gave it away



It's a new wooden roller coaster. Pics are online if you look it up. LA Times did an article on it.

What? Where is this article?


Well the only thing I could find that I don't think was posted on here was this little bit, that all but confirms (besides the other obvious things) what this is....


California's Great America plans to open an oft-delayed wooden coaster by Great Coasters International in 2013, the Santa Clara amusement park's first new coaster in a decade.


Well, in more than a decade and there was also some pics on the LA times site but they were from other coasters so no point in posting them here.

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Should name this 'Willard's Revenge.' though it won't be a Speed Racer coaster.

That was me there, joking of course


And some more interesting things:

49ers are tearing down sky tower so no one can sneak a peek in their stadium?

I'm sure the whole team is ready to start dismantling the tower...not!


Hopefully it is not a racetrack for another attraction that has an additional fee. Right now that is what it looks like.

I guess you can call it a single lane wooden race track with hills? No...let's just call it a roller coaster.


Are they gonna close great ameruca cause of the stadium

Great Ameruca doesn't exist, buddy!


Couple from TPRers:


The Whizzer's ghost is -very- unhappy about it. I'm sure he will curse this thing into the ground. Repeatedly.

Please be kind to us ghost of Whizzer! The project already had enough of a rocky start!


Lol there are a select few here that know what we are talking about

And that's where the separation lies between us coaster enthusiasts and the GP

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It's good they're starting construction this early and not procrasinating *cough* SFDK *cough*.


The Whizzer's ghost is -very- unhappy about it. I'm sure he will curse this thing into the ground. Repeatedly.


I think the Whizzer ghost is happy that something is "replacing" it after 24 years.

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This is really exciting, I can't wait to hear an announcement, a name, and an opening date!


Same here. In the mean time I'm enjoying these teasers when they do appear. I like being able to see other angles I'm unable to see from the tower, and it's fun to see the separation between us coaster fanatics and the GP as we know what's coming, post proof of it (sort of) and the GP still think it's a stadium/race track/tearing down the park/tomatoes/etc...


Many pages back I posted about a discussion I had with an employee who was conducting interviews and got to talking about what's going on behind the fence. She briefly mentioned about the new coaster, going to be huge, have tunnels, and will open Memorial Day Weekend (which seems like a realistic time frame to me). What she didn't know was that the coaster was to happen several years ago but went to a screeching halt for a number of reasons.

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now that they have a new wooden coaster on the way; they should take a wreaking ball to that headache machine, they call 'The Grizzly'. All that space could be used for something fun and NOT painful.


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