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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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Someone started a disturbing rumor on the video that CGA just posted:


makes me mad you guys contracted out a demolition team to take care of Demon. instead of removing rides why not put one in? or is this Cedar Fairs way of slowly killing the park?


I replied back, asking them where they heard that from and if they were confusing Demon with Invertigo, and this is what they replied with:


Demon! Demon! Demon! Invertigo was removed and sent to Dorney park... Demon will be eatin by giant shears on the end of excavators. It will be scrapped not take apart gently it will be ripped apart and sold for scrap metal


Didn't answer my question. I call BS on this one (for now). Even if CGA did contract a demolition team, we would have seen it on the permits page (like the Invertigo demo permit). Sad thing is, though, that removing Demon is totally plausible.

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Interesting though I doubt there is any foundation in it. Attendance has been up and with haunt just around the corner attendance should get higher. Like already stated it's not on the permit site and invertigo removal permit was on their before they announced it. It's probably just a troll trying to get a reaction like that.

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They just posted again:


I am an apprentice with the International Operating Engineers Union, Local #3. I am an apprentice excavator operator with a demolition company. They have contacted a few companies to get an estimate, my company being one.


I looked up this company, and it is real, located in Alameda, California. hmm...

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This whole thing seems really far fetched but its still too hard to say. If it is indeed going to be demolished I hope we start seeing teasers and construction going on for a new coaster. With them removing two coasters and no new additions the park might as well be dead, that's hard for me to say but its true. Im sure other people would agree with me.

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I doubt this. Demon always has good attendance and without there is no more coasters from 1976 in the park, there would be only 6 coasters, there would be as many removed coasters as there are present, and Michigan's Adventure would beat CGA in coaster count. I hope it doesn't happen since Demon is a classic and my first coaster with an inversion and my first coaster over 100'. If they do remove Demon, they should build Maverick v2, WindSeeker, & the GCI coaster to make me happy.

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Ouch! All the action on here while I'm out at the park. I sure hope none of this is true and is just a troll looking for attention. Otherwise, I declare this as a "Demonic Demolition" or a "Demon-lition." I am crossing my fingers (and toes) that this does not happen...we do not need another ride removal without any replacement, unless this is Cedar Fair's new policy to gain attendance for CGA.


While I was out at the park today, there was a number of exciting things to experience. Being the mid-september time frame the park is now going into 'chill mode' meaning lighter crowds, single train operations on Vortex and Demon (Red train is parked on transfer, Vortex train #1 also on transfer), and being able to relax and not have to hassle longer waits (Ok, 15 minutes is not that long of a wait!).


Haunt decorations are popping up everywhere. I noticed that the bridge by Firefall also had the pirate theme on it so I'm wondering if this scare zone may take over the whole Boomerang Bay/Delirium plaza, since the KidZville bridge was also decked out with pirate theme. Black Widows is just starting to spring up. Spiders are all in place in the station but that's about it for now anyway. Slaughter House got a new sign, gone is the pig on the yellow sign.


Onto some other random interesting stuff: Flight Deck is testing its new theme with wasps...seriously, there's been a lot of wasps flying around throughout the park and I got pelted twice (once in the head, kind of bounced off my hair) and the other hit head on into my arm and left a mark. I've never used the word "Ow" on Flight Deck until today. It stung for probably a good 30 minutes. Now however the red mark's gone but I can still feel it if I touch the area. Other random things included getting accused for spitting on Drop Tower when I would never do such a thing. After telling the ride attendant that I did not spit, she doubted me as I told her I did not do it and turned away from her. Also saw a toddler (at crawling stage) not being very well supervised, playing in the planter boxes in the Grizzly entry plaza.


The highlight though was watching some 'jeeps' (my terminology for the GP) try cutting the exit back into the queue for Logger's Run. I indirectly mentioned out loud that the entrance is behind us. I think somehow someone must have heard me and contacted the station as they told these 6 girls that they would have to go around. After raising a stink, we passed them, rode, and 4 other logs behind us also went. When we got back into the station, they finally got on the ride. They could have saved the headache and went around, would have taken just as much time but no...they had to argue.


Other random notes: I (finally) ran into Coasterbeagle and Nibbler. I also made it a point to say hi to Sunfire too. Also, I like what is now being done with the Flight Deck storage bins. Initially I thought "Why do the lids have seatbelt locks on them?" but then dawned on me that only the ride attendants can unlock them and is to keep from the other train full of people from accessing the bin that does not have their belongings, reducing the possibility of theft.


So here's some photos from happenings around the park.


This has been out for several weeks now, finally got around to snapping a photo of this.


The Gauntlet is starting to take shape, looks really good!


Some artwork that went up, looks also really good!


Some stuff over by Vortex


We saw a lot of this...ok, it did get a reasonable amount of people but was still pretty quiet today.


Only 4 riders on Firefall!


Werewolf Canyon's sign is now


Some "piders" have infested the log ride. No structures are up yet. Only the station building's been themed.


Hello Toy Factory! We will see you in a couple weeks!


And a month and a half later, these are still hanging out here :)


Hmm...Slaughter House hasn't made its presence yet?


Oh, that's right! New entrance location goes along with a new sign!


Vortex is now in 1-train mode.


Mid day Flight Deck queue...little did I know I would be riding a Bee & M coaster


Werewolf Canyon looks like it's pretty much done.


And upon riding the Star Tower, I found this interesting...TPR label on CGA's 'alley driveway'...No, really! (Ok, it's just a reflection off my shirt :) )


And I'll end it once again with the Haunt RV.


Ok, about the photo of the 4 riders on Firefall...pardon my bad counting skills, there's 5. But this was quite funny I just realized...Hair Time!

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Went to the park today as well around 3 or so, mostly to take advantage of the free tickets I got for being an employee. Only to then discover they were not valid after labor day and would not let us in, however after going to guest services were we able to get in after all. As seen, the Haunt decor has gone up through most of the park and most of the mazes are basically up, I'll only put up a few images on here, since I did take far too many of the park and it's decor today.


Overall, it was not a bad day, not too crowded (as noted), rode most of the 'flats' and a few coasters, I think the longest I had to wait was 10 minutes for Psycho Mouse, it was walk on for most of the other rides. Delirium, I spent more time waiting for it to start than I did in line, I'm sure we all know how those seats and restraints are, that they will not close properly (or need to be pushed to be closed right) for many guests-myself included and I'm not even that large, tall yes, but I've fit on everything else in the park. So several times later of the restraints opening and closing so guests could exit (and of course multiple times of the associate pushing to close my harness again and again) did the ride start.


After the delay over at Delirium, made it to Flight Deck a few minutes before park closing, it was walk on for the back row (same with the middle rows) and by the time the ride was done, the park was closed. After reading the comment about Demon, I too hope that's not true, I'd hate to see Demon go for nothing.


Firefall has also gotten all it's fire effects back, both in the volcanoes and in the front, lower pond area, of course they get it all working one week after I quit working at Great America, oh well, at least I got to see it working though once this season.

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Cedar Fair (NYSE: FUN), a leader in regional amusement parks, water parks and active entertainment, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its California's Great America amusement park, located in Santa Clara, California, to JMA Ventures, LLC ("JMA") for $70 million in cash. The Company, which purchased the park in 2006, expects to use the cash proceeds from this sale to reduce its senior secured debt.


"Our decision to divest of our California's Great America park was not an easy one," said Dick Kinzel, Cedar Fair's chief executive officer. "This is a quality park that has terrific employees and serves a strong market. That being said, as part of our regular comprehensive review of our portfolio of parks, we determined that divesting a smaller park like California's Great America at an attractive market value created a compelling business opportunity that we couldn't pass up. Among other things, it provides us the opportunity to immediately de-lever our balance sheet resulting in additional financial flexibility for growth and unitholder value creation in the future. California's Great America and its employees have always demonstrated tremendous capability in providing its customers with the highest level of family entertainment in the northern California region. I'm confident the park and its employees will continue to thrive under the ownership of JMA."


"As we look toward 2012, we are building significant momentum for Cedar Fair to deliver consistent and meaningful distributions to our unitholders," said Matt Ouimet, Cedar Fair's president. "At the same time, we remain committed to driving top-line growth through a combination of new rides and attractions, marketing initiatives and related strategic expansion around our entire portfolio of premier entertainment venues. The divestiture of California's Great America will provide us with additional financial flexibility earlier than anticipated to achieve these goals and maintain Cedar Fair's position as one of the most attractive growth and yield stories in the leisure and hospitality industry."


The transaction, which is subject to approval by the City of Santa Clara and customary closing conditions, is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2011. Cash proceeds received at closing are expected to be applied to the Company's senior secured debt under the terms of the Company's credit agreement. A Form 8-K with the material terms of the definitive agreement will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by the end of day Tuesday.


California's Great America is northern California's leading amusement park, with more than 50 rides and attractions. JMA Ventures, LLC is a California-based full service real estate investment firm, serving as managing partner of over $500 million in existing projects spanning hospitality, leisure, residential developments, retail, office and industrial/telecom.


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So... was this already in the works when they decided to move Invertigo?


I'm interested to see how things go on at CGA with JMA Ventures. Their expertise seems to be in ski resorts and and restaurants. Is the park president and the rest of management staying or will someone from JMA move in?

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Wow, this one hit me outta left field


it was pretty obvious what they were up to when they moved invertigo and didn't add anything. Now, can I get a discount on my plat pass for one less park? Yeah yeah, I know the answer to that one. I didn't plan on ever going back anyway so I don't mind that the answer is no.

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Yep. Nail meet coffin. I'm going to guess that the park will close after the 2012 season, and the 49er's will begin to set up shop after that. I'm also going to guess that in addition to a new 49er's stadium, they'll also turn the land into some sort of entertainment plaza, and that at least the waterpark will stay.


As for Cedar Fair, they couldn't have asked for a better ending to that nightmare

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